Gustakh Dil 9th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 9th December 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 9th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishaana being shocked to see Lajjo. Nani says its sad that Ishaana got surprised. Lajjo feels bad seeing Nikhil hug Ishaana. Lajjo comes and greets everyone. She gives everyone the laddoos and no one is interested in eating it, but Ayesha takes one saying I m on diet. Lajjo gives the laddoos to Ishaana saying her mum made it. Nikhil says have it, its delicious. Ishaana takes it looking at her. Nikhil says have rest now, you might be tired. Nikhil goes with Lajjo to the room. Nani and Barkha are angry to see this and see their plan spoiled.

Nikhil comes to Ishaana and gives her a CD. Ishaana tries to make him busy with her and shows him some photos. She says her mum gifted her a kitten and she is very cute. Nikhil jokes saying now your mum has to take care of

two cats. Ishaana runs after him to beat him. Lajjo comes to them and sees them having fun. Lajjo reminds Nikhil to call Dada and tell him that they reached safely. Nikhil thanks her for reminding. Nikhil makes a plan for tomorrow with Ishaana. Lajjo brings a tshirt and says why did you leave this in the village. He says thanks, I was looking out for it, its my fav white tshirt.

Ishaana gets jealous seeing Lajjo gel with Nikhil so well. Lajjo’s family have a scene where her mum scolds her sisters. Lajjo’s mum says this is Lajjo’s thing and we will give it to her when she comes again. Lajjo’s mum gets emotional thinking about Lajjo. Lajjo’s dad praises Nikhil for taking good care of Lajjo and giving her enough money for shopping. They cry thinking about Lajjo and feel its good that she went with Nikhil as its not good to be at their home for long.

The next morning, Ishaana and Nikhil are going for having coffee. Nani says you both look good together. Barkha asks where are you going. Nikhil says for coffee. Barkha stops them and thinks about Nani’s words that she should express her love for Nikhil. Nikhil asks do you want to say something. Barkha tries to show her love and Nikhil feels it and is stunned. Barkha says Nikhil needs a hair cut. Nikhil says yes, I do and says I will. Barkha says now you are with Ishaana, you have to look good. Nikhil says I will get the haircut tomorrow.

Nani says Ishaana, why don’t you cut it. Ishaana says me. Nani says yes, you did it before also. Barkha says yes, you can. Nikhil says no, they are not that bad, I will make the haircut tomorrow. Barkha says no, its looking odd. Ishaana says its odd. Nani says its looking funny and laughs. Nikhil says as you all say. He says Ishaana, I m all yours, so cut my hair. Ishaana smiles.

Nani says so Nikhil agreed after all Ishaana is his girlfriend. Lajjo hears this and is upset. Ishaana is cutting Nikhil’s hair and Lajjo is looking at them and feels bad. Ishaana thinks about Barkha’s words. Nikhil likes the massage she does and says its making me feel sleepy.

Ishaana says I feel Nikhil does not need the haircut. Nikhil says I told this. He says lets go now for coffee. Ishaana leaves with Nikhil saying bye to everyone. Barkha sees the gifts which Nikhil had by Ishaana. She asks Shaila to keep it in cupboard. She says you know what you have to do. Shaila says I do, don’t worry. Barkha sees the untidy room of Nikhil and scolds Shaila to keep it clean. Lajjo comes and says Shaila cleaned in the morning, how did this happen.

Shaila makes an issue and says you don’t have to clean it. Lajjo says I will clean it. Shaila says then do it. Barkha scolds Shaila pretending. Shaila says I have lots of work, I can’t do this now. Lajjo cleans the room. Shaila smiles.

Nikhil scolds Lajjo badly for throwing his important things. She says don’t show me your face and don’t dare to come in my room again. Lajjo cries.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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