Gustakh Dil 6th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 6th November 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 6th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shaila blaming Lajjo infront of Nikhil and everyone. She says Lajjo does not want Ishaana to stay in Nikhil’s life. Lajjo says its not like that, my mum has sent this, Nikhil would be better if I keep this flower under his pillow. Lajjo cries saying about the mandir. Shaila says so you have sent your mum to pray and what did you pray that everyone falls for you. Barkha stops Shaila. Nikhil says explain Shaila not to believe this. Shaila says what should I do of this flower. Nani says throw it in the dustbin. Lajjo prays for Nikhil and says here everyone does not know you, I m sorry on their behalf, don’t be angry on them, I know how they insulted your Prasad, forgive them.

Gunjan’s dad hears all this and sees Lajjo praying. Lajjo prays for the family’s wellbeing. He says you are pure and honest, I m surprised to see you, no one is giving you a space, and always insult you and you are praying for them. He blesses her. Lajjo says they are my family, I can’t see them in pain. He says always be happy. Lajjo gets happy and smiles. Ayesha meets Sid and says sorry to him and asks did you wait for me longer. He says I have been waiting since one year. She says I have to hide from everyone and come to meet you. Sid says its ok and hugs her saying I understand your problem. He says promise me you won’t say no to my diwali gift. She asks what is it. He says come, I will show you. He gives her bangles and she thanks him.

Ayesha sees Barkha and Inder and hide from them. She says they are here, what will we do now, we are stuck. He says then what. Barkha doubts that she has seen Sid and goes to check on them. Ayesha is tensed seeing Barkha coming towards her. Ayesha says my parents are coming here, drive fast. Sid and Ayesha leaves. Inder says I don’t think it was them. Ayesha and Sir laugh as they have escaped. Sid syas lets go somewhere else. Ayesha says now? He says not now, weekend. He says come with me, it will be fun, lets go out of town, Ayesha says I will think and tell, don’t be angry. Lajjo comes to Nikhil’s room and sees him struggling wearing a t shirt. She laughs seeing him, Nikhil says Lajjo, why are you laughing. She says I will make you wear. He says its hurting me, careful.

He thanks her and talks to her about Shaila. She says its fine, she is elder to me and can scold me. She says why did you not finish the food. He says I don’t want to have this boring food. Lajjo and Nikhil have a funny talk about Lajjo’s parathas and Parvati, her cow. Nikhil smiles. Lajjo says we also eat spicy food and desi ghee laddo and we don’t get ill. Nikhil’s gang comes to meet him. Nikhil asks them where is Ishaana. Lajjo is in her room seeing Nikhil’s photo and Ranjana comes to her with flowers. Lajjo asks her to come and sit with her. She says this is my room. Lajjo asks about Ishaana. Ranjana says Ishaana? Do you know her? Lajjo says yes, she came to our house. Ranjana asks did you talk to her. Lajjo says no, she did not talk to me.

Ranjana says Ishaana does not know you as we know. Ranjana sees Nikhil’s photo in Lajjo’s book and is shocked. Ranjana asks do you love Nikhil. Lajjo does not reply. She says yes, but you know now, but don’t tell him please. Ranjana says I won’t tell Nikhil. Lajjo thanks her. Ranjana thinks this situation is getting complicated, but Nikhil loves Ishaana. She thinks Lajjo will only get hurt. Ishaana gets Nikhil’s call and they talk. Nikhil says don’t you think you are overreacting. He says don’t compare yourself with Lajjo, I love you, not Lajjo. She says what will I do coming there, you have many people to take care of you. Lajjo hears this and is hurt. Nikhil turns and sees Lajjo and is shocked.

Lajjo helps Nikhil and he talks about Ishaana. She is hurt.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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