Haiwan 9th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Amrita’s attempts to save Dharam and Dadi

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Randhir comes outside and tells his guests there is a twist in the story, the groom has now changed. He asks the drummers to start over and sing. Ansh comes out and apologizes Randhir, it all happened so early. Randhir says it’s alright, he disliked a little but then this is what he always wanted. He introduces him as a groom, dances with him and then walks away, drinking.

Dharam and Dadi were unconscious on their chairs, covered with laser. Gia comes in with Chetan, Govind and teleporter. She says they have to play shrewdly now. They can’t let anyone come in. Chetan says the area has been covered with laser and will burn anyone who tries to reach them. If the laser beam is broken, it releases poisonous gas and none would be alive then. Govind warns them to never consider your enemy as weak. Amrita is a police officer, and Randhir never learnt to lose. Gia and Govind leave for their experimentation.

Randhir was badly drunk. He walks in the middle of the street, while Baby pulls him time and again from the traffic.

Amrita tries to wash Ansh’s tattoo from her arm. Randhir was lost in a deep thought, standing on the balcony wall. Baby continues to plead him come down and be cautious. Randhir only thinks about Amrita. There, Amrita cries as she stands in her room’s window. She reaches a photo of herself with Randhir and speaks to it, she thinks she agreed to this wedding but she can never accept defeat.
The scientists in Gia’s lab force a young man on the experiment desk, while he resists. Gia instructs them to shut him up. They inject him and he fells unconscious. Gia boasts she is giving an aim to his meaningless life, he must be thankful to her. She injects the solution in his body and provides the rays. Govind says their solution was mixed with Ansh’s blood, now their experiment will be successful; the Haiwan will have loyalty and longevity both. The young man turns into a Haiwan.
Amrita stood with the car in hand. Ansh asks her to read it aloud and forces her to. She reads, it was an invitation of Amrita and Ansh’s wedding on 17th November. Ansh says he is extremely happy, and can’t believe it’s about to come true. He tries to touch her. She backs up and says this is not right, they should stay away till they are married. Ansh says Randhir kissed her in front of everyone; but it’s alright he won’t touch her. Nisha’s parents come there and were happy. Amrita thinks everyone is against Randhir here.

The Haiwan roars. Govind insists they have to test his stability first.

Randhir comes to Amrita and asks why she is tearing these cards. Amrita says her Papa and Dadi… She spots Ansh coming there and says she doesn’t like the design of the cards. Ansh pulls her closer and says they will get new cards designed. He invites Randhir to Sangeet tonight. Randhir agrees to come and leaves. Ansh was aggressive and threatens Amrita not to be over smart at all. Amrita demands to meet Papa and Dadi once, if Ansh wants this wedding go smoothly. Ansh stabs Amrita who fell down and goes unconscious. He carries her. Baby had heard their conversation.

Baby comes to Randhir in the lab. He says he just saw Amrita and Ansh together, they were fighting. Randhir was broken and didn’t want to listen about them, it was their personal matter. Baby asks isn’t Amrita important for him. Randhir says his best friend and Amrita are getting married. He has to gift them world’s best thing, and prepare the solution. Baby tells him to stop being over practical, it’s not any train that he can miss and board another one. Randhir tells him to relax and stay out of his personal matter.

Amrita wakes up on the floor of a lab. She could see Dharam and Dadi from the window of the lab. Ansh comes to her with a smile and joins her in her cries. She tells Ansh to stop this. Ansh says their condition can be worse, what should be done. He thinks for a while and signals the teleporter who inputs the electric shock, the bodies tremble. Amrita begs of Ansh to stop it. The teleporter turns the electric shock machine off. Ansh now pulls Amrita aside and warns him not to challenge him. He insists on her to say she belongs to him. Amrita fell on her knees and cries as she promises Ansh to be his forever. Ansh caress Amrita and requests her not to cry. Amrita silently thinks her love has always been for Randhir, he would now see what she does. She leaves her watch there. Ansh takes Amrita into a room and says she has to stay in this room till they get married. Ansh was ready to make all the preparations himself. Amrita tells Ansh she is hungry. He says he would just send the food. He locks the door of the room.

Amrita thinks she will now see what happens. She recalls she stopped Ansh as she wanted to go to washroom. She used mobile phone of a lady, calls Aditi and informed her about leaving her smart watch there at the location. She asks her to trace the location and reach there. A waitress brings food. Amrita requests her to help her.

Nisha was furious watching the decorations of Amrita and Ansh’s wedding. Ansh comes home. Nisha complains why Ansh is marrying Amrita, she did a lot for him; she slaps him hard on face. Ansh was polite. He says Randhir ruined his life altogether, he had to take revenge from Randhir and marry Amrita. Does she want him to spare Randhir as such?

