Bigg Boss 13 19th January 2020 Written Episode Update: No elimination today

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Bigg Boss 13 19th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on
Elimination Day
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He says that Madhu was eliminated yesterday because of her acts. We introduced the elite club and Asim became a member of it. He connects the call to the house. Salman congrats Asim for becoming the first member of the elite club. Sana says he was better at that task. Salman says who thought Sana deserved more? Paras, Mahira, Sid and Arti think that. Mahira says Asim is not seen these days. Salman asks who doesn’t need it? Sana says I think Sid doesn’t need it and I think Vishal needs the immunity card. Salman says you want to say that he is the weakest in this house? That he is useless? Sana says I didn’t mean it, it’s my point of view. Arti says Sid doesn’t need it and Vishal needs it. Salman says they all think that Vishal is useless, Madhu has left so he will leave the house too. Shefali says Sid is strong and Vishal was distracted from the game. Salman says Vishal doesn’t need immunity as he wants to leave the house himself, all laugh. Rashami says I think Paras needs immunity and Sid doesn’t need it. Arti is strong too. Salman says you both will get a chance every week to win this membership, try to win the tasks. I just want to say that the boys are not doing any task. What is Sid’s duty? He says I fold sheets in the bedroom. Salman says such big work. Salman jokes about Madhu using the pan on Vishal. Salman says we will give you duties as there is no captain in the house right now. Paras brings the cards from the store-room. Salman says you will take a chit and whatever duty you get will be yours and you will choose a partner. Asim takes a card and it’s cleaning bathroom, bedroom and living room. Salman says you can choose two from Sana, Arti and Shefali. Asim chooses Sana and Arti. Salman says Asim saved Shefali from this duty. Sid is next, he gets cooking (lunch and tea). Salman says you can choose from Rashami and Mahira. Sid says Rashami’s finger is hurt so I will choose Mahira. Vishal gets breakfast and dinner. He chooses Rashami to help him. Paras gets dishes duty, he says I can’t do it because of my finger. Vishal says I can swap my duty with him. Paras says I will cook with Rashami. Vishal says I will do the dishes with Shefali. Salman says these duties are alotted till next week.
Salman connects the call to the caller of the week. She says I want to talk to Sid. She says you are my favorite, we noticed that when you lose the task, you start fighting, it is your ego problem or your strategy? Sana kept telling you that the other team performed well. Sid says I don’t like to lose but if the reason is valid then I accept it. I was not fighting with anyone, I just had an argument. Sana liked their act but I didn’t find the relevance of their act to the product. Salman jokes that we have heard this 50 times. The caller says that the other team performed better. The caller says that I like Sid a lot, he is a one-man army. She ends the call. Salman ends the call.

On the stage:
Salman says Sara Ali and Karthik Aryan entered the house.

In the house:
Karthik and Sara enter the house. Sana runs and hugs Karthik. Sara says we have brought a new frying pan. Karthik says our movie is releasing so we have come to meet you all. Sid says no you came to meet Sana. Karthik says now you are just jealous Sid, all laugh. Sara says we will play a game first with Asim and Vishal. They to breakdance. Asim and Vishal try breakdance. The girls have to choose the winner. They choose Asim as a winner.
Karthik says now Paras and Asim have to wear a saree. They both start tying it. Sara says Asim won because he wore it first.
Then Sid and Asim have to dance. Asim takes off the shirt. They both dance on balma like item girls. Sara says Sid won.
Karthik says now girls will play. First Sana and Rashami will go. They have to make Karthik’s portrait. Rashami says Sana wants to win. Sana makes the heart and kisses her portrait. Karthik says Sana won because of her work.
Karthik says now it will be Mahira Vs. Sana. They have to do 30 sit-ups. Sana and Mahira start doing it. Sana does it faster. Paras says Mahira did all 30. Sana wins.
Arti and Sana have to play a game now. Sara says you have to act like an animal. Sana becomes a cat. Arti becomes a donkey. Sana becomes a lion. Karthik says Arti won this round. Karthik kisses Sana’s hand and sends her off.
Arti and Shefali have to do ring dance. Shefali manages to stable it for 38 rounds. Arti starts it but loses fast. Karthik says Shefali won.

Sara says Shefali and Sid won. They both get hampers.

They all come inside the living room. Karthik says whom you think would be in your life? Vishal says Arti as I don’t have a bond with her. Asim says Paras because we don’t get along. Rashami says I wouldn’t want to see Sid outside the house. Sana says I wouldn’t want to see Paras, I want to avoid. Arti says Vishal. Sid says I wouldn’t want to see Sana because she flipped on Gautam and Karthik today, I am hurt and possessive. Shefali says I wouldn’t want to see Asim as he doesn’t give me time. Paras says I wouldn’t want to see Sana as she said that she gets attached to me when I sit with her. I don’t want to make her weak. Sara says all have good opinions about Sana. Mahira says I wouldn’t want to see Asim as he doesn’t care about friendships. He is selfish.

