Haiwan 19th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Randhir meets the lightening man

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Haiwan 19th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amrita was with her driver in the stormy night. A robotic figure appears, gaining powers from the electric lightening. It burns the driver to ashes. Amrita rushes into the car but it doesn’t start. The figure follows her and attacks Amrita with its electric powers. Amrita falls on the floor.

Randhir wonders how someone can decode their password. What if the map gets into any false hands? Dharam comes to Randhir with the map. Randhir says he told all the passwords to Dharam but for emergency situation, why he took it deliberately then. Dharam says he had heard Disha, Gia and Ansh’s conversation. He tried to connect to Randhir, but then took the map. Randhir hugs Dharam as he took the right decision. He says all the problem is because of this map. He tries to burn it but it doesn’t, Randhir instead notices a writing over it. He says it has been written in thermochromatic ink so that normal human eye can’t read it. It was a writing from Deepak for Randhir that one part of the map was with Randhir, the other part was with Trishna. Randhir notices Dharam trembling and warns Randhir against Disha who was dangerous and shrewd. Randhir tries to inquiries from Dharam if he knows something else about Disha. Baby takes their attention towards the map’s mystery.

Dadi comes downstairs into the lab asking about Amrita. Randhir was clueless. Dadi says Amrita isn’t picking up her call and didn’t return as well. Ansh was also looking for Amrita and was being restless and impatient. Randhir comes there. Ansh grabs his collar and asks where he has hidden Amrita. He threatens Randhir by clutching Dharam’s neck. Randhir warns Ansh to leave him. He now clutches Ansh’s neck and minds him he is used to being inhumane. Amrita isn’t back home till 4 am, they must team up and find Amrita now. Ansh says he saw her outside the café. Both rushes into their lab. Randhir tries to locate Amrita on his computer. Ansh threatens that he won’t spare Randhir if anything happens to his Amrita. Baby minds that Amrita is technically Randhir’s wife. Ansh goes to a side, irked. Randhir scolds Baby and says there was a solution in Ansh’s blood that turned him evil, else he used to fight for him every time. Randhir traces Amrita’s location and says it’s a deserted place, what Amrita has been doing there.

Amrita wakes up on a small wooden floor, calling Randhir for help. She notices she had been encircled with metallic rod. She cautiously throws her ring and there was a circle of rays for protection around her.

Randhir and Ansh reach the spot. They find ashes of driver on the floor. A note reads, bring the other part of the map. Randhir was furious that it must be Gia and Disha. He clutches Ansh’s collar that Ansh is also Gia’s side. Ansh says he only cares for Amrita and will kill them if they try to harm Amrita. Randhir takes Baby and gets in Amrita’s car.

Ansh reaches Grewal house as Haiwan. He fights the security and causes all the destruction. Chetan comments Ansh is always furious and creating the destruction. The Haiwan turns to human, Randhir’s car stops behind Ansh. Gia wonders how they can unite once again. Ansh clutches Disha’s neck straight away. Govind tells him to spare her, what they will do about Amrita. Randhir says they have kidnapped Amrita since there was a robbery attempt in his lab. Govind and Disha say they don’t know about Amrita. Govind provokes Ansh that helping Randhir won’t help, instead it will distant Amrita from him. Ansh replies he cares for nothing but Amrita. Randhir spots a dashboard camera in Amrita’s car. They watch the footage and Randhir recognizes the lightening man. Govind says, this means someone else is also behind the map. They all wonder who it can be. Disha leaves.

The lightening man appears in front of Amrita. Amrita questions who he is, and why he brought her here. The lightening man turns a few objects around to ashes.

Randhir sat on the balcony along with Baby. Baby asks about any update from lightening man. Randhir says there was no message about where to bring the map. He goes into a flashback of himself with Amrita on the roof on Karwachot day. They were waiting for the moon, and he had helped Amrita break her fast. Randhir thinks Disha appeared restless when lightening man was being mentioned. He decides to speak to Disha.
Downstairs, Randhir wears protective glasses and asks to speak to Disha. Disha smiles that she would do hypnosis but only to attract his feelings. She wishes someone loves her the way he loves Amrita. Randhir inquires Disha about her motive and intention. Dharam comes there and tells Randhir that Disha is his daughter, Amrita’s sister. Amrita’s mother wasn’t dead; she is still alive. Disha blames that Dharam wanted her to die. Dharam says after what happened years ago, their mother must have died. Disha roars that she can’t hear anything against her mother. Dharam insists that his mother told her great lies. Randhir interfere and requests them to help him find Amrita.