Amrita walks down as a waitress hiding herself behind a vase. He stops her and asks where she is going with the vase. She replies in a changed voice that she is going to change these.

Amrita leads the operation with her team. They reach the labs. Amrita touches Dadi and Dharam but they vanish. Amrita says Ansh brought her here, but it seems it some trap. This was only their projection. The teleporter and Haiwan were both in the lab. The teleporter takes two of the policemen to the beach. Haiwan moved forward towards them. The other two policemen were carried into an Arab Sheikh’s room. Amrita and her team fire the bullets over Haiwan but nothing works. The teleporter reaches there and turns the poisonous gas valve on. Amrita’s team fell unconscious. Ansh reached there and watches Amrita suffocate badly. She accepts her mistake and requests him to turn off the smoke; they shouldn’t be killed.

Ansh says he warned Amrita not to prove over smart. He knew she wanted to meet his Papa and Dadi and would trace the location. Amrita requests Ansh to let them live. Ansh says their life depends on their wedding, he would burn whole of Shimodra if she plays shrewd again.

In the lab, Baby spills some of the acid over Randhir’s face. He clears the solution as it burns his hand. Randhir hadn’t felt anything. Baby complains Randhir doesn’t feel anything, his is emotionless. He is only focusing on the solution for Ansh’s recovery. Randhir tells Baby Ansh and Amrita are already married. Now, he needs to prepare the solution so that their life goes smooth, what else they can do. Baby gets a call, and tells Randhir is being called upstairs for wedding preparations.
Gia tells Chetan to cancel all appointments, she won’t work today. Chetan was amazed, as she had never kept an off from work in all these years. Gia tells Chetan to go and enjoy at Ansh’s Sangeet.
Randhir comes downstairs in the hall. His manager inquires about color scheme for bride and groom. Randhir recalls his conversation with Amrita. He had reached late, Amrita complained he promised to come at 7pm, it’s now 11pm and she is so hungry. Randhir apologized and took her with an idea. He led her blindfolded into the terrace, with the setting of dinner. Amrita had warned, she won’t allow him to be late on their wedding day. Randhir played a screen with their imaginative wedding. Amrita loved it. Amrita was restless to marry him. Randhir had offered a court marriage. Randhir demanded the theme. Amrita said, she liked Pink and Yellow theme. Randhir had promised everything what was her favorite. He gives manager the theme as, Pink and Yellow. Baby comes downstairs. Randhir tells him to stay here, and take care of everything while he goes to the lab.

Ansh and Amrita return. Ansh forces Amrita to smile. Randhir comes from behind. He congratulates them, and says they must start the celebrations. He will just be here. Nisha’s father comes complaining his Dharam wasn’t seen since last night. He is an old man and useless. Randhir asks Amrita about Dharam. Amrita says he isn’t well; he is on out house. Randhir asks how it is possible, if he won’t come to Sangeet. He goes to send Mohan to bring Dharam and call a doctor as well. Ansh sends Amrita to stop Randhir.

Amrita comes to Randhir outside the house. She announces he isn’t going anywhere; he is under arrest. He entered the lab which isn’t his now. Randhir says he agrees going into the lab without permission. He requests her to let him meet Dharam Uncle once, he wants to make sure he is fine. She handcuffs Randhir. Ansh comes there and requests Amrita not to do so. Amrita wipes her tears and says duty is duty. Randhir wonders what’s the problem, there is something she is hiding from him. Ansh smirks behind.

Amrita locks Randhir in the jail. Ansh was convincing Amrita that this is Gia and Nain Tara’s planning. Ansh promises to get the bail. Randhir shares with Baby that there is something wrong with Amrita. Baby was curt that Randhir realized really soon. Randhir says there is something wrong with Amrita, that’s why he was locked up here. He tells him to go and check Outhouse, then to lab.
The choreographer teaches dance moves to Nisha’s parents. Nisha thinks there is something wrong. Why Ansh is marrying Amrita if he loves her.

Back home, Ansh complements Amrita’s brains and forcefully hugs her. He says she sent Randhir to jail to protect him, if he must love her or hate her. Amrita replies, what else can she do except marrying him. Ansh sends Amrita to get ready. Nisha comes to Ansh complaining. Ansh assures he loves her a lot; she has no idea to what extent.

Baby comes to the security room. He speaks to the security guard about his wife, he says his wife is having an affair with the Head of security. He may go and check if he doesn’t trust him. Baby now rushes to the computers and check the videos of Haiwan, copying them in his drive.

In the jail, Randhir’s case had been withdrawn. He gets a release. Randhir walks out of the locker and finds Gia there. Gia says Nain Tara filed the case on her call, but she felt bad as its Ansh’s wedding. Randhir asks what Gia wants? She replies, him!

Ansh turns to a Haiwan and attacks Randhir.

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