Dil Dosti Dance 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kriya is again ready for shots. The director says beautiful and appreciates her. they all clap after the shot. The director apologizes her and says it was his best shoot. Kriya wonders Rey’s calls.
Papa is annoyed listening Rinni is going to Florida without marrying Jignesh. Jignesh offers if he gets engaged to her? he says if his parents agree he has no problem.
They were in the corridor. Sharon takes Swayam to the side and hugs him saying I love you. He pulls away saying everyone is looking at them. Sharon says she has a good news for him that he is going to meet her mom at 12 tomorrow. She gives him tips to get dressed so as to make good impression. He wonders himself in front to the mirror and the tie hangs in his neck. He pulls his shirt. Sharon shows concern for him. He stammers saying is it necessary to meet her so soon. She says yes and tell him to behave normally in front of her.
Kriya talks to dean on cell phone. Dean tells her that all her friends don’t qualify for this job of teaching at the academy. He says she has to conduct the interviews and send them the videos for those interviews. She thinks where the university has brought her, she will have to break the dreams of her friends.
Kriya comes to Rey; he was talking on phone but hangs on and hugs her. He excitedly tells her about the day at college again. She says she wants to tell him she talked to dean sir. He said that all their gang doesn’t qualify for that teaching. They will have to conduct test and interviews for the job.
She asks her not to get angry. He agrees saying this is such a big issue, angry will exploit it so they must keep calm and figure out why did their college take such a big decision. She was shocked and says she doesn’t believe he handled the situation so calmly. He says I know I am impulsive but I am learning everything cant be handled with anger. He says what he should do then if she isn’t happy with both her moods. She says he should do nothing. He pulls her closer and apologizes her for the mood swings. He asks where she had been. She thinks she will surprise him when the pictures come developed. She suggests they should tell everyone about the new rules. He says everyone is excited about Rinni’s engagement so better talk to them in college.
Rinni says how she would have done her shopping without Simmi. Simmi says she thinks what she will do when Rinni is gone. Rinni asks her not to make her emotional. Simmi appreciates Jignesh. Rinni says she wonder how life change, after college they will all get busy with the academy while she will be there alone. Simmi says I miss you already. They both hug each other.
Swayam makes a list of ‘to-do’s’ tomorrow. He thinks he will take a bouquet for aunty. He goes to wardrobe to select the clothes and rejects all of them. Rey comes to his place. He asks why he has come so late. He asks Rey what to wear as he is meeting Sharon’s mom. Rey says he knows exactly what her mother likes. He tells him that she is a ‘chill-pillano’ and keeps chill all the time. Swayam says I will call her aunty but Rey scolds him saying he must instead compliment her to look younger than Sharon.
Swayam again asks him what to wear. Rey says he must wear something to be ‘cool dude’. Rey says he must wear leather jacket and pants. Swayam wonders who wear this. He says he wore that dress when he went to impress her mother; they are in the car and goes to take them. Swayam asks why he impresses her. He says he will explain later.
Sharon thinks about Swayam and herself. She thinks even Swayam wasn’t this nervous when he had to propose her.
Swayam comes dressed in a leather pant that was skin tight. He couldn’t even walk straight. The pant suddenly tears. Rey comes laughing. Swayam realizes he was pulling his leg. Rey tells him that she is very sweet and will like him the way he is. Swayam says he removed his tension. Rey thinks he wish he could get them rid of all the tensions.
Swayam comes to her house. Kaka tells him to come in. Sharon comes and hugs him. He says someone might see them but she says it’s her house. Swayam’s mother comes downstairs.

PRECAP: Her mother says what she saw in you except for your unconditional love. Sharon asks her alone did she like Swayam. She is skeptical.

Update Credit to: Sona

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