Jamai Raja 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sid looking at Roshni’s pic romantically in her room and Roshni remembering Sid in his room. She sits on bed and touches flowers and cries emotionally. Bin tere o sajan soona hai mera man…. song plays in the background. She sleeps on his bed, while Sid looks at her pic and kisses it. Roshni imagines Sid and smiles seeing him, but realizes he is not there. Sid also imagines Roshni by touching her dupatta and reminisces their meeting because of that dupatta. Roshni’s photoframe falls and he injures his finger while picking it. He then opens her cupboard and is shocked to see her clothes shattered allover, thinks he has to correct a lot of things along with correcting mother/daughter’s relationship and will unite whole family.

Sid comes down and greets Roshni’s family who are having breakfast. He touches Mona’s feet and she addresses him as jamai ji. He asks her to call Sid and tries to touch Resham’s feet. She says she is still young. DD comes and he wishes her good morning. She asks him to stop his drama. He starts joking with her and says she should call him jamai raja and he will call her sasuma. Everyone laugh on his joke while DD gets irked. He sees fruit on her plate and tells everyone about their first meeting in flight. He says he did not know DD would become her saasuma but knew he would get into a deep relationship with her. DD gets irked and asks Bablu/Kesar to finish breakfast fast as they have to reach office. Sid again starts joking with her. DD gets irked and leaves, thinks she will not let her daughter separate so easily and knows what to do.

Kesar sees Resham looking at her face in mirror and asks why is she mimicking monkeys. She asks why did Sid touch her feet, if she has become old. He says she has, sees necklace in her cupboard and asks her to return it, else he will inform it to DD. Kesar thinks DD will transfer all her property to Sid and Roshni soon.

Simran asks Roshni to take her bath, sees her sad and says she knows Sid and he will set things right. Once she goes in, she says Raj Sid cannot do this. Raj says he knows his son and we should give him a chance. Sid reaches just then and asks them to believe him. Simran asks him to go as she cannot see her bahu sad. Sid asks if she knows how he spent his night and apologizes her, says it is her mistake to give him good values and taught to unite relationships, so he is following the same. He says while sleeping in Roshni’s room, he thought his parents are so good that they can do anything for their child, hope Roshni’s mom should also be like them. Mom gets emotional and hugs him.

Roshni comes out after bath and gets angry seeing Sid. Raj and Simran ask them to console Roshni. Roshni ignores him and says Simran that she is going to NGO now and asks her not to work alone as she will help her. Police comes there and arrests Sid. Sid asks what is his mistake and Dad asks if he has arrest warrant. Dad reads arrest warrant as attempt to murder. Inspector says Krish Mehta has complained that Sid tried to murder him and he is in hospital now. Roshni says Sid she told him not to believe DD, but he did not listen to her. Inspector asks her to come to police station and speak and drags Sid with him. He says his parents that they will have to ay 10 lakhs. Simran says she will pay. Raj asks her to control. Inspector asks Roshni to explain Sid’s parents that it is not easy to arrange 10 lakhs and asks why did she get into these thieve’s trap and asks Sid’s parents to arrange money by 6 p.m., else Sid will be tortured in jail. Roshni calls Bablu and asks him to sell her jewelry, shares, etc., as she wants to get Sid out of jail. Sid asks his parents not to worry. Roshni says she arranged money and asks why did they believe Krish. Mom says it is her mistake. Roshni says it is her mistake, else Krish is doing this because of her. Sid says he hit Krish and tells me the whole incident happened. Roshni gets