The Buddy Project 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 26th November 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 26th November 2013 Written Update

Everyone is sitting outside but not talking much. Piddi gets up and starts speaking as if he is addressing someone’s funeral procession. KD asks him what is he doing and Piddi replies at least he is talking albeit nonsense. Everyone else is acting as if they are sitting around someone’s dead body. They should do something! Rukmini suggests that they play a game. Panchi offers a game of Truth N Dare and Piddi is immediately on board, very excited at all the prospects of the game.

First bottle spins and points at KD. He chooses dare and Piddi gives him a dare to pick Kiya up in his arms. There is much cheering at this. KD gets up for the task though Kiya moves away, telling him to not do it. Cheering is going on and KD picks Kiya up while she struggles. Piddi counts till 10 and then KD puts Kiya down. In her struggle, she ends up scratching KD on the neck but she says he deserved it.

Well, next spin is done and stops at RV. Rukmini tells him to pick Truth but RV STTC that if he chose truth, he’d be in trouble. Dare seems like a safe bet. RV chooses dare and Panchi, KD, Rukmini all fight as to who will give him the task. Piddi ends the fight saying since he is leading the camp, he will give the task. He tells RV that he’d have to dance with Panchi. RV sighs in relief saying that’s not a big deal and starts to get up for the task when Piddi interrupts him saying that he hasn’t finished. RV will have to dance with Panchi but with Panchi standing on his feet. Rukmini is displeased at the kind of task but Piddi tells him it’s no big deal. KD adds more to the task saying afterwards RV would have to carry Panchi like KD carried Kiya. RV doesn’t object and he pulls Panchi up with her.

Bin Tere plays in BG as Panchi steps up on RV’s feet (I’m having S1 flashbacks ) At first they are just playing around but then RV pulls her closer and they sway on the spot (ALLAH! the chemistry! It killed me!!! ) Rukmini is having such bitter expressions on her face at the proximity. Panchi sees this and she pulls away from the dance. The trance is broken. Afterwards, RV sets everything up and asks Rukmini for the dance. Seeing this, Piddi goes inside and brings a music player and plays a song so that everyone can dance together. He deliberately pushes Kiya to KD and pulls Rukmini away from RV so that RaHi could dance together but KiSha aren’t too thrilled by this.

After they’re done, they call it a night. Rukmini suggests that VeeNi take a walk together. RV is surprised at her sudden suggestion but doesn’t reject. When they are gone, everyone sans Kiya goes in their tents.

Later that night, KD comes out of his tent and sees Kiya sleeping outside on a mat, curled like a ball. He takes a blanket with him and puts it over Kiya. He is tucking her in gently but he touches his foot. She wakes up shouting and is surprised seeing KD there. The Buddies all come there at her voice. But seeing them together, they go back in. Kiya tells KD to leave her alone. KD says he just wanted to help her. Kiya retorts that she would ask him if she needs his help. For now, she just wants to be alone. Annoyed, KD goes back in to his tent. Kiya also gets up and goes to her tent after throwing KD’s blanket in his tent.

Next morning, Rukmini is feeding RV breakfast (no kidding, she was feeding him). Panchi comes out and sees them. RV also looks at her. Seeing RV’s diverted attention, Rukmini, in a rather nasty way, tells RV to concentrate on his breakfast. Piddi sees all this and takes Panchi away for breakfast. He is making small talk but he can sense Panchi being all distracted.

KD is having breakfast alone on the jeep. Piddi goes to him and asks about Kiya. KD just shrugs and says how would be know, much to Piddi’s displeasure. He STTC that cuz of Rukmini’s interference, two meant-to-be lovers are stuck at a standstill. He would have to to do something.

Later, everyone is chatting outside. Piddi comes there with a ball and suggests that they have a game of throw ball to which everyone agrees. Piddi divides the Buddies into two team. RaHi and Piddi on one side, KiSha and Rukmini on other. Kiya has massive issues with this arrangement and she flat out refuses to be on the same side as KD. Piddi tries convincing her but she doesn’t budge. KD tells Piddi to let Kiya do as she pleases. Panchi and Kiya exchange teams. Piddi bitterly says the whole arrangement is wrong and the teams aren’t working out. Rukmini steps up and says hotly why does he think KD’s team is weak? Piddi STTC that there you go, Rukmini intereferes..AGAIN! (Okay this was hilarious! Piddi’s expression )

Game starts and it’s all fun and masti until KD hits the ball too strong and it catches Kiya off guard. She is hit on the face and starts bleeding through the nose. Everyone rushes to her, KD included but she tells him to leave.

Panchi gives her first aid. KD comes there and tells the Buddies that he wants to talk to Kiya alone but Kiya doesn’t want to talk. Still, the Buddies give them their privacy. KD asks Kiya why is she behaving like this? He just wants to sort things out with her but she isn’t giving him any chance. She is making stuff too hard for him. Kiya says if things are too hard for him, why doesn’t he let her alone?! KD has had enough and he walks away from there.

Later, the three boys are sitting near the lake, throwing pebbles in water. Piddi suggests that they go and explore the woods and brighten their mood but KD isn’t too interested in all this, much to Piddi’s disappointment.

Panchi and Kiya are standing near a tree. Panchi asks Kiya if there are troubles between KiSha. Kiya avoids the topic saying everything is fine. She then asks Panchi if there is trouble between her and Rukmini. Before Panchi can reply, Rukmini comes there and KiyAn become silent. Rukmini comments that they stopped talking seeing her, what were they talking about? Kiya says nothing, Panchi was just asking about KiSha. Rukmini says she wanted to talk about it as well. She suggests Kiya to talk things out with KD like she did with RV. They talked and now everything is well between them. In fact, RV loves her even more now. Then she gives this totally mean and b*t*hy look to Panchi who just looks away. Kiya notices this exchange.

Precap – Kiya telling KD about her acceptance and her going to USA.

Update Credit to: SpicySugar

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