Gustakh Dil 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil getting shot and falling down the cliff. Moss Roy comes there and the goons run away. Miss Roy and Amit are shocked to see Nikhil has fallen and not seen anywhere. They worry for his life and shout out Nikhil. She thinks Nikhil can’t be alive now after falling from here. Miss Roy comes to Bharadwaj’s house. Lajjo asks is Nikhil with you. She runs to see at the door. Miss Roy says Nikhil did not come. Lajjo asks where is he, tell me. Everyone looks on. Miss Roy says I have a bad news for you all, we reached Nikhil on right time, but we could not save him, Nikhil is no more. Everyone is shocked. Barkha says what did you say.

Lajjo breaks down in a state of shock. Miss Roy tells them everything how Nikhil fell off the cliff. Miss roy says I m sorry, I can’t give fake hope to you. Lajjo faints. Jasmine comes to meet Shalini. She talks to her and says CBI arrested dad, and he planned to kill Nikhil, but I have saved him. Shalini is relieved. Jasmine says I love him, but why is dad doing this, why did he get arrested. She says I heard dad and Chachu talking, but I did not understand, whats going on. Shalini says this had to happen, its good. Jasmine asks what do you mean, please tell me.

Shalini says I know you love your dad a lot, its time you know his truth. She says your dad is a smuggler. Jasmine is shocked. Shalini tells her everything. She says I knew this always and kept quiet. She tells about Adhiraj leaving home because of him. She says your dad did not care for me and Adhiraj, its good he got exposed, I wish he gets punished. Jasmine gets angry. Shalini is in pain. She says she is not cursing him, you are not sad knowing he is a wrong man, I always felt bad.

Shalini says she has helped the person who was working for CBI. She says its Lajjo, who was working as a cook in our house. Jasmine says you helped her, why, you did not warn dad, enough now. Jasmine cries and says dad is arrested because of you. I will never forgive you. Shalini cries. The doctor checks Lajjo and asks her to take rest. Inder asks her to arrange a nurse. Barkha thinks about Nikhil and shares her pain with Nani. She says I always stayed annoyed with him, but I always wanted him to be happy. She says she is a bad mum. She says its Lord’s punishment for me. She cries and Nani consoles her.

Adhiraj gets his hand burnt and thinks about Ayesha’s pain. He says she might be very sad. He thinks about Nikhil. He reads the newspaper about his dad Vinod Ranawat who got arrested by CBI. He is shocked and says Shalini is in hospital, who is very critical. He says Shalini was shot to save a CBI undercover. He says mum, I have to go. Lajjo wakes up in morning and asks about Nikhil. She says nothing happened to Nikhil, he is fine. Ayesha asks her to rest. Barkha looks on and says Nikhil can’t get well now. She comes to Lajjo and says Nikhil is dead. She blames Lajjo for everything and drags her in the living room. Lajjo asks where are you taking me.

She throws Lajjo at the door and asks her to leave the house. They see someone come. Lajjo cries. Its Sagar. He holds Lajjo and she looks at him. Sagar looks at Barkha. He makes Lajjo stand and asks Barkha whats happening here. He says he read in newspaper and came here. Barkha says don’t you know Sagar that Nikhil is no more. Sagar is shocked. Barkha says my son is gone. She says all this is because of her, you made her a star, and she felt she can do anything. She felt she is Lord, and only she loves Nikhil, and his family is dead for him.

She says Nikhil’s life was in danger and she did not tell us. She says she felt she will manage and save him. Barkha blames Lajjo for his death. Sagar defends Lajjo and says she has struggled a lot so that no one can tell her she does not belong to your family, she faced many problems, so many people tried to stop her, let me remind, you were one of them, she wanted to come here with respect and you are blaming her and doubting her love. How can you Barkha? Barkha says did you not hear me, you are telling me my status and telling me about her rehearsals, my son is dead.

Ayesha says Sagar is right. Lajjo asks them not to believe Nikhil is dead else she would have felt it. She says take me there when he was last seen, I will find him. Sagar says calm down. Lajjo says fine, you don’t believe me, I will go alone. She runs out. Sagar calls out Lajjo. He says I will always support Lajjo, I can’t leave her in this state. He goes after her. Sagar and Lajjo come to the cliff and see DK with the police. Lajjo looks for Nikhil. She cries and Sagar talks to DK about Nikhil.

Lajjo shouts Nikhil and cries. Samrat consoles Inder and cries. Gunjan cries. Samrat asks Inder to be strong. Inder looks at him and says how can I be strong after losing my son. He says I lost my son Nikhil, everything is over now. Nikhil will never come back now. DK asks Lajjo to understand as Nikhil can’t come back. Sagar asks Lajjo to accept it. Nikhil has gone. She says nom he can’t leave me and go. Sagar holds her. The inspector says we got this watch down the cliff. Lajjo sees its Nikhil’s watch and cries. She recognizes his belongings and cries. Chitti na koi sandez………………….plays………………She thinks about him.Inder thinks about Nikhil and is sad. Everyone think about him and cry.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why the hell did nikhil die

  2. Tension etc to keep u hooked dead body not found means not dead he will resurface dont worry the story has so much pain and suffering but the message is victory through strife so lajjo has to b victorious in thhe end

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