Madhubala 9th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 9th December 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 9th December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Media asks RK if its true there is bitterness between Rishbala ? Media asks Madhu what is the truth? Media asks RK who is responsible for Madhus MC? Did she sacrifice her baby for her career? RK asks Media to step away and gets inside the car! Madhu is trying to reach him but he is gone by the time she is free! RK is sitting by the lake and throwing stones in the water! Madhu comes to RK..puts her hand on his shoulder! She asks RK if he came to take her with him? Then why left without her? She is in tears n asks at what stage is our relation? But the situations are responsible..! Madhu says we are not able to understand the situations nor ourselves! Madhu says it was a weak moment of our life but our love.. n its strength cannot be changed! Madhu says lets make a fresh start? RK

gets up and Madhu too! Madhu says whatever went on with us..we cant fix it. .we cannot get our baby back but life is not over..! Madhu says i will fix all things.. remove all misunderstandings… just give this relation one last chance? RK walks away n says cannot forget it.. coz theres a lot of it to forget! How to forget the Doc saying my baby is gone. from this world? RK says cannot forget that my wife.. used to be only mine.. not Superstar Madhu! RK says cannot forget the moment. .when there was only one star RK the Superstar..! RK says cannot forget that my Madhus identity has changed! RK says.. rishto me jab insaan badal jate hain to rishte to badlenge hi! Madhu says..dun wanna be an actress.. or a star. .dun want all this glamour! RK says.. ur saying all this today.. but that world has chosen u..! Its a strange world.. where people spend years struggling but doesnt get work and some people get rewarded as if they are being gifted..! Madhu says i dun want all this. i dun wanna be an actress.. just wanna live with u as ur wife! RK says.. ur saying this today. .but in future.. success will pull u towards it.. just like a drunk is attracted to drinks..! The glamour.. people screaming ur name.. the cameras flashing..! Its a Kameena Nasha.. Kamyabi ka Nasha. i have gone thru it.. i know! RK says..when this gets on to u.. we stumble! Madhu says.. i will fix it. .gimme a chance! RK says. .again playing God.. ?? Nothing can be right.. ur no longer mine. .i have no space in ur world.. n my world is far away from u..! From there i can only look at u from afar..! RK stumbles on a rock n Madhu tries to help! RK says.. stay away.. far away.. where i m at the bottom.. n ur on top..!! RK says.. if only please culd fix things.. only if my baby could be back! RK says no.. !!

Madhu sits next to RK n he asks why? Madhu says.. u cant come to me. .then i will come to u.. i cant let go. of u..or our relation! BG – Hum hai dewane..! Rishbala eyelocks..! Madhu tells Bittu that he din come with me..! Now no more anger or tears.. gonna deal with RK in his way. .no more anger..! RK comes home n finds Madhu..! She goes to the closet to take out his night dress but he takes on his own..! Madhu smiles! RK comes after changing n goes to sleep on the couch! Madhu watches from afar! BG – Izhar hai baki, iqrar hai baki! Madhu goes n sits next to RK n puts blanket on him n caresses his hair..! RK gets up with start n goes n lies on the bed n switche off the light! Madhu recollects how RK used to keep light on for her..! She is sad..! Radha asks where is Madhu? Dips says..after what happened mite have been breaking her head.. or crying her eyes out! RK tells Bittu dunno where Madhu is n Madhu says. .made gobi parathas for u! RK walks off! He sits on the table..! Dips asks how did mood change? Bittu tells her to add sugar to her tea coz she needs it! RK says not hungry! Madhu says sniff it..n then eat.. i made it for u! RK says dun talk crap! Madhu says thats my zidd.. u have to eat Paratha ..! RK asks whats ur problem?Madhu says nothing am fine! RK asks how? Madhu says ..whats gone is gone.. its a new day for my superstar hubby! RK asks nothing happened?? We lost our baby three days back.. how can u act normal??

Part 2

Madhu says.. i m just trying to move on ..with u..! RK says it mite be easy for u to move on..not for me! Madhu says its not easy for me..just bear ur pain like i am! RK says.. i cant n wont forget this! I m not as gud an actor like cant fake! RK tells Bittu to keep sitting n goes to his ad film shoot! He says no one should disturb me there! RK walks off! Pabho-Dips smirk..!!

Part 3

RK is driving and road is blocked! He notices a girl doing tight rope walk n all are asking her to be careful..! She smiles.. n they show the girls face..! RK takes his shades off n looks on intrigued! She gets down n shows she needs to buy other pair of the shoe! She asks money from all for the free show! People arent ready to pay and she forces them! An elderly complains to the cops..! RK is constanly honking to drive off! As the cops chase the girl.. she requests RK to open the car door! RK watches confused!

Precap — Bittu says.. hope there is no drama in our life anymore! A Drunk RK comes n is being stabilized by the girl! Madhu comes in the hall n is shocked to see RK in this condition ! RK says this is Madhubala Rishabh Kundra!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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