The Buddy Project 6th November 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 6th November 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 6th November 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with where it left off yesterday.Panchi leaves angrily. But both of them stop and think about each other while Bin Tere plays in the background.RV is shown getting FBs of Jaane Kyun sequence and their moments spent together when Panchi came back.Panchi is standing in the corridor looking quite lost when Kiya comes there and asks her whats wrong.She tells her about RV being over-caring towards her since she has returned and that its irritating her. Kiya replies that guys sometimes act as if girls are all they care for and at other times they ignore them as if they don’t exist at all , so its worthless wasting time on them.Panchi asks her whay she is so angry.She asks if anything happened between her and KD.

On the other side KD and RV are discussing about their fights with Kiya and Panchi respectively. RV says that its really hard understanding girls and they even don’t understand what we are trying to do. Just then RV sees Rukmini going out of the college and goes to her and asks where she is going.She replies angrily that she has some work and that RV doesn’t need to know everything she does. RV asks her about the Radio show. She tells him to handle it himself for the day like she did yesterday. Rv tries to ask her why but she leaves angrily.

RV loudly asks whats happening to him today, why are all girls shouting at him? First it was Panchi and now Rukmini. KD replies thats its Karma.RV dated with so many girls before that its all now coming back to him. xD Kiya is ranting about KD to Panchi on the staircase when RV and KD pass from below. RV says to KD that his problem is that both Panchi and Rukmini shouted at him. He rants about them while Kiya and Panchi follow them hearing all this.Panchi gets angry on RV and decides to scold him but Kiya stops him and tells her to listen what else they say. KD begins next and rants about Kiya saying its the basic problem of girls , “Attention do tou problem, na do tou bhi problem.” xD Kiya and Panchi suddenly pop up infront of them and they are shocked. (LOL they look on their faces is priceless xD)

Panchi strangles RV(Yeah, literally strangles him! :O xD ) while shouting at him about all the times she has helped him.On the other hand Kiya pins KD to the wall and shouts at him. She sarcastically tells him to take a loud speaker and tell whole world how bad Kiya gujral is.Panchi is still shouting on RV and tells him that she would ask his help if she needed it. RV says that she looked depressed thats why he was doing all this. He also tells her that he saw that she had written “Someday I will be GONE” on the scribble wall. Panchi tells him that she hasn’t written it and RV hugs her tightly,twice.

(The whole Kisha-Rahi fight was so so adorablee! )

Kisha hear all this.KD sees it written on the scribble wall and wonders if Kiya wrote it to threaten him to behave. Kiya also thinks that KD wrote it to threaten her. They both decide to not give in to each other’s threats.

Kiya goes out of college angrily while Panchi follows her and asks her why she is so angry. Just then KD comes there and She goes to him. She shouts at him asking why doesn’t he say things clearly. She is his girfriend not his slave and he can’t threaten her like that.Panchi leaves from there irritated. KD tries to stop Kiya but she continues ranting. He gets angry and throws water on her, tells her to cool down and leaves.Kiya is extremely angry.

RV is looking at the scribble wall in canteen and STTC that people are expressing a bit too much on it. It caused MU between them due which Panchi hit him so much today ! KD comes and sits beside him looking tensed. Rv offers him water and begins blabbering about their problems with girls and stuff.KD gets annoyed at this and forces him to drink water saying he needs it more than him and leaves. After he goes, RV wonders why he was so tensed anyway.

Panchi is strolling in her room thinking about something when she gets call. It’s from Avi. She gets FBs about the day she broke up with him and left and thinks whether to pick up the call or not.

Precap: KD finds “JERK” written all over his locker and angrily asks the boys around who did it. RV also comes there and asks Kiya if she know anything about it. Kiya sarcastically says that she has no idea but KD must have done something to deserve it and leaves from there. KD tells RV angrily that he’ll deal with the one who did it on his own.

Update Credit to: crazy_life

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