The lightening man tells Amrita that he needs the map. Amrita was clueless about any map. The lightening map says he is awaiting them, and they have only two hours to get the map. He sets a mobile electric ring which would reach Amrita exactly in two hours. If they don’t reach here, she will be burnt to ashes.

Randhir and Dharam request Disha to tell where Amrita is. Disha replies she only knows Amrita will be fine. Randhir asks what the man was, whose body emitted light. Disha takes Randhir to narrate about Ashvadhyama. Since times of Maha Bharat, Ashvadhyama was a powerful, charming and able fighter. His power was the Ratan (shining mark) on his forehead. He was born with it. It turned to curse when Ashvadhyama made false use of his power in a fight. God Krishna thus removed his Ratan and cursed that Ashvadhyama will never die. The Ratan was given for protection to a tribe. No one in the world knows about the protection clan. The map can guide to that clan, who live in a magical world. It is said that Ashvadhyama still wanders in forests of North India but can’t reach the clan. If someone pulls the Ratan out of the clan, then Ashvadhyama can get to the Ratan and become powerful again. That Ratan is extremely powerful and if it gets into someone’s hand then the man will be most powerful person of the world. The lightening man who kidnapped Amrita is from the same clan, his duty is to protect the world from Ratan. He wants to get hold of the map from Randhir. Randhir says Disha got the second part of the map, then why he didn’t kidnap her? Disha replies she has no map. She had lied to him, only to win his trust. She only wanted to take the first half of the map. Randhir was angry at Disha. He asks why Disha did so. Disha says there is no humanity left in this world already, and walks around Dharam. Disha tells Randhir that Ashvadhyama will end the world once he gets hold of the Ratan, and the end of world will be the best day of his life. Disha leaves. Dharam says his mother has filled her heart with hatred. Randhir inquires why Dharam didn’t tell anyone.

There was a sudden lightening and the lights go off. Randhir and Ansh gets separate notes to bring the map on the bridge, else Amrita will be turned to Ashes. Ansh was at Grewal’s house and furiously leaves. Gia sends creatures with Ansh.

The people in Shimodra panic because of strangely bad weather. They spot the lightening man there and were terrified. Haiwan and the Creature appear in front of the lightening man. The Creature was about to dodge the lightening man through teleporting. Randhir drives his bike to the bridge. Ansh was attacked by the lightening man, he falls on the floor, his body trembling. Randhir reaches nearby. He tries to stop the lightening man. The lightening man threatens that whoever fights him only dies. Randhir assures he brought the first part of map, and will help finding the second part. He goes to help Ansh stand up. Randhir places a condition to spare Amrita. He knows he is a protector of humanity, and wants to help the people. He doesn’t want Ashvadhyama to come to this world and end people, he will surely help him.

Amrita silently prayed for her protection. Randhir comes to hug her. Amrita thinks about Randhir, then asks how she reached here. Randhir silently thinks she thought for him even when in danger. This shows their love is real. Ansh comes there, pushes Randhir backward and hugs Amrita. He now takes Amrita along. Randhir smiles silently. The lightening man comes to Randhir and demands the letter. Randhir hands the first part of the map and promise to help him find the second. The lightening man promise to get him to the Ratan and Randhir would be able to witness the powers of the Ratan then.
Dharam spots Ansh in a corner. Dharam tells Ansh soon Amrita’s memory will be regained, and God will punish him. Ansh goes away. Baby doubts that Randhir shouldn’t easily trust that lightening man so easily. Randhir allows the lightening man to stay at their house.
Amrita was in the balcony. Randhir comes to her. Amrita complains what is happening here. What is the Ratan and who this man is. She was at once angry at Randhir and asserts that she is Ansh’s wife.
PRECAP: Amrita was protective of Randhir in Ansh-Randhir’s fight. Ansh decides he can’t afford to let Randhir reach the Ratan and get Amrita’s memory back. A stranger come to meet Randhir.

Update Credit to: Sona

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