On the stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. Sara and Karthik are still there. Salman says if Karthik and Sara are fine? They say yes. Salman says if Sara stays in the house then Paras will start a love story, one-sided, then what will happen to Mahira? All laugh. Mahira says please don’t say that sir. Salman says Gautam came in the house before, Sana kissed him so much that he has got rashes. All laugh. Sana says I really liked Gautam in this show and I am a very big fan of Karthik Aryan. I love you Karthik. Salman says you said it to Sid and Paras also. Sana says that love you is without feelings. I have followed him always, he is always on my hit list. I have his photos on my phone, I have messaged him so much but he never sees them. Sana says when Karthik entered, I tried to control my kisses. I didn’t kiss Gautam on the lips. Sana says no I didn’t. Salman asks Sara and Karthik what love Aaj Kal scene they seen in the house? Sara says Paras and Mahira. Salman says let’s mimic them. Karthik kisses Sara on the cheek as Paras does. Sara mimics Mahira and says don’t do it, I like it but don’t do it. Mahira laughs. Karthik and Sara mimic Sana and Sid. Sara becomes Sid and Karthik becomes Sana. Karthik says give me love, praise me, hug me. Sara mimics Sid. Karthik beats himself like Sana. All laugh.
Sara tells Salman that her mom likes Bigg Boss a lot. Salman calls her mom Amrita Singh. Sara says we are enjoying it here. She says I love Sana and Rashami in the house. Amrita says Sid is strong too. Salman thanks her and ends the call. Karthik and Sara greet everyone. Sana hugs Karthik. They leave the house. Karthik takes the portrait that Sana made.

On the stage:
Salman welcomes Karthik and Sara. Sara says I have been here for the third time. Karthik says I have taken the portrait that Sana made.
Salman tells Sara and Karthik that we will play the mouth opener game. They play the game with Salman. Salman talks about the film. Salman tells Karthik to teach him the dance steps. Karthik dances with Salman and Sara. Salman takes a selfie with them. Karthik and Sara leave.

Salman welcomes Sidharth Dey and Abu Malik on the stage. Salman says you are watching the show? Abu says they are fighting so much, I am enjoying it. Sid D says I couldn’t fight this much. Salman asks whom would you have flirted within the house? Sid D says I really like Rashami, she is like a doll. I would have taken her for dinner. Salman says you both go to the shower area. They both leave.

Salman connects the call to the house. He says I am sending two people that you should be scared of. They see Abu and Sid D in the shower area. All inmates are excited. Salman says we will ask you questions if your answers don’t then there will be a shower. Salman asks if Arti is playing independently? They say yes. The inmates don’t agree so red liquid fall over them. Abu says it’s cold. Salman asks if Sana is using Sid? Abu says no, they look nice together. Sid D says Sid is just an alternative to her first love in the house. The flour fall on them. Salman asks if Mahira is nothing in the game without Paras? Abu says yes. Sid D says she is a nice girl but she has been side-lined. Only Asim agrees with them. The water fall over them. Salman asks Mahira what she wants to say? Mahira says I am with Paras because he is my friend. Sid D says you don’t speak up even when it’s needed. Mahira says I am tired of explaining this. Salman says Mahira you are in the house because you are strong. Salman asks Abu if they should burn Sid’s grey shorts? He says yes, the inmates don’t agree so the flour fall on them. Salman asks if the house needs Sid D as he is a casanova. Sid D says yes, red liquid falls on them. Salman asks if their fan following increased? Abu says yes. Salman says I don’t agree so wings fall on them. Abu and Sid D dance on kabootar ja ja… Sid D tells Rashami that love you, you are a strong girl. Abu and Sid D leave.

Salman tells the inmates that when I talk about the bottom two, we are not making jokes. Rashami says the inmates keep taunting the bottom two by calling them weak. Salman says if I say they are in the bottom two then they should pick up their game. Paras says they keep saying that Mahira is weak and here because of me, Mahira has been nominated many times and she is still here, the audience has saved her. Salman says Mahira can say this herself, her mother told you that. Mahira says Asim, Vishal and Rashami keep saying that I am here because of Paras only. Rashami says Paras keeps talking on her behalf. Mahira says Asim talks on Rashami’s behalf too but nobody taunts her. Rashami says she calls back-biter but that is fine? Mahira asks Vishal to stop it. Rashami says I never say anything back to Mahira, she calls me a shadow and much more. Mahira says you don’t have anything to say, you just b*t*h about others, don’t lie. Rashami says I am not talking about you all the time. I am playing for myself. You have no guts Rashami. Mahira says they are talking about me, what is your problem? You b*t*h about me behind my back. Rashami says I talk about everyone, all talk about each other. Paras says I saved Mahira in one task only. Mahira says they keep taunting me that I was saved because of Paras, I accept that Rashami has earned her name but she shouldn’t keep taunting me. Salman asks Mahira if Rashami is jealous of her? Rashami laughs. Mahira says I am not saying that. I don’t b*t*h about anyone. Salman asks Sana who is jealous of whom? Sana says my father told me to have a right on the trophy, I take my right on the word jealousy.

Salman tells the inmates that all are nominated today. He says there are no eliminations today. Madhu can comeback with a sword. All laugh. Salman ends the call.
Arti tells Mahira that they called me Sid’s puppet. They say a lot of things. Mahira leaves from there.
Mahira cries. Vishal gives her dupatta to her. Paras says Salman said you are strong. He hugs her. Mahira says my mom said also. Paras says you are saved from nominations because you are strong. Mahira says you don’t have to tell me, I hate her. Paras says it’s okay. Sid hugs her and says relax. Mahira cries and says they are giving me tags. Sid says they are doing it with a purpose, you shouldn’t cry. Mahira says I am tired of this. Sid says you know that you are not a couple then don’t listen to anyone. He hugs her and says chill. You and Paras know the truth then don’t let others get to you. Shefali says we can shift on a big bed together. Mahira runs and hugs Sig. She kisses his cheek. Sid says Paras is watching.

