Gustakh Dil 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anjali saying how will Trishna go in the show now, I will call sponsors and tell them, we will let Ratri go first, maybe till then your eyes become well. Ayesha comes to meet
Adhiraj and his house is locked. He looks for the keys and opens the door. H looks around and comes out. A lady tells her that Adhiraj is arrested by police as he did a murder. Ayesha is shocked and asks the details. She says he murdered a politician when the raining happened that night. Ayesha looks on. Ratri comes for the makeup. She is asked to go first. Ratri goes to her make up room and selects a outfit. She sees Trishna and thinks to see her face. She is shocked to see its Lajjo.

She thinks about Lajjo’s words. Ratri says she is Mili’s tutor, will she give me competition. Ratri laughs. Lajjo sees Ratri smiling. Kabir asks Ratri to get ready as her photo shoot is first. Ratri says relax. Kabir says this is not a joke, but a competition. She smiles and tells him about Lajjo being Sagar’s new find. Kabir says I don’t care about her, but about Sagar, I want to win over him, Sagar saw something in her so he has chosen her.

Ratri says I know her, I saw her at SK’s house, she is Mili’s tutor, what will she compete me. Kabir thinks that he has challenged Sagar to make Lajjo the star. He says what, she is the one, she became ready. Ratri says she is out of this competition, I need time to get ready, people should wait for me. She smiles. Anjali asks Lajjo what to do now, as the swelling is not going. Nethra says we have to show her to eye specialist. Lajjo says no, the shoot will happen, give me cold water and tea bags. I know how to cure this. Nethra brings it.

Lajjo says it will take 10mins. Kabir asks Ratri not to take this competition easily, that girl said no to Sagar. Ratri says yes, Sagar is not a Lord. Even I said no to him. Kabir says you are the real star, you know what I don’t. Ratri says there are many people who know they will fail. He says fine, try to give your best else you will regret a lot. He leaves. Lajjo gets fine. Anjali says she is smart. Nethra is tensed and says I thought this shoot will be cancelled.

Nikhil comes to photo shoot. His hand get spoiled in the lift and he lays his hand on a dress by mistake. Lajjo gets dressed and looks stunning. Anjali looks at her and smiles. Anjali says its your photo shoot, you will get the pics too. Lajjo smiles. She gets Rancho’s call.

Lajjo and Nikhil pass by not seeing each other. Ratri gets late. Labir says no body is waiting for you, as Lajjo is ready and going on floor. He scolds Ratri and asks her to get ready. Lajjo then sees Nikhil and is shocked. She hides her face and turns. Nikhil asks where is the photo shoot going on and looks towards Lajjo. Lajjo is asked to come for the photo shoot. He comes for the shoot and feels like Lajjo is closer. Aarushi asks Ratri and Trishna to get ready for the photo shoot. Anjali says Trishna is ready.

Kabir talks to Aarushi and says everything will be on time, relax. Nikhil comes and hears Kabir talking about Trishna. Anjali brings Lajjo there. Kabir is shocked to see Lajjo in changed avatar. Nikhil does not see her as a man comes in between them. Lajjo looks gorgeous in a western outfit. Nikhil thinks why does he feel Lajjo is close by. Lajjo stands for the photo shoot.

Nani thinks she saw Lajjo’s anklet in that girl’s foot in the beauty parlour.

Update Credit to: Amena

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