Gustakh Dil 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo looking at the food and not eating it. Her sister and mum ask her to eat. Her mum asks do you want to become ill by not eating it. Lajjo says I don’t wish to eat. Her mum says I understand your heart, you might feel to spend your life with Nikhil, and one side there is your dream to become something, which stops you, I m helpless seeing you like this. Lajjo talks to her mum and says some problems come when I try to do something good, is Lord annoyed with mer.

Her mum says no, don’t be disheartened, problems always come but there is always some reason. She says my daughter is very nice who thinks about everyone, why will Lord think bad about you, see it will be fine soon, Lord is not so rude, everything will be good. Barkha tells Nikhil that food is ready. Nikhil says I won’t have food. She asks why. He says I don’t have money to pay for food and leaves.

Rancho talks to Cobra and says Nikhil did the right thing. He has to be independent. Cobra is sad for Nikhil. Rancho says if you have to help him, we should think of something. Rancho gets an idea about Barkha who has the problem with Lajjo and who made Nikhil alone, so if we open her eyes, she will accept Lajjo and everything will be fine. A modern girl comes to meet Nikhil. Barkha welcomes her. Rancho calls Nikhil and tells her plan. Nikhil likes the idea. Chaya tells Nikhil that Riya came to meet her.

Barkha asks Riya where did she meet Nikhil. Riya starts acting and says its so hot here. Can I get chilled water. Barkha says yes ofcourse and asks Chaya to bring water. Riya says I want boiled water, not filtered. Barkha says I wish we met earlier. Nikhil comes and hugs Riya. Riya acts friendly with him. Nikhil lies to Barkha and says Riya is very rich. Riya talks to Barkha and leaves. Nikhil says she is my friend, is she good. Barkha says arrogant. Nikhil says its strange she did not like her, Lajjo I really miss you, I m doing this for you.

Lajjo comes to the temple and prays. She asks why did he take away the right oath from her. Why did he stop her education. She says do something. She hears Rancho acting like Lord and talking to her. Lajjo comes to see her and says Lord I don’t know English, please explain in hindi. Rancho tries and Lajjo laughs. Nikhil gets a call for a vacancy and asked to meet them. Nikhil says thanks I will come. He says I will inform Lajjo that I found a job. He gets dressed. Rancho talks to Lajjo.

She says I have one way for you. Lajjo asks what. Rancho says you have to come with me to Delhi. Lajjo says I can’t come. Rancho says I know everything, Nikhil told me, I did not ask you to stay at Nikhil’s home, you can stay with me. Make a new start and stand on your own. Nikhil goes for the interview. Lajjo talks to Rancho and cries. Rancho says I explained you everything. Lajjo says I can’t do anything. Rancho says you have to make a will and lead your life, you can give tuitions to people and work with me if you want.

Her mum says we can’t send Lajjo like this. Rancho convinces Lajjo’s parents and says if Lajjo stays here, she won’t be able to prove anything, she has to work hard and learn english. She says Lajjo has to come to Delhi. Lajjo looks on upset.

Lajjo’s mum permits Lajjo to go to Delhi. Lajjo gets happy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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