Vishal tells Asim that you can have feelings for anyone. You didn’t cross that line.
Paras asks Mahira why she hugged and kissed Sid? Mahira says I will slap you. Paras laughs and says I am joking.

Paras thanks Mahira for taking his side. Mahira says you didn’t lie to me ever. She hugs him and says I am tired of it. I wanted to tell them that we are friends. She kisses his cheek. Paras says we won’t change. Mahira says Rashami keeps taunting me. She has always had support in this show. Paras says we are together since the start of this show, unlike others. Shefali says things will change this week. Mahira says Rashami said that why Paras talks on my behalf, why she is saying all that? Paras says she repeats Salman’s words.

Salman signs off from the show.

PRECAP- Asim becomes the referee of the task. Vishal gets off from his horse but keeps a hand on it. Sid says Asim you didn’t see him getting down? Asim says I didn’t see it. Sid says if you do this outside with me then.. Asim says don’t threaten me, do what you can, I will take out your eyes. Sid shouts at him. Sid says Vishal got down from the horse. Asim shouts at Asim to get lost. Sid argues with him and tells Paras that we are not going to play.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Mahira’s argument skills may be weak but her point is clear and she doesn’t shy away from the topic, she holds her stand firmly. And she doesn’t mince the words. She has to learn some argument skills only and never become depressed on issues. Else she is way better stronger person. House Experience is definitely helping her and she is learning it slowly, that’s the main problem.
    She understands better and has anger management issues.

  2. LOSER SID … BB will surely make him win ,hez favored a lot … Have never seen such open favoritism towards any contestants in any season….Top 2 will be Rashmi and Sid … BB never favored Rashmi but shez pushed forward recently… lyk the way BB tried SidRa angle last week … that helped to increase her screen space … For Sid, from last few weeks his image-whitewashing-process is going on . Sana is a victim of this process . She is constantly bashed for her closeness with Sid . I have never seen Sid getting bashed for all those nasty things he has done . Asim and Sana will be in top 4 but BB won’t allow them to win . Ryt now Sana got tags like jealous,flipper,psycho e.t.c and Asim is called a home wrecker . Totally playing with Rashmi’s image for TRPs . I think this year BB has a different rule ,,,, outside matters , personal matters everything is discussed here . Salman at his worst form as a host .He surely is misled by the host.
    Mahira is the worst contestant ever along with Shukla,,,she always speaks bad about others , keeps on b*t*hing about other HMs and can’t take it when someone says something against her . You are the weakest contestant who needs another person to speak for you . Always tries to put others down . Can tolerate anyone except Mahira and SID(fakest of all)…and abt promo , IDC what Asim does to Sid … Sid has done much worse than that

    1. Rasahm was the most favored one, after eviction she was brought back, not only that, Arhaan was sent twice to support her. It’s not BB show, but Rasahmi show.

      1. For your kind information that eviction was fake just to get back devolina with her bestie they choose rashmi over arti

      2. LOL … Rashmi the most favored one !!! You might be kidding . The show is tearing apart her image even when she has not done anything wrong . She is sweet to everyone but is called chugalkor e.t.c and bashed by all HMs . And I’ve never seen Salman supporting Rashmi over something wrong she did .
        Whereas for Sid Shukla he pushed Asim 8/9 times and is still in the show . None of the previous seasons had favored a single HM so much . The personal life and everything of others HMs are discussed openly in the show to make them look bad .
        In all seasons , HMs who have done violence/ broke rules got eliminated ,,,,remember Priyank,Shivashish e.t.c . Oh why to take examples from previous seasons when we have an example in this season itself-Madhu .
        Here the makers are maligning the image of contestants who are rising as a threat for Shukla .

      3. During the jeep task , they appointed ppl to shout SANA’s name so that she will get over confident abt her game …. after that the jealousy tag drama which made her look like a psycho . For Asim , outside matters are discussed and Salman was treating him like a home wrecker when it was not his fault .Is this the same show which has rules of not discussing outside/personal matters inside the house . Salman is totally getting involved in others personal life matters

      4. @sukanta rashami’s eviction was fake cos arti can never get more votes than rashami n devo. Secondly arhaan was sent again with full research n his personal matters were discussed just for trps.

      5. Who is this guy Silentreader, who surfaced just now and started giving lectures about Sid, is he PR or agent of Rash-sim??!!! calling all supporters paid agents of Sid. Are those millions of fans, twitterites, celebrities, colors TV and endemol is everyone biased???!!! bec Sher Sid is rocking and ruling BB 13. this is what called height of hypocrisy.

        Just bec of their cry baby and poker is loosing, it does not mean the show is rigged. Let the cry babies cry, and hynass keep howling… it is Sher Sid’s season, and we the supporters see good in him and appreciate him, he is one such straight player who does mostly right and no blo*dy fixing in it…. 🙂

    2. Souryabrata Mohapatra

      He does have a very supportive and efficiently active fanbase…
      He worked in the industry for more than a decade…
      Not to mention, he has Celeb promoters…
      No wonder he entered ‘khatron ke khiladi 7’ again and again…
      No wonder despite frequent aggressive behavior he’s still in the show, unlike Priyank Sharma (BB11)…
      His heavy smoker attitude is evident now…

      1. Yeaahhh….Priyank was eliminated as soon as he got physical with Akash . By that logic Shukla should be out by now . N Shukla’s PR team is strong . certain paid twitter pages are tweeting for him . PPl lylk Vindu Dara Singh are supporting Shukla .
        Irony is that those who were against Sreesanth last year bcoz of his aggressive behaviour are also supporting Shukla .

