Gustakh Dil 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 29th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo coming to the room. Nikhil asks what happened, husband had a bath and his hair are wet, will you serve me or not, come, dry my hair. She dries his hair with a towel. He holds her and they fall on the bed. He gets romantic. She hugs him and closes her eyes. She says I love you a lot. But I m afraid maybe you won’t forgive me, I spoke to Barkha, you also talk to her. Teri khushi tumse judi……………..plays……………..She says I will not come with you. She then sees Nikhil sleeping. She kisses him. Mann bawra…………….plays…………

Lajjo is upset thinking about Barkha’s words. Nikhil comes and hugs her. He smiles seeing her getting ready and applying sindoor. Nikhil says nice, but something is missing. He gives her the bindi, she puts it. He says I was thinking that mum is gone, so its time for family planning, joking, we have to plan everything, I m thinking to go to Delhi and I will be back in few days and then we will see your college admission. Lajjo is upset and says we have to be separate for some time. Nikhil is shocked and asks why, did you change mind or did not lose trust on me.

She says I know, being away from you, I will always be in your heart. He says what mum said…….. She says she was right. He says are you coming Delhi to stay with me or mum. She says with you, but I promised her that I will come there after becoming something. He asks what do you mean. She says I will be something that people respect me. Nikhil asks I respect you from heart, is this not enough, did I insult you, I don’t care what my family thinks. Lajjo says I will have to be in your society and you will be ashamed because of me. He says what is this rubbish, don’t bring past in present.

He says I told you those things won’t be repeated, I will take care of you and keep you happy, I argued with mum because of you, and you are backing off, no one cares about me, everyone are concerned about their wishes. Lajjo says try to understand, I know your problem, but you have to support me. Nikhil says what do you think, you will stay here and I in Delhi, will we be happy staying apart. Lajjo says this distance is necessary, I promise I will come back to you, else where will I go.

Nikhil says this is not done, what you want can’t happen. She says I don’t want your family to break because of me. He says I don’t care what you talked to mum, this is not accepted, my decision is you will come with me to Delhi. He says I will not listen anything now. He leaves. Lajjo cries. Barkha tells everyone that Lajjo challenged that she will come here after becoming something. Inder asks about Nikhil. Barkha says he is in love, he said he will stay separate from us, in rented house, find a job. She says thank God that I went to Sonbarsa and did this. She says don’t know what will Nikhil do after he comes here, I can’t trust that girl. Maybe she will come with Nikhil.

Nani says no, if she said she will not come, then she won’t. She says what you did is wrong. Barkha says I did what I wanted. Nani supports Lajjo and says what about Nikhil, he is not be happy here without Lajjo. Inder scolds Barkha. Ayehsa comes to meet Adhiraj and he is still annoyed. She tries to make everything normal. She asks what happened today, you are not angry on me today. Ayesha cries and talks about social acceptance which is very necessary. He argues.

He says I decided I will be like this and not care about society. Lajjo asks Putti did she see Nikhil anywhere. Putti says no. Lajjo runs to find Nikhil. Nikhil sits in the old fort thinking about Lajjo. Lajjo slips and says Nikhil ji save me. He runs to save her. He hangs. Nikhil comes to her and feels tensed. He holds her hand and lifts her up. He thinks how his brother died as he left his hand.

Barkha and Inder have an argument over Nikhil.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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