Gustakh Dil 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Laajo receiving a call from SK, he tells her that tomorrow the sponsors are coming to see her and that it is their last chance to prove. He tells her that Anjali will be responsible for her makeover and that she has to be ready on time. Laajo becomes nervous and asks Rancho if the sponsors will like her dance she assures her that everything will be fine. Laajo looks at the diya and thinks to herself that she is nearing to becoming something.

In the jewelery store the manager calls Nikhil in and thanks him for his bravery he also tells him that the boss is also impressed by him. Nikhil thank him and thinks of it as his honor. The manager gives him a special work to do he gives him a bag of some necklaces and asks him to go a special customer’s house to deliver. Nikhil is surprised as he though the store did not do home deliveries. But the manager tells him that the rules can be changed for special people he stresses on the fact that this lady is close to the boss and that he should not make her angry.

Ayesha comes in wearing Adhi’s clothes he laughs a little and they both have their cute arguments. They eat and drink tea, she is reading when he tries to start a conversation he praises his own dal chawal and says to Ayesha that he should enter a cooking competition. Ayesha laughs and says that he only knows to cook one dish, something irritates Ayesha’s eye and he blows into her eye they both feel awkward so she praises his food. Seeing the rain outside he tells her to sleep here while he will sleep on the floor but she refuses. he tells her that he knows that she doesn’t know him well but she knows him that much that she can trust him to not be a bad person she agrees.

The next morning SK and Anjali are talking about if Laajo is ready to be Trishna so soon. She tells him that the makeover will be done but she still has to learn a lot of things SK tells her that there is no choice Laajo will have to be ready to perform in front of the sponsors. Laajo and Anjali are at the salon she is getting waxed and is screaming in pain Anjali tells her to behave. The owner comes in and asks her staff to take care of Trishna she looks at her hair and discusses about a style. Laajo thinks of her promise to Nikhil to never cut her hair she requests Anjali that she will not cut her hair she tells her that she is willing to do anything but she will not cut her hair. The owner agrees and thinks of another style.

Barkha comes back from her trip and Gunja is shocked to see her early home she tells her that she had to come because of Sk’s show Gunja tells her that there is no news of who the new girl is there is no interview and no one knows her name also. Barkha says that she trusts SK and is hoping that the new girl will be talented.

Laajo is at the salon when Nani also comes in, she becomes angry as no one is free to attend to her and she is curious to see who the new girl is. Laajo hears Nani’s voice and becomes worried she tries to cover her face with a towel and Nani is trying to look at her face but she cant see it as Laajo’s face is covered with a face pack . Nani notices the payal that Laajo is wearing and she thinks to herself that she has seen that payal somewhere but she is unable to recall it. The owner comes in and requests Nani to not ask about the new girl as they have signed an agreement with SK.

Barkha is in Nikhil’s room and is looking at Lakhil’s picture she thinks to herself that she has to do something about Laajo as it is not good that she is here in Delhi she makes a promise to herself that Laajo will never enter this house and will never become someone and she breaks the photoframe.

SK is waiting for Laajo to arrive and Anjali brings her. Laajo is looking very beautiful with her hair open and curled and she is wearing a red-black net saree. Anjali asks for some comments and he says that he is not fully satisfied yet.

Precap- Laajo is performing

Update Credit to: Desigirl_21

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