      2. Cmon really i seen multiple pages supporting Assim … many news media twitter handles. They must be very honest because they are supporting Assim and his brother has no money to pay them. Sad.

    3. Agree with you on all points.
      This show is rigged and they are completely biased towards that ass Shukla

      1. True…..I’m so fed up of this . Shukla changed his behavior after he was sent for treatment. He took a 180 degree turn . We cannot even say that he evolved with time . Because everything happened so soon as if he got directions from makers .

      2. Yeah and two days biggest fight occured of Aisi ladki ? Makers must have sent him the script 😄

      3. Yeahhh you are worried about the massive fan base which Sidharth has created. Millions of tweets daily , huge number of votes but those must be colors tv’s doing. My mother loves Sidharth she don’t follow no twitter or PR. Assim fan base is crying every where.

    4. Your Assim is fakest of them all. He tries to copy Sidharth every time. Favored a lot ? Only Rashmi desai is being favored and continuously makers are trying to push her to win the show. From last week Sid’s image washing is going on ? LOL Yes he has anger issues but every time after being lectured by Salman he tries to shift his focus more on entertainment, he does it himself it’s clearly visible. Sana is victim of the process ? Again big LOL Sana said clearly she has her own game. She lost control of her feelings since Paras came back in the house and focused on Mahira ignoring her. Sidharth was always same never changed. And Sid did much worse ? What killed some one ? Abusing .. everyone does …. Pushing ? Now your fav Assim is doing it too … Assim said on his home side no one pushes and he is not like Sid … well desperate times yeah ? And yes Sid pushed Asim before but when he considered him friend he was hurt by his words , he never pushed Paras , Dey or Arhan ( before tea incident). But now you will see Sidharth will not push Asim because they are friends no more or unless Asim crosses limit.

      1. Dear @Rockstar iwould like to say it again rashami is not favoured she was evicted unfairly. Her personal matters were discussed just for trp. She had been bashed on every wkw. You mever questioned the makers when her self confidence was destroyed but will question them when she is getting some screen space. I know sid is your fav but u also have to admit that sid has an aggressive side which the makers are trying to cover by avoiding physical tasks.

      2. Oh yeah gentleman sidharth… doesn’t know his limits , even pushes girls , just admit it …Priyank was eliminated for same reason last season , here sidarth has repeated it multiple times ,got aggressive,pushed others, gave maa behen ki gaali….and was never grilled by Salman in any wkw

      3. @Rockstar, i completely agree with you buddy…. Who is this guy Silentreader, who surfaced just now and started giving lectures about Sid, is he PR or agent of Rash-sim??!!! calling all supporters paid agents of Sid, those millions of fans, twitterites, celebrities, colors TV and endemol is everyone biased bec Sher Sid is rocking and ruling BB 13. this is what called height of hypocrisy.

        Just bec of their cry baby and poker is loosing, it does not mean the show is rigged. Let the cry babies cry, and hynass keep howling… it is Sher Sid’s season, and we the supporters see good in him and appreciate, he is one such straight player who does mostly right and no blo*dy fixing in it…. 🙂

    5. Completely agree with u @silentreader. The show been favoring sid since the beginning n rashami image is deterioated every wkw her self confidence is destroyed. The sudden change is sid’s behaviour is unbelievable. The makers have stopped giving physical tasks as it reveals his aggressive side instead of bashing sid to change his behaviour.

      1. So only aggressive side of Sid is shown when physical task is there ? Has Sid broken fingers of Rashmi, Paras or Asim’s hand ?

      2. Actually this is your problem i was just saying that everyone has a negative side n even sid has an agressive side but you are not ready to accept it cos you consider him as your idol. Dont you agree that the makers are not giving any physical tasks to hms. Dont u remember that in most of the tasks sid turns aggressive n fights turn ugly. Sid had definitely not broken someone’s hand but had pushed many times. Isnt that violence and against the rules of the show. You can clearly see that makers are trying to push rashami n she has fake improvement but sudden change in sid’s behaviour is real for you.

      3. @Anjali .Yea….makers are trying to hide his that side,,,he can’t handle defeat and if they start giving more physical tasks he’ll be soon out for hitting someone… NOBODY I repeat NOBODY in the entire 13 seasons is favored as much as Shukla is . For Rashami they want here in top 2 but as a negative … they’ve tried all ways to destroy her confidence lyk even yesterday Amrita Singh was not allowed to praise Rashmi properly . She is a classy lady .

    6. I think you are Rashmi’s Relative or Friend… hence u are speaking her language & talking bad things about Sid and Mahira , the same way Radhmi does …

      1. @Soni, you hit the bulleye, this fellow seems to not relative but agent of rash…. talking all nonsense without facts…. 🙂

      2. dear soni maam,i m not relative of rashmi but i like her and support her and regarding sid ok he deserves but that irritating voice mahira why she is there she should be kicked out along with her chamcha paras who keeps talking on her behalf

      3. Sorry @Soni if you think that i am her relative if i speak truth. The point is just that if sid’s improvement is real then rashami’s improvement is also real not any makers tactics. I dont hate mahira or sid i just represented my pov.

