Beintehaa 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 29th April 2014 Written Update

Zain does not scold Aaliya for coming late and says he is okay with it. Aaliya thinks what happened to kitkit today. He holds her hand and says lets go. They walk seeing each other romantically.

Rizwan meets Aayath and sees her writing in a new diary. He shows her her old diary. Aayath asks him to give her diary back. He says he will not give. She gets angry and goes from there. He says he prayed that she does not go back to Bhopal and will until his prayers are heard.

Usman looks at a hotel plan with his secretary. Barkath comes down. Usman shows him a brochure of hotel and asks how is it. She checks and says it is very good, she asks whose hotel is it. Usman says it is Usman Abdulla’s daughter’s hotel. Barkath hugs her parents happily. Surayya says like their other hotels, this new hotel will be named after her name Barkath.

Zain brings Aaliya near beach with table arranged for them. Aaliya says it is very beautiful. Zain says not beautiful than her. Aaliya thinks something has happened to Kitkit. Zain thinks he is doing it as he promised Barkath. She asks if he is alright. He says he is fine. He says he arranged everything for her and shows her sugarcane and panipuri stalls. He takes her near sugarcane stall and asks her to drink juice. She starts drinking juice. He starts praising her. She gets hiccups hearing his praises and calls him idiot and to give water. He asks her to call him idiot from hereon. They both start enjoying sugarcane juice. Ishq bulava… hasda rava….. song plays in the background. They then enjoy paanipuri and ice gola.

Zain and Aaliya then sit on a beachside table for lunch. Waiter brings sheer khorma/sweet for her. They both feed sheer khorma each other. Aaliya says it is like a dream for her and let it continue for ever. She asks why is he looking at her like that. He says he is looking at her eyes, they are very beautiful and starts praising her continuously. She tries to take hair off her face. He holds her hand and says let them be like that. Ishq dua…. song plays in the background.

Barkath enters Usman’s study room and searches for property papers. She finds them and takes pictures of papers. Zain and Aaliya are seen coming back in their car. Aaliya thinks Kitkit made her feel special today and she will spoil if he takes her out again. She thinks of thanking him as she enjoyed a lot. Zain thinks let the time he promised Barkath finish, she will know her enjoyment. They both enter the house. Aaliya thanks him. Zain says he liked her thanks a lot and says he has to thank her for giving him time. They both walk by Usman’s room and Aaliya sees Barkath doing something. She thinks what is Barkath doing in mamu’s study room. She opens the door and calls Barkath. Barkath gets tensed hearing Aaliya’s voice.

Precap: Zain thinks he did not think even in dream that he will spend time with her, even Aaliya thinks the same. Zain says Aaaliya I love you in his dreams.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. nice epi.

  2. awesum episode….

  3. Ammu santhosh

    Super episode

  4. it is very romantic ,,,,,,, and awesome of all

  5. luv ths episode

  6. Awesome episide……story is going on smoothly..why to make barkath a villian??!

    1. She is fake barkath
      isliye villain :-/

  7. I luv dis episide too. I just luv both zain n aliya!

  8. barkath is too cute to b a villain 🙁 🙁 🙁

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