Gustakh Dil 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 28th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo hugging her mum. She is much happy meeting her family. Nikhil looks on. Her mum is happy to see her and says I was afraid since morning. Lajjo meets her sisters and all of them are happy. Lajjo shows them her mobile phone with camera. Lajjo talks to her cows Parvati and other one. Her sisters take Nikhil with them and goes to call their dad. Lajjo’s mum says Nikhil that he should have called before coming. Lajjo says it was a surprise. Lajjo talks in english and her mum is really happy. She says I m happy to see you with Nikhil. Nikhil meets his Baba and asks how are you. He meets his Bua and talks to her.

He says everyone are fine at home. She asks about Samrat. He says he is fine having medicines, he will be fine soon. Nikhil says Lajjo saved his life. Bua says yes, Inder told me about it. Bua says it would have been good if Samrat came here. Baba says he would have been ill here, as they don’t want to meet us. He says Lajjo did a miracle. Nikhil says yes, you are right. Baba asks him about his married life, do you have any complains with Lajjo. Nikhil says everything is fine, she does not give any chance to complain. Baba is happy. Bua says lets make something for Nikhil.

Lajjo’s mum says you should have told us before coming, as nothing is at home to serve you. Lajjo says I will eat anything Nikhil hears them talking. Nikhil smiles. Her mum says what will we make, shall I make Bhendi. Nikhil says he likes it. They are shocked to see him. He says I will eat the food which you make at home. Her mum is happy seeing Nikhil’s nature. Lajjo smiles. Lajjo’s dad comes and Nikhil and Lajjo greet him. Ishaana is at home, getting upset and getting a strange feeling. She talks to her mum about it. She talks about Nikhil and her mum gets angry on her.

Ishaana’s mum says Nikhil is married now. Ishaana says how can Nikhil love a village girl, she is not his type. Her mum says you don’t have to think about it, its high time you should move on. Ishaana agrees. Her mum becomes happy and hugs her. Ishaana sleeps in her mum’s lap. Lajjo tells her family that she visited a mall. She describes the mall happily. Everyone are happy. Lajjo brings gifts for her sisters. Lajjo’s parents are very happy seeing Lajjo happy. Her dad says I trust my Lajjo a lot, Lajjo says Nikhil gave me some money for shopping asking me to buy anything I want. Her dad says its not good to buy gifts for us.

Lajjo says why can’t I bring gifts for you, did you not see my in laws house, there is nothing less there. Her mum asks about her in laws. Lajjo says they are educated and are broad minded. She tells them about Ayesha. Lajjo tells them about her family members and acts like Nani. Everyone likes her acting and laughs. Lajjo’s mum asks her to leave soon. Lajjo says I came just now, and you are after me. Lajjo spends some time with her sisters. Lajjo sleeps on the ground as she always used to. Lajjo’s friends and sisters tease Nikhil surrounding him.

Nikhil is shy and smiles. The scene is funny. Lajjo’s mum says did you not see a man before. They say we did not see such a handsome jija ji till now. She asks the girls to leave. They laugh with Nikhil and says we want to see you healthy, don’t have have enough food, look at your hands. Lajjo’s mum makes them go. Nikhil says its fine. The next morning, Nani and Barkha are glad to see Ishaana. Ishaana is upset and says I think its over now, about me and Nikhil. Barkha and Nani are shocked listening that Ishaana won’t come to their house again.

Ishaana calls Nikhil but he does not take her call as he is busy with Lajjo. Ishaana is upset.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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