Divya Drishti 9th November 2019 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Pisachini says to Murli go-to breakfast and plan a picnic. He says what would I do then? She says I will tell you later.
Ash says to Divya, you two should apologize to my son. You accused him. Mahima says let it go. Ash says no. Murli comes. Ash says what would you eat? She says I said, apology girls. Murli says I forgive them but there’s a condition. You have to take me to a picnic. Ash says that would be fun. Let’s go a farmhouse

Patali opens her closet and takes her heart out. Pisachini says you will need it today. I will unite you with your Murli today. Keep it in.
Murli wears a jacket and a shirt. He says to Rakshit do I look good? Rakshit says yes you do. Are you comfortable? Murli says I want to look like you. Rakshit says you can wear what you want. We only want to see you happy. Murli says are you fighting with bhabhi still? Rakshit says the fights keep happening. Murli says I have way.

Drishti says to Divya, I have an idea. Float him and then drop him in the pool, then say oops sorry. Then we will tell Ash we said sorry. Divya laughs. Drishti says since you have changed, I have to make these plans. Please be like you used to be. Divya says okay.
Murli says this would fix everything. Tell her I love you. Why be shy? I will tell you how to do it. Rakshit says okay I will do as you say.

Murli says to Piaschini I did it. I will take Divya to the mountain. Pisachini says what if Drishti comes? He says she would be with Rakshit.

Scene 2
Everyone comes to the farmhouse. Divya gives everyone juice. She gives juice to Murli. He says I know you don’t like me. But you like them right? Rakshit and Drishti keep fighting. I have a plan but I need help. Meet me on the mountain. She says we can go right now. He says we can go at 5. I would need a few things. Divya says okay.

Drishti says I am not going to play this. It sounds boring. Everyone fights what to play. Divya says what has Rakshit suggested? Romi says to pass the pillow. Divya says yes let’s play that. Rakshit says you would play what your sister says. Everyone plays passing the pillow. The pillow stops at Mahima. Everyone asks Mahima to dance. Mahima says no no. Rakshit says don’t force her if she doesn’t want to. Drishti says why do you do this. Mahima says don’t fight, I will dance. Mahima dances on aye dil. Everyone dances with her.

The pillow stops at Rakshit. Simran says he would sing. Mahima says let’s ask his wife. Rakshit says you have a good chance. Divya says come on. Drishti says impress me. Rakshit uses his wrong and there is color everywhere. Rakshit says this is all for you. He sprinkles rainbows and colors on her. Drishti smiles. Flowers fall on her. Everyone claps. Rakshit says impressed? Drishti says I need to fix my hair. Everyone laughs. Rakshit goes after her.
The pillow passes between Murli and Divya together. They both dance and are out.

Drishti says anyone could do this. Rakshit says yes anyone could do this? Where would you bring my love from? Where are you going? She says I am not out, you are. He says no one remembers that. You don’t have to go. He comes close to her. Drishti says what are you doing? This is wrong. He says how do I impress you? You look already impressed. Drishti says why are you trying?
Divya and Murli come to the mountain. Pisachini comes there. Divya says run Shekhar. He says how? She says run. Murli runs.
Rakshit says I am trying to impress you because.. Drishti sees Divya being stabbed. Rakshit says what happened? Drishti runs. Rakshit goes after her.

Pisachini locks Divya is a circle. Murli sees her. Divya’s powers are not working inside it. She tries to run. Pisachini laughs. No one can hear her. Divya screams di.. Rakshit.. Help. Divya is crying. Drishti is looking for Divya. Pisachini says no one can save you. Pisacini takes her dagger and stabs Divya. Murli sees it and runs. Drishti sees Divya stabbed. She is shocked. Divya has stabbed Patali. She isn’t stabbed herself. Divya screams. Patali dies. Drishti says divya.. She hugs Divya. Divya cries. Divya says I didn’t kill her. Drishti says how did this happen? Divya says Pisachini stabbed her. Pisachini stabbed Patali instead of Divya. Rakshti says how did this happen?

Murli says this Pischini is so dangerous. What did she do? She stabbed her own daughter. Divya says I don’t know why Pisachini stabbed her. I don’t understand anything. Rakshit says Patali is from hell. She can’t die that easily. Drishti says so is she pretending to be dead? Raskhit floats her. Drishti tries as well but Patali doesn’t get alive. Drishti moves her neck. Divya uses her powers. She throws a stem at Patali. Nothing is working. Pisachini says wasn’t killing enough? You killed the daughter of Kaal.

Mahima says to Murli what happened? He says Pisachini was there. Divya is there. Mahima says let’s go there.
Pisachini cries and says Patali, get up. Please. Kaal’s daughter. Drishti says you said she was Rakshit’s daughter? You are a liar. You killed her not Divya. Divya says I didn’t kill her you did. Pisachini says how dare you to accuse me. Drishti says she better did even if she did. I killed her. Pisachini says you see what I do. Rakshit shoves Pisachini and says don’t dare to touch them.
Dark black trees grow around Divya Drishti and Rakshit. Pischini sets them on ablaze. Pisachini says how will you run now? What will you do? Divya, Drishti and Rakshit make it rain. The fire extinguishes. Drishti says what will you do now? Pisachini says I never lose. Drishti shoves her and says you lost today.

Mahima comes there. Murli says don’t go there bari ma. Mahima says I have to. Pisachini says you killed my Patali. Now see what I do. Rakshit says ma what are you doing here? Please go. Patali brings an earthquake. She locks Mahima and Murli in a wall. Divya says she did this before as well. Kaal comes there. Murli hides behind Mahima. Kaal says you killed my daughter? Divya says this Pisachini killed her. Drishti says what will you do? He says I will take her to hell. Drishti says I will not let you accuse my daughter. I am not accountable to this kaal devta. Rakshit says you can’t take anyone to hell without proof. Kaal says we will decide this in the hell’s court. You will all know the date. Pisachini says you will go to jail. Rakshit says we will see it. Pisachini picks Patali’s dead body. Mahima hugs them. She says are you okay? She says yes.

Mahima gives water to Divya. Ash says what will we now? Kaal thinks Divya killed Patali. Drishti says we all know that. Did anyone see it? Divya says to Murli you saw it all. Tell everyone. You didn’t run. he saw Patali being stabbed by Pisachini. Murli says I didn’t see anything. Mahima says yes he was with me. Murli says in heart, I know you didn’t kill her but I can’t come in Kaal’s way. If he sees me he will take me back to hell. Drishti says don’t worry Divya we won’t let anything happen to her. Mulri says how will we be saved from Pisachini? Rakshit says we will tell you.

Precap-The court starts. Pisachini shows them the dagger from which Patali was stabbed. She says it has Divya’s fingerprints. Kaal says only Patali’s body can prove if it is the same dagger. No one can reach to her body except for prisoner 401. Murli says to Rakshit, I will bring her body.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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