Gustakh Dil 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 26th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo telling Nikhil to forget Ishaana. Nikhil is shocked. She says be my husband, not Ishaana’s love. Lajjo says I want you as my husband in every birth. She hugs him. This was Lajjo’s imagination. Nikhil asks what do you want, tell me. Lajjo says I want to meet my family in my village. Nikhil smiles. He sas you can go there anytime, ask me anything else. She says you told me, ask what you can give me. She thinks how can I ask you what I want, I know you can’t give me that, I can’t tell you how much I love you. I can’t ask you to love me. Its hard for you. Music plays…..

Lajjo says I will got today. Nikhil says fine, I will do the arrangements. Lajjo says you have to take permission from your parents. Nikhil says I will ask my mum, happy now. Lajjo says very happy. Nikhil and Lajjo comes to Nani and Barkha and he asks Barkha that Lajjo wants to go her home for two three days, so can we drop her. Barkha happily agrees. Nani says go for many days, you might be missing your village lifestyle, go for two three months. Lajjo says you don’t know my mum, she says a girl’s house is her in laws house.

Lajjo says I will be back in two three days. Nani says fine with us. She says I was talking for you. Nikhil says so you got Barkha’s permission. Barkha laughs hearing permission and says did you take my permission when you got married, is she staying here with my permission, are you joking. Nani says let her go happily. She asks Lajjo to go and do the arrangements. Nani says Nikhil is our problem. Barkha says we know it, because of him we are not getting rid of Lajjo. Nani says once she goes away, they will be away and Ishaana will be closer to Nikhil, we will take advantage of this situation, Lajjo made this easy for us. Nani smiles.

Nikhil praises Lajjo infront of Ishaana and his gang and tells them how she saved Samrat’s life. Kunal taunts Nikhil saying no one would praise someone else infront of his girlfriend. Ishaana gets angry hearing this. Lajjo talks to Gunjan and is very happy that she is going home. Gunjan says tell your parents that you are coming, Lajjo says I will give them a surprise. Gunjan gives her photo frame and Lajjo likes it and says I will show my phone to everyone there. She says I forgot something. She says I will make my cows bath with this soaps. Gunjan laughs.

Lajjo says I will be back in few days. Gunjan says it will be long for us. She tells Lajjo that everyone will miss you. She asks her to come back soon. Lajjo says I will come soon. Lajjo is waiting for the driver. Gunjan says the driver did not come. Barkha says he came. Lajjo is happy and asks Gunjan to take care. Inder asks who is the new driver. Barkha says Lajjo is going to her village. Inder says its not safe to send her with this new driver, how can we trust anyone like this. Barkha says our driver has sent him. Inder says we can’t send Lajjo like this. Inder says Lajjo is not going anywhere.

Nikhil comes home and sees Lajjo at home and brings gifts for her cows. Lajjo smiles. Barkha says are these cow gifts. Nikhil shows her. She says yes its nice. Nikhil says don’t you have to go. Inder says she won’t go today. Nikhil asks why. Inder says because we don’t have our reliable driver. Inder says she can’t go with anyone we don’t know. Nikhil says dad, I will take her tomorrow morning. Lajjo is happy. Lajjo says really. Nikhil says I promise, we will leave after breakfast. Barkha says whats the need, the driver can drop her. Nikhil says I promised her now. Inder looks at Barkha speaking against Lajjo. Barkha says Lajjo is getting importance in your life. Nikhil says yes, she is important for me. She don’t ask us anything. I can do this for her. He says she did a lot for us. Barkha says don’t praise her, I m getting a headache.

Barkha leaves while everyone look at her. Nikhil comes to Lajjo’s room and talks to her. She says tell me what to pack. Lajjo laughs seeing him look out for his belongings. She says here are your shoes, napkins and shoes. He says you know everything about me. He says shall I inform Ishaana that we are going to your village. Ishaana calls Nikhil and he tells her about his tomorrow’s plan. Ishaana is shocked. He says I m taking Lajjo to her village. He says I m going for one day, I will take you some time later. Ishaana says is it necessary for you to go. He says yes, I have to. Ishaana gets upset. Nikhil is happy with Lajjo. Ishaana cries and says now I m not important in Nikhil’s life, I was but not anymore. She says Nikhil has changed.

Nikhil and Lajjo are coming to the village.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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