Dil Dosti Dance 6th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 6th September 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 6th September 2013 Written Update

The boys are in Barath’s garage deciding what they must do.They keep discussing when Rey tells that Swayam must be informed. All the boys decide they will text him up.Barath is calling him, but he does not pick anyone call.Nilesh wats app him and says he always replies on wats app. They all were thinking and next day they all tell that message has been passed.Rey says if Swayam does not come the trip will be cancelled and he will be restricted too. The guys think what they must do when Aashi comes in and informs that she just spoke with Swayam and texted him the details too.He will be coming. The guys are happy and move out to prepare and reach on time so Sharon does not scold them.

Next day all are present when Simmi comes late by two minutes and Sharon questions her.

Rey asks does anymore bag need to be kept inside when Sharon’s bag is out alone.Sharon says she will keep herself when Rey comes forward takes her bag and keeps it in place. The guys are speaking where is Swayam.Sharon asks everyone to get in bus. Rey says they wont come in without Swayam. Sharon sk them to get in else its a bye bye trip and even bye bye to them from college.The team gets in. Rey just walks and does not get in. Sharon says get in and Rey finally sits in bus.The bus starts moving and Rey thinks he needs to do something now as we cant go without Swayam and shouts Aah holding his stomach.He asks Sharon to stop the bus as its serious.Simmi says as GS she must as Rey is her responsibility.Sharon stops the bus and Rey goes out.Simmi says for humanity boys must go and help Rey.Boys move out.Aashi says even they must get down and help as team.Simmi asks Sharon to come too but Sharon denies coming.The girls leaving Sharon get down too.A guy from bus tells Sharon they are already late and can’t wait more as Rest of buses have gone long back.Sharon asks bus to move and says she will bring the team.

Rey and guys hide and see bus moving and tell now they will wait till Swayam is here.The girls panik and Sharon says their things will reach.They will go later.The boys join when Sharon says if it was so fast then she would have made bus wait. Rey says its stiill serious they will wait. Aashi says they can wait till Swayam come.Swayam comes just then and asks you guys still here. Swayam and Sharon have a moment when they remeber all their memories having Alvida in background.Sharon scolds him for being late and says if he wants to show his ego there are many other ways.Staying away from all and not attending calls or attending only a persons call. There are dignified ways to show his importance but expecting from him is bad. Swayam says are you done.I came here to inform VP sir that I’ll reach the spot personally. Aashi says Rey was waiting for him.Swayam asks group to go and he will come other way when Rey says even if they go by other ways the final destination is same.Swayam moves saying he will see them when Simmi asks him to wait and says he is under Sharon and cant go by his own.What if he gets lots.Sharon says that yes he is under her care and he cant go alone.She continues saying he likes it or not he has to come with her else she will inform VP that he is not a part of the team and he will be removed from college. Swayam’s asks her is she blackmailing him he continues asking her to speak directly.Sharon says she is telling the fact and truth can to be told only to people who dare to listen truely. Nilesh comes and asks Simmi for her car keys.Simmi denies when Nilesh keeps asking and she gives. Boys move leaving Rey and Swayam to go by car.Rey tells that they will catch a rickshaw if they move out.

Precap:Gang in tourist bus when they sing tere jaisa dost and Rey falls on girls.The other gang is irritated Swayam calls Vicky and inform him to call Rey back as the guys are irritated by this act.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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