    7. Don’t call celebrity with such names.
      You are nobody.

      1. Don’t tell me what to write . You are nobody .

  3. As per yesterdays issue… I now feel like things could’ve been said in a different way, but at the same time… Salman Khan was given some wrong information. We don’t know what is going on, and willonly find out once the show is over. In my opinion, Paras and Mahira do have feelings for eachother… they are definitely more than friends. But, Paras should not be doing anything inside the house as he has a relationship outside. This is what I don’t understand about people. Don’t start something new when you are still committed with something else. Akansha is also refusing to come into the house because she claims that it will weaken Paras’s game. We don’t really know what is going on.
    As of Himanshi and Asim, that is just a mess. For Asim to be blamed for everything is just wrong. Again, even with Paras and Mahira, attraction and attachment happens… but if you are fully committed to something outside, keep your limits inside.
    For Shehnaaz, she is not “naive”. Yes, she has a childish side… but… Insulting her parents on national television, running after someone whose insulted her numerous times, hitting herself and another contestant, forcing herself on someone… you really think this is childish? No, it is not. People are taking this as innocence, this is TOXIC. People are overlooking this because she is their favorite. It is not healthy

    1. Paras and Arhaan are same. In Mumbai it is common to live on someone else’ pocket and move on when you become financially independent. Paras is opportunistic.

      As far as Himanshi Khurana is concerned, she herself is a wrecker of her life. If 2 months can change relationships, surely it can happen outside as well.

      1. But it is still wrong. Arhaan was insulted so badly, but Paras is doing almost the same. He is living off someone elses paycheck.

  4. my luv story is like paras mahira
    im 16 years old and im in england
    basically there’s this guy who likes me as a freind and so do i but when anyone asks if we love each other than we are like no ……….. we are only frnds but im not sure if i do . like we talk a lot and stay around each other but is it luv????????????????????
    that is what is going on with paras mahira
    both are in love but dont realise

    1. At 16,it is definitely not love.
      You’ll understand this when you cross 20.

    2. There is no doubt about the fact that Mahira is here because of Paras(and also luck).
      There is no doubt about the fact that FakeNaaz is jealous of Mahira.
      There is no doubt about the fact that the showmakers,the channel and the host all are favouring Shit Shukla.
      There is no doubt about the fact that this show’s winner is fixed and that is Shit Shukla.
      There is no doubt about the fact that the real winner this season is Asim Riaz.(Who the showmakers might give the 3rd or 4th position)

  5. The chit idea is really good. Its the best way to have duties done as everyone in the house gets extremely lazy too.
    The tasks with Karthik and Sara were kind of lame. It’s nothing different.
    It was nice to see the old contestants come back in the show for a bit.
    I feel that Mahira is strong but she is Paras’s shadow. He has saved Mahira numerous times… she has been in bottom 2 or 3 since the start of the show and at this point I believe the show team is not taking her out.

    1. Check out mahiras vote then u can easily conclude who is more weak
      That dumb mahira bas bakar bakr he kar sakte h

      1. sahi bola ravi ji except bak bak thar irritating girl has nothing

    2. if, Madhu wasn’t send out Mahira might had to leave the house,
      there were so many times, NO ELIMINATION this season.
      if there was proper elimination Mahira would have been send out way and long before.
      i hope she comes out and read all this.
      she can never gain the respect and space and position Rashami, has got in the industry

  6. Ok shit I am the earliest. I am here for all the reviews cuz I have an exam next month can’t be watching live lol, But I live for the comments. I am here also because I am totally introvert and have no one to talk to.
    Love from Korea!

  7. Oh Man Holy Shit. I am the earliest so no reviews for which I am here Cuz I have an exam next month so can’t be watching live. Also I being a big introvert was feeling really alone 🙁
    Love from Korea

  8. Ok My browser snichet on me and my comment wouldn’t post at first and now I see two comments on my name and I just want to dig myself a grave and bury me in it. YIKES. Also good Morning to whoevers reading. Bye My ears are all read and I am embaressed as f**k!

  9. Mahira sure is the weakest contestant , Most of the time she has been nominated there has been no eliminations , this week also she got saved by BB else she would’ve got eliminated . Rashami didn’t even say anything big and she started yelling at Rashami . Mahira is a person who always speaks in between and always backbites . She is in the show because of Paras . I need Caller of the week to give Mahira a reality check . I have seen Mahira commenting about Rashami during the family task when Rashami’s niece and nephew were there and now acting as Mahaan . Promo : finally Sana is minding her own business , was no where in the fighting scene . good for her .High time for her to have some self respect and stay away from Sidharth . It clearly looks like Sidharth is using this angle for the game . She should realize this, move on and maintain some dignity .

    1. Dont forget her comment while Rohit Shetty was in the house! I agree, she is mature… but not as mature as she makes herself seem.

    2. Souryabrata Mohapatra

      Sid may win… But not sure I’ll see him in another major project after BB13, unlike Sana.
      His heavy smoker attitude is evident now…
      Girls are like cigarettes for him… No wonder he’s said to have a long list of GFs…
      Whenever he’s stressed… he smokes and alters his emotion and wraps his feelings… Sometimes he’s not compassionate about others’ sentiments… I think his sudden mood change is liked by people…
      I bet he’s alcoholic too…
      Let see… what are consequences when supporter figure out his play…

  10. Arhaan threatened Sidd of acid attack and now Asim said i will take your eyes out what is wrong with this bunch they are not the normal peoples seriously . when Asim brother told him that he is going on the top i clicked it he will get big headed again same as when Salman praised him once he could not digest it i am really sorry to say that Asim thinks only fighting is the entertainment but its really disappointing he does not look good at all while he is fighting and takes his shirt off same as Sana thinks romancing and being chipkoo is entertainment , secondly i thaught yesterday it was SAna s true face was brought out last week and this week it was Paras so until the final they will be going to bring out their reality every week , its my thought only no-one have to agree about it .

