Gustakh Dil 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 9th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sagar scolding Lajjo. He leaves. Lajjo says if anyone comes in his life, she will suicide and die. Ishaana comes home thinking about Nikhil’s refusal to marry him. Aditi asks her what happened, where did you go in morning. Ishaana says I wanted to know or did I not see after seeing anything, but you always knew it mum. She goes to her room. Barkha says don’t know what will Nikhil do. Ayesha says maybe Nikhil and Ishaana have patched up and they want to start their relation all over again. Inder says I want both of them to be happy and firm on their decision.

Aditi comes to meet Barkha and says what Nikhil did. She says Ishaana is understanding and came home. He says she does not care about Nikhil. She taunts them and says you won’t be knowing where he is. She asks them not to act. Nani says tell us what do you know. Aditi tells them that Nikhil has ended his relation with Ishaana. Everyone are shocked. Ishaana thinks about Nikhil and smiles. Gustakh Dil……………..plays……………

She thinks of their childhood. She thinks how Nikhil refused to marry her. Lajjo is sleeping and dreams of Ishaana getting engaged with Nikhil happily. Her mum comes asking her to wake up. Lajjo gets up and is upset. She hugs her mum. Lajjo thinks it will be good if Nikhil and Ishaana accept each other. Nikhil talks to Gunjan. She says I m happy for both of you. Barkha and Inder come to talk to Nikhil. Barkha says he did not try to understand our feelings. Inder asks whats all this.

Ayesha says you love Lajjo, what about Ishaana, have you lost your mind. Inder says what is this, what do you want. Barkha says did you not get it, he wants to hurt me. She says why are you playing with your future, even if you don’t marry Ishaana, Lajjo will not come in this house. Nikhil says I love Lajjo. Everyone are shocked. He says I got late in realizing this, it does not mean my love for her is not true, I know I thought wrong about her, now I can see how good she is. We made wrong opinion about her.

He argues with Barkha and says I don’t care of you don’t like Lajjo, if you could see from my sight, you would have understood her, what is right and wrong according to me. He says maybe this house is not suitable for her. Nani supports Nikhil. Barkha is surprised. Nikhil leaves. Lajjo is upset. Her mum comes and says there is exhibition in village, they will go and enjoy. Lajjo says forgive me for my anger on you. Her mum says I understand what is going on in your heart, I m your mum and know everything.

She says when the time comes, then you see everything will be fine. Lajjo is upset and says she did not know this that she will be so much hurt. Her mum feels sad for her. Lajjo cries and says she did not know. Her mum hugs her.

Ishaana reminds Nikhil of his promise and asks will you keep your promise. She gives him sindoor. Nikhil is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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