Gustakh Dil 6th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 6th September 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 6th September 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Barkha asking Nikhil to nullify the wedding as Lajjo is not the suitable companion for Nikhil. She does not match him in anyway. Ayesha wedding also is at stake if ever her in laws get to know about Lajjo being his wife. She tells him Aakash lost his life because of him now to spare his sister Ayesha. Barkha tells Nikhil he always thought that she does not love him but she does love him and he also does love her she just want him to leave Lajjo she will also forgive him for the death of Aakash and everything.

NN is eavesdropping from behind the door. She follows Barkha in her room and asks her what she did tell to Nikhil? what was the condition she put in front of him. Everybody knows it well that Nikhil is not responsible for Aakash death, it was just an accident. Why she told Nikhil she will forgive him if she leave Lajjo… as it is a deal. There’s a difference between deal and condition…

NN asks Barkha if she does not think that she’s emotionally blackmailing Nikhil. Barkha says better not to talk about the past as it was the only way to get rid of Lajjo. it is very much needed for the whole family, for the sake of Ayesha and everybody Nikhil still have to study further.

NN says they also need to convince Lajjo to leave.Nikhil is sad holding the picture and remembering what happened with Aakash how his hand slipped and he felt down. Barkha also is sad and goes to see the old pictures of Aakash.
Nikhyil is still depressed with Barkha words and keeps remembering about Aakash and what happened after his death. Barkha neglected him completely accusing him of being the culprit. She asked him not to enter and touch Aakash belonging.
Nikhil comes to the present and accuses himself and says Barkha is right he’s the cause of Aakash death. How could he left the hand of Aakash.

Saraswati comes to meet Anuradha and excuses herself for dropping at their place without informing. Saraswati says but this is Lajjo in laws. She asks Anuradha about Lajjo well beings if gets any call. Anuradha tries her level to cajole Saraswati in her way to avoid saying the truth to Saraswati. Anuradha feels the guilt of lying and Saraswati also believes that Lajjo is well and happy that’s the reason why she did not call.

Lajjo removes all the carpet in her room and is playing some sort of games(I don’t know how it is call saw it only in films) NN comes in her room and Lajjo goes to take her blessing. she says enough and begins to narrate an old story to her after asking how does she feels staying in the city.
Lajjo continues the story for her as NN forgets a bit then NN takes the same example an accuses Lajjo to be cunning as the animal( I think a wolf) in the story. lajjo tells her she’s the same they are not willing to understand and know her. NN tells her that she’s not that innocent as she looks.

Anuradha still feels guilty of lying she tells her father that they must tell the truth to Lajjo parents. Her dad tells her that they will tell them if ever needed. Anuradha says they don’t know how is Lajjo and what is happening overthere in the city and above all Indur and Barkha are both against this alliance. Her dad tells her he has full faith in Nikhil till he’s there nothing wrong can happen to Lajjo.

Lajjo is thinking about the puzzling story of NN and thinks how can she be related to the story she thinks she’s the wife of Nikhil how can NN talked to her like that. She’s confused and decides better to think about Nikhil instead.
Nikhil looks at his, Aakash and his mom picture and recalls how he asked Barkha to forgive him but she told the maid to bring him in his room.He recalls his mom saying she will forgive him for everything if ever he leaves Lajjo and this is what he wants also. He thinks what will happen to Lajjo??

Nikhil informs his family that he’s going to leave Lajjo to SonBarsa for the betterment of everyone. Lajjo is watching and hearing all from upstairs.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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