Gustakh Dil 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with SK asking Laajo to change, she tells him that she doesn’t have any spare clothes asks one of the girls there to give Laajo an extra outfit to change into. She takes her inside the changing room and hands her a salwar suit. Laajo feels uncomfortable and tells her that she has never worn clothes like these, the girl laughs at her and tells her to change fast.

Kabir is at his office discussing about SK and Ratri when Ratri comes in and refuses to wear the clothes he has selected, he gets irritated and tells her that she has no choice as she needs him. But Ratri tells him that she does whatever she wants they both have discussions stardom and Ratri finally agrees, she changes the topic and asks Kabir if SK has selected the new girl from the academy or not. He says he will find out and tells her that no one has really shown much interest in working with him.

Laajo gets ready and stands observing the girls dancing, she goes and SK tells her to see and learn while he comes back after a while to see everything. Laajo starts dancing in the style that she knows that is classical dance, the girls clap for her but tell her that she has learn the new dance forms and they start teaching her.

In the jewellery store Nikhil is selling the earrings to a customer who narrates the tale of how he is using his life savings to buy these earrings for his wife. Another customer comes in and sees the same earrings he demands that Nikhil sells those earrings to him after Nikhil refuses the customer tells him that he will pay more money. the customer creates a scene in the store and Mamta has to intervene and handles the situation. After this Ravi comes in to the store with a friend and is surprised to see Nikhil.

In the dance academy SK comes in and asks Laajo to dance, she dances in the way the other girls taught her but the steps turn out to be wrong and SK gets angry. He tells her that she should have started with the dance form that she knew and asks her who taught her these steps.

Ayesha is walking and passes by the tea stall the guy gives her a letter seeing Adhiraaj’s name she tears up the letter. Adhi who was standing in the corner gets angry and confronts her, they both argue about the money and Adhi tells her that he will never tell her and that they both should go their separate ways.

In the store Ravi is shocked to know that Nikhil works here as a salesman, Nikhil tries to act normal and is doing his job however Ravi feels uncomfortable and takes his friend away. Nikhil thinks to himself that now everyone in his home will know where he works and that he should prepare himself for arguments.

Precap – SK tells Laajo to come to the sponsor meeting on time, however Laajo is stuck in traffic and SK is waiting for her in the office.

Update Credit to: Desigirl

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