  11. Fatima my dear at the age of 16 you can’t really work it out if its love or traction or just friendship it could be the teenage crush . so don’t take it seriously just focus on your study and future and good luck ,

  12. Souryabrata Mohapatra

    Flavorful episode!

    Very poor IQ level… He has 2-3 sellings points (he assumes): go shirtless, fight with Sid, etc.

    Finally, she accepted the word ‘Jealous’ with a smile… it’s evident that it’s going in her favor… Makers don’t even promote her equation with Sid now… Even makers want her to play Solo… Because it’s clear that Sid is using the love angle… He neither accept nor reject Sana’s feelings… But honestly, I like their bonding…

    Promos can be misleading…But he’s like… other housemates must accept what he’s saying and suggesting… Otherwise, get ready for a fight… Typical (heavy) smoker attitude

    PS. Sid may win… But not sure I’ll see him in another major project after BB13, unlike Sana.

  13. Mahira that was too much. Bola kishi ne aur chadhi wo Rashmi par. Aur Paras ne ek baar nai kitni baar bachaya hai. Aur Mahira toh abhi bhi pichea se bol rahi hai and they told Rashmi muregi apne emotions dikhane kly, in captaincy task. Though Mahira and Paras instantly contradicted their parents which even Sana didn’t do. SS when in last episode told Mahira that Mahira you have been helped out by Paras, don’t deny it. Dam tha ladki mein toh tab narazgi jatati. Girl even your mom told you that and Salman told today Paras ye Mahira khud bhi hol sakti hai toh kyun nai satki. Sabd k saath harne par Mahira started playing ki I know Rashmi you have worked more, yes sweetie she worked more but you were twisting things. Kaam ka yahan kuch nai karna. Asim worked less but is strong.
    Mahira aur Paras mein relationship status lekar baat bhi ho chuki, quiet openly where Paras told his liking and Mahira too and suddenly they are on only friends mode. Love bite ka majak uske saath SS be Kiya, given Rashmi ne Kiya hota character par bola bolti ye ladki. Flip toh ye loag apne relationship par bhi hote hai.
    Best would be bol do haan agar Paras ke saath friendship mujhe bacha rahi hai toh might be my strategy, I am happy. Kyunki SS and Paras ne ushe bachaya. Rashmi ne bhi bachaya. Khud ke baare mein jhooth bol kar aur jo dikh raha hai ushe nakar kar koi fayda nai. Accept it and bolo ki haan aisi doasti banayi that ppl protect me.
    Jo muddea pehle uthne Thea ki some ppl don’t work, ab uthne lagea hai host ki taraf se. Is it time to do damage control as one month is left. There are few targets for every week and Asim and Rashmi are common for the host. Host didn’t use chugalkhor word but did say pichea se baat karti hai fusfusa kar. But didn’t bring up ki Paras told Rashmi muregi to show emotions though that was demeaning. Shefali b*t*hes the most but has not been pointed out. Vishal took a U turn saying weak word se problem nai. Liked Sana attitude today that she told bapu be bola trophy Tera goal hai. Good going. She is annoying but atleast apni galtiyan accept karti hai. And dusron ka utna nukshan nai karti wo ladki jitna baki loag khud ko acha dikha kar kar rahe Hain.
    Rashmi and Sana with their flaws too are good as apnely dam rakhti Hain. And Asim too. Ye bechara har baar demotivated kiye janea k baad bhi strongly rehta hai.
    Mahira is telling Asim dikhta nai hai. Where do we see Mahira entertaining, which factor in her is entertaining that Asim should borrow from her. Has she ever expressed concern about the girl who might be hurt bcoz of her outside. Why Salman didn’t say her after her claim that she knows all about Puri that you are breaking relationship. Salman did that to Asim. Why this double standard, be clear to both of them if they are third person in a relationship and you are love guru. Or better don’t talk in anyone’s personal matter.

    1. Agree with u @Hope paras, mahira n shef are b*t*hing abt rashami n others but they r never exposed. On the other hand rashami had been questioned twice on arti n mahira matter which weakened her bond with them. Every hm b*t*hes abt each other but only rashami is blamed. Asim was unnecessarily targeted for breaking himanshi’s relationship with chow. Asim always said that his feelings are one sided n didnt expect himanshi to reciprocate it. But still he was blamed. Both of them have turned out to be soft target on wkw.

  14. If Mahira is playing on her own, I don’t find a single reason from her side to be against Asim. It’s true that she took side of SS bcoz Paras did. She is against Asim bcoz Paras is. She flipped on Vishal bcoz Paras told and today Paras told her why she kissed SS and she actually revealed her intentions. Girl not needed.
    Paras still goes to Rashmi and talks to him for game purpose. But why is Mahira not in good terms with Asim. She was guided in task by Paras. Aur 22-23 saal ka bacha nai hota.
    Paras is playing his game right. Mahira needs to play using brain than some feelings against women like Sana and Rashmi. She quietly accepted ki Paras ne pehle week mein ushe jealous bola, Paras ne khud pol khulne par bola. Tab chilati Paras par ki kyun bola. She has more rights to yell at him than Rashmi but will not do that as she will loose her only support. Dusron ko nichea kichne se jyada jaruri hai khud ko uthana. Ek jagah aap dosti nibhate ho aur dusri taraf insaniyat bhi nai. Hate is a strong word.

