Balika Vadhu 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiv’s family seeing Rasika’s interview on the news channel. She tells that she will get Shiv punished for his crime. Subhadra is shocked. Anandi says, what will happen now. Daddu says, lets have the enquiry. Alok gets angry. Shiv says, we shall not scared as I am not wrong. We will win. Subhadra doubts Shiv and asks him if Rasika is lying. Everyone is shocked. Daddu gets angry at her.

Ganga reaches the marriage venue wearing the ghunghat. One lady stops her and asks who are you? Ganga says, I came to cook. She asks her to go to the kitchen. Ganga leaves. Ganga comes to the kitchen and sees some ladies preparing the sweets. She thinks to stay there for sometime. One lady says, baraat will come soon. Ganga mingles with the ladies. Ladies say that child marriage happen not often. Ganga asks, aren’t you scared? She says, we came to cook food here. Baraat comes. Ganga sees Shamal bhai with the baraat and gets shocked.

Ganga comes to know that the bride is getting ready in the room. She thinks to save the girl from child marriage. Ganga goes to that room. That girl cries. Her mother says she will be alright soon. Ganga says, you called me naa. She says, Jagya is busy so she came. Her mother asks her to save her daughter. Ganga assures her that she won’t let the marriage happen. Jagya receives Ganga’s voice message and calls at the hospital.

Everyone sees the news about Shiv trying to molest his employee. Saachi is shocked. Her inlaws watch the news too. They see Rasika’s interview. Saachi and Vivek go to their room. Roshan says, they are bearing humiliation because of Saachi. Suman says, Saachi’s face turned yellow. Saurabh says, Vivek won’t support this time. Roshan says, they are double standard people and will save Shiv for sure.

Girl tells Ganga that she wants to study. Her mom says, she doesn’t wish to see her daughter sacrifices. Ganga says, I can understand it. I bear this pain. She gives clothes to the girl Aarti and asks her to change her clothes. Aarti’s mom gets tensed. Ganga says, everything will be fine.

Aarti’s dad knocks on the door. His wife opens the door. He says, Panditji is calling Aarti. He looks at Ganga and asks who is she? Aarti’s mom says she called her for get Aarti ready. He asks her to bring Aarti and goes. Aarti goes to change her clothes.

Rasika sees her interview and smiles. She gets call from her ex boss and says you couldn’t impress your new boss. He asks her why you wasted your time on Shiv. She says, I just have you Brijesh. She says, I couldn’t knock on Shiv’s heart. He asks her to open the door. She is surprised to see him. He hugs her.

Ganga takes Aarti out of the room. Aarti is wearing shirt and pant and is disguise as a boy. Aarti says, she is scared. Someone asks, who is this boy? Ganga says, he is my son. She says, his bapu sent him to called me. Ganga hears Shamal’s voice and wears her gunghat. Shamal comes and asks the lady to bring Aarti. Ganga is leaving with Aarti. Pandit asks her father to call Aarti.

Someone informs Aarti’s Dad that Aarti has escaped. Aarti and Ganga runs. Aarti’s dad asks his men to search Ganga and Aarti. Ganga calls Jagya and asks for his help.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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