Ek Boond Ishq 5th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 5th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
tara is in jungle and thinks why guru ji called me, she sees message on tree to come this way, another message says now you are on right path everything will be alright, other message says hope is new but it is unknown, tara calls out for guru ji and says why you called me, mj comes and says I called you here and messages was written by me, mj says you forgot something, he ask her to close eyes, she does. he comes close to her and goes behind her, he takes off his veil. wind blows.
nandu is villa says what kind of whether is this, look like storm is coming, rudra says no day of judgment is coming, rudra cut his palm and spread blood mirror, nandu says what you did, rudra says enough, I bear enough now I will catch that leader of covered gang. he breaks mirror. he says now kala will play her game and i will do what that leader would have never thought, he is very much angry.

Scene 2
in jungle, tara has her eyes closed, mj throws away cloth with which his face was covered, he take out tara’s earring and makes her wear it, he holds tara and whispers that i waited for this day from long time, i want to come that close that you feel my breath, i want to hug like that you will not get to whose breath is this, now the time has come, i waited long, i suffered a lot, he holds her hand and kisses on ear, tara is drowning and couldn’t move, he hugs tara and says i love you, she hugs him back and says i love you too mrityunjay, she opens her eyes and realize what she is doing, tara pushes him and turns back, she says what I am doing, how can I come close to you when I only love mj, I cant betray mj. mj looks on., mj says no you didn’t do anything wrong. she says i cheated mj now whats the difference between me and kala, i did a sin, mj says look at me once, tara says i don’t wanna see your face, you pretend to be good, you asked me trust you and what you did, tried to touch me, cant to see i am of mj, mj says mj is aliv.. tara says don’t says that mj is dead, he is alive in me, i trusted you and you took advantage of that, i shouldn’t have trusted you. she takes off earring and runs from there, mj says tara look at me once, please.

Scene 3
meethi is crying in stable, baba comes and says to come inside as storm is coming, meethi says where should we find adi, nimmo says adi will found, don’t worry.
in jungle, tara is running, mj is running behind her and ask her to stop and listen.
in stable, nimmo ask meethi to have faith on God, baba says how can i tell her to believe god when my belief is weakening, he says everything is snatched, mj my property, i got happy that adi is taking responsibility but he.. why god is not listening to me, nimmo says miracle will happen, everything will be good, believe me.
tara is still running, mj ask her to look at him once, tara slips and falls in lake.
aradhana in her house, gets up from sleep and shouts tara, yug ask what happened, aradhana says i am worrying about the daughter who gave us so much pain, yug says maybe your heart is not accepting it, have you ever thought that what tara did was in some pressure, aradhna says you didn’t see what she did, he ask her to believe her upbringing, aradhana says i did upbringing of nandu and tara, when nandu is wrong so tara can be, if she did that deliberately then god will punish her and if she did that in pressure then may god help her.

Scene 4
tara is drowning, mj jumps in lake, he sees tara and swim to save her, he lifts tara in his arms who is unconscious, he out her from water. mj brings tara to some place, he ask tara to get, he rubs her hands (ek bood ishq new version plays). he hugs her, tara gets up and pushes mj away, she turns and ask him to not touch, she cries and says why you touched me, she says i hate myself as i cheated my husband, mj puts hand on head at her foolishness, she says i did wrong, i cant forgive myself, mj ask her to listen, she says no, he screams to listen, he says you didn’t do anything wrong, you didn’t cheat mj, you loved mj, you came close to mj, please look at me, will you not see your stubborn, adial, golo ka papa, tara is stunned. she turns and is shocked to see mj infront of her, she touches his face in surprise, she blabbers mj, she hugs him tightly and cries.

PRECAP- mj puts his blood on tara’s forehead as sindoor, mj takes tara inside hut and makes her lie down, he is bare chested.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. So cool epi!

  2. finnally tara came to know that mj is alive

  3. one serial that actually is nice and always curious for next episode….

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