  15. Sana is very creepy.. to obsessive it is not cute

  16. Mahira is ungrateful. It was dey n fifi who agreed that she is in the game cos of paras n she started sobbing. She cant handle criticism. If every contestant, n even paras n her mom said this too then she should understand n start playing independently. The topic was over but paras started it again by saying she has been nominated max times but the truth is that whenever she is nominated it had been a no elimination week. When salman asked mahira she blamed asim rashami n vishal for it. When all of three started giving their explantion mahira started shouting on rashami. She said that asim n rashami speak for each other, she does b*t*hing abt her, she plays with words, she is double faced, she had no individuality etc. When rashami started giving it back to her n said that as salman told once that rashami does b*t*hing every hm calls her chugalkhor. On which mahiragot angry n said it is my matter why is she bringing herself. Mahira was wrong in the arguement rashami asim take a stand for each other but have their individuality. They r not in each other’s shadow. Whereas mahira has no brain n just follows whatever paras says. It is paras who fights on her behalf. Rashami talked abt mahira only once which was said by the caller. It was the first n last time i havnt seen her talking abt mahira. While paras n mahira r the one who r b*t*hing abt rashami everyday. Rashami never showed her superiority over mahira. She never said that she was evicted cos of mahira. During the first finale it was rashami who convinced devo n bagga n let paras win despite knowing that he will choose mahira only. But these 2 r ungrateful n backstabbers. Even after mahira shouting that she hates her, rashami didnt utter a word while mahira started b*t*hing abt her pointing on her duty.

  17. no elimination again… I think BB13 was never about voting they are eliminating contestants as per their convenience…. And regarding paras and mahira …ok they are strong n etc etc …. But they are filth… They are bullies …they always mock and laugh on other ppl and when someone else does that they are like these three ppl are starting this n all… Paras was the one who was Rashmi against Sid in the beginning by saying outside things n asking her to spill the beans…. But as soon as he realised Sid is strong and he can’t fight him he joined him when Sid n Asim fought… Regarding chugalkhor tag…for me paras is the most chugalkhor person he has spoken behind every person even in last week kurkure task he said in a low voice about Sid that yes he can’t accept his defeat.. mahira definitely is the weakest… She’s mocking Asim about the content that he’s just doing Workout only wt has she done only getting cozy with a guy who is just such a filth… Even her mom n paras mom said… They should abuse their mum too then bcz they also criticised their actions…. These two are total misery together…

    1. sid should leave shehnaz as she is flipper and using him for her vote

    2. You r right @Dr D mahira was mocking asim that he contributes nothing to the show but the truth is that it ismahira who has contributed nothing to the show. She was saying that rashami contributes nothing to the show n is not even dancing in the morning. But according to me it not a dance reality show n her contribution to show is nothing

  18. Mahira is a very ungrateful girl. She did not deserve to make it this far and has only made it because of no elimination weeks and/or someone saved her. She came to attack Rashami which was totally uncalled for. Screaming “I hate her” is very immature and childish. Even after Salman and parents told her, she is still being easily manipulated by Paras and is still kissing him. At the end of the episode, Paras, Mahira, and Zariwala were literally planning and plotting against Rashami. I’ve honestly never seen Rashami treat Mahira that way. Mahira complains about Rashami and she has the nerve to call it the other way. And in front of Salman Khan. So disrespectful. Her mother seemed as cheap as Mahira.

    Also, Shefali is such a duplicit and contentious person. I can’t imagine why anyone would even want to be associated with that woman in the house or life in general. She is so cruel. She was complaining about Mahira and Paras to Rashami and then about Rashami to Mahira and Paras.

    Shehnaaz is overdoing it now and is irritating.

    This season has no ‘like-able’ people. In my opinion, Rashami and Asim are the only people who are even remotely worthy of winning the trophy. The only reason some people are shown and kept in the show is because they have a love or relationship angle. If I wanted that, I would watch the Bachelor.

    1. Yes Sally this season has become a couple reality show. Also abt jariwala she is the most cunning contestant n her strategy is to add fuel to fire. She gains trust by fuelling the fire. She had created a rift between sid asim, b*t*hed abt rashami to paras n mahira. She also tried to break rashami n asim bond. In an UU clip i have seen her convincing asim to leave rashami’s side as even himanshi would not like it. She is a cruel woman.


  19. The tasks were boring, glad that even salman questioned sid abt his duty. Also it is nice idea to divide duties but some problem creators will even create problems after this. Wont comment on the promos as they r misleading will comment only after seeing the whold episode.

  20. Mahira is the youngest in the house. So? She is a 23 yr old adult not some 8 yr old kid. So all the people covering up for her citing her age, should stop doing that. I’m actually surprised seeing how much her heart is filled with hatred and jealousy for Rashmi. And that too just because once Rashmi had said that she was weak. Only once. She is talking ill about Asim and Vishal also just because they are friends with Rashmi. Mahira along with Shefali and Paras are the ones who backbite the most, but they always want to blame Rashmi for that. This girl never accepts her mistakes. In that way Sana is anyday better than her, for she not only accepts her mistakes, but also she doesn’t hold grudges in her heart for long.

    Mahira is definitely the weakest. If she wasbt weak, why did Rashmi, Devo & Bagga have to get eliminated just to save her? Why is the last week’s task, Paras was literally begging Sana to take Mahira’s name to save her? Why did he and Sid collectively decide in the secret room task to again take Mahira’s name amongst the nominated ones to save her, and not Sana’s name??? Just because she is the house till now, it doesn’t mean that she is strong.

