Qubool Hai 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 28th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan is stunned to see dilshad walk inside the house. All others are shocked too. dilshad is tensed herself. She is at a loss of words. She asks ayan where is he going. Ayan asks her not to think that he’s leaving for her, but he’s leaving for his father and leaves from there. humaira goes berserk and breaks herself free from razia, and runs after him. rashid too calls out to her. shirin and dilshad look back at rashid. As they turn away, rashid starts feeling dizzy. As Rashid gets a heart attack, while shirin and dilshad confront each other at the door, razia cals out to shirin. Both shirin and dilshad are shocked to see rashid’s condition, and they rush to him, while the family eyes dilshad tensedly. Dilshad retreats her hand, as shirin reaches out to him and caresses him.

later, rashid is helped inside the room by dilshad and shirin, where shirn asks her if she can take it further from here. dilshad is hurt and takes off her hand, but as they move forward, rashid takes dilshad’s hand, much to shirirn’s displeasure. As rashid lies down, both the ladies reach out at the blanket to lay on him, and are awkwardly facing each other. Finally they both take their hand away. Shirin sits by rashid’s side, and tells him to go to sleep. dilshad stands by the bedside. rashid asks if ayan came home. shirin says that he didnt, and would come back just like he came back in childhood. unable to control her sadness, shirin leaves the room, and breaks into crying. Dilshad is tensed, she comes outside to face shirin, and asks her not to worry, as everything would be fine, and ayan would return. shirin asks her not to pretend as this is what she wanted all along, that her house be broken. as dilshad tries to protest, shirn says that she doesnt want to create a scene, especially when rashid is sick, and wants dilshad by his side, but she shouldnt presume that they have some relation, as they already have one, that of hatred. Dilshad is surprised. She says that she understands her emotions, and even though they cant be friends, atleast they can try to understand each other. Shirin says that she understands that she never wanted to leave rashid, and cunningly got her way back in his life. She says that asad left her, she felt alone, and her kids are alone, and she had to take her revenge and finally she fulfilled it. Dilshad is distraught, while shiirn goes on a sad banter. she says that now her eyes are on rashid’s bed. Dilshad reprimands her. Rashid too comes out and calls for her. shirin rushes to him, while dilshad steps aside, tensedly.

Dilshad enters and eyes her room, and sits resignedly. she gets zoya’s call, and wiping her tears and composing herself, she takes it. Zoya asks how is she and if everyone is behaving properly. Dilshad lies that they are behaving nicely, and everyone is concerned for rashid’s health. Zoya asks if shirin said anything. Dilshad remembers shirin’s words, and lies that she didnt say anything. zoya says that she cant lie as she doesnt know how to. Zoya is shocked when dilshad says that she is tensed, that ayan went from the house. She says that its isnt much to be tensed about, as ayan leeaves the home in anger, but then comes around and returns home. Zoya assures that it indeed is like that, and they would bring him back if needed. Dilshad asks if asad came back. zoya says that he hasnt and she’s alone, and he would come anytime now. Dilshad asks her to take care and cancels the call. Zoya wonders that she would be able to make asad understand all this or not.

Humaira remembers ayan leaving the house, and is distraught and turned to stone hesrelf. Razia comes and finds her like that. Nuzrat tells razia that she is like this sicne morning and asks her to go and talk to humaira.Razia comes and sits by her side. Razia tells her that ayan would return, and reminds her of the instances earlier, when he left and then came back. humaira tels her that this time, he wont come back. Razia asks if she didnt feel bad that ayan left her. Humaira says that it doesnt matter, as she waited long enough, and that she doesnt care for him, as he doesnt care for her at all, as he didnt even cast a last glance at her, and hence now she neither cares for him or for anyone else. Razia is shocked to hear this. Razia says that life isnt about one person, and its okay that she’s angry at ayan and has turned herself to stone, but she shouldnt behave like this for anyone else in the family. Humaira says that she has turned to stone, as all emotions and feelings of hers, went away with him only. Razia is disturbed to see her like this.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Savita aunty comes to Haseena’s residence, to invite farhan and nikhat, and the rest of the family, to the wedding of Ankita. They congratulate her while she tells the details. She sternly reminds them to come. they comply.

Nazma excitedly comes and tells nikhat, that they are free on sunday, as haseena isnt at home, and promotes for Zee Rishtey Awards. They decide to watch it together.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
As razia is walking through the corridor, she finds badi bi, burqa clad, leaving her room and wonders what was she doing in her room. she goes and rummages through her things kept in her room. She takes off the dupatta, lying on a pillow from the bed, and finds a beheaded and blood clad doll from underneath it, and is scared out of her wits. She is shocked and deduces that badi bi is behind all this trap and game plan. she says that she thought that this couldnt be badi bi, but she proved her wrong. She is in a rage at her, and composing herself, is determined to have her get a piece of her mind. she walks out, and finds her walking through the opposite corridor. she hastily follows her, and badi bi steps down the stairs, and wonders why is she going out at this point of time and wants to find out. before she can follow, she gets a phone call, that warns her that now only her sleep is being deprived off, very soon, she would be ruined. She walks otu trying to trace the caller, and finds a hooded fellow behind the wall, while she pursues conversation with the lady. She confronts the person, and tells her that what did that person think, that she would continuously harass her, and razia wouldnt know anything, assuming it to be badi bi. However she is shocked, as she finds that badi bi is calling out to her, from behind. She turns around to face badi bi, while being be wildered as to who the other person is then. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Someone comes in humaira’s room and sleeps by her side. she thinks that its nuzrat and tells her to go to sleep. as she senses something unusual about her hair, she wakes up with a startling scream. She is thoroughly tensed, as the person lights up the lighter and reveals his face in its light.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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