  21. Mahira said that she nevers backbites but Mahira,Shefali e.t.c were shown b*t*hing and plotting against Rashami soon after the showdown .

    1. really this mahira yea sahira should be out of the show..good for nothing mahira sahira

  22. SKA

    BB should just give the title to SS since he is always portrayed as the good guy. All his crap is conveniently forgotten and I feel that he knows that he is BB’s favourite. He is now acting very nice but let’s see how long cos he is an aggressive person and who cannot admit defeat. He enjoys ordering people around. It was about time that Salman questioned what SS was doing. All I see is either SS is smoking, eating non stop, doing dramas with Sana or sitting around [email protected]#$ng and instigating the rest. He has never done any work. Excuse is that he is sick but well enough to provoke others.

    His dramas with Sana are so fake and i hope after BB she will haunt him like a! How come most of the guest are SS’s fans? Jasmine , Vindu.. It is obvious BB is promoting SS and encouraging support for him.

    Shefali Z is a really a terrible person. She enjoys yelling and creating fights cos that is the only time she is visible. One should see her when she is yelling her head off! Her eyes are closed and her demeanour is uurggh..totally carried away into her own zone. She back bites so much and I don’t understand why Rashmi is accused of this.

    Mahira needs a slap to wake up. She attacks Rashmi who is always treating her delicately like a child. She is using others to vent her frustration cos she is herself angry for how she is being portrayed outside because of Paras. Another rude clone of Paras.

    I wonder how Arti feels that she has been taken to task for interfering in other peoples’ fights. She too uses these opportunities to get footage. She should date SS after BB cos it is so obvious that she is in love with him.

    Paras is indeed very rude and a bully for the longest time. He turned Mahira into one and both are bullies. Finally Salman was at the receiving end and blasted him off. Now Salman understands why Asim loses his mind when arguing with Paras. He is confrontational and uncouth.

    Asim should STOP interfering in other people’s fights!!

    Vishal can now go into the corner and leak his wounds. He made a mockery of himself but to me, both he and Madhurima are to be blamed. She is a teaser and knew how to press his buttons, maybe due to their history. Anyways..

    1. SSELlover

      VERY WELL WRITTEN . completely agree with you .

  23. Ooops!!!??? so many comments… it is D-day for Sid haters having field day against the Champ….. they could not digest the kind of fan following Sid is having and commands such a following every where in India and in abroad… whether it is in social media, twitteratis every where he is having millions of fan following… even most of the celebrities supports him and finding him as worthy performer…. But for cry baby fans and pokers fans the show is fixed, rigged etc….

    common folks see the things in right perspective.. none of us know the contenstants personally but we like and judge them according to their actions… in that way we the Sid supporters see lots of good and less of bad things from him…. wherein Rash-the way she talks like big boss lady, the tone and the way she shouts and talks, and the kind of back b*t*hing, and incite she does from the beginning is disgusting and it is unfortunate to note that some viewers are so naive to notice that… Abuser Asim… he is another fellow started with a positive note and then with the bad company of rash he turned hostile and keeps provoking and going behind Sid, that is the only thing he does judiciously all the time, and shameless flaunting his bare body all the time… he is a pain, and marriage breaker too, how the hypocritical fans of him conveniently forgeting his cardinal sin of inducing the engaged girl to flirt and demolish the hopes of two families and their relatives and the dream of a couple… shameless and unpardonable act…. he can never be a winner and deserved not just a push but big kick from Sid… a puppy challenging Lion… he knows that by provoking Sid, he may loose his temper and wanted him to bash him so that Sid can be eliminated like madhu…. cunning cobra he is…

    Go Sher Sid… we are rooting for you…. 🙂

  24. mahira is the most irritating contestant pls evict her …bak bak karti rehti hai bina paras ki she is zero no comparison between rashmi ………..this irritating mahira will take 100 years to reach rashmi’s level

  25. Some comments i read makes me wonder what show am i watching lol silent reader just stay silent u dont make sense


      It is better to be silent reader instead of entering in this argument session. After reading the comments here, I feel like another Bigboss is going here. Enjoy the game!!!

  26. SSELlover

    SO after many days again something dramatic in BB house . waiting for today’s episode to know what actually happened . It’s like the whole house (except Sana) against Rashmi-Asim(Vishal) . Looks like Sana lost interest in all the drama after Sid said that he don’t want to see her outside the house . And I have a strong feeling that Vishal will soon ditch RD and join PAHIRA . Vishal shares a good bond with Asim but never really supported RD . House dynamics will surely change after this fight . I hate Mahira and Paras but ryt now the strongest bond in the house is PAHIRA’s . Let’s see if Mahira’s closeness to Sid will affect this bond .
    Bad that the show is extended.Contestants will be exhausted staying this long inside the house .


    I am little bit surprised to read the comments herein comparing with last season or somewhat. I would like them to please start to watch the BB from Season 1 onward up to till now. Every season, their concept is different from others & with modified one. In that case, we can not compare with previous ones.

  28. Think Kartik was feeling uneasy sitting next to the (Creeper) Sana who is unpredictable with her behaviour. Sara n Kartik did a good acting of Paras n Mahira.

  29. Souryabrata Mohapatra

    Blind Sid followers have attached their egos with him.
    They want their egos to win, not Sid.
    Sid receives vote as if he’s a WWE player.
    Without Sana by his side, he could have gone more violent and hence ejected.
    Sana & Sid can’t be compared. Sid is experienced & worked for more than a decade.
    The naive mountains of the fanbase is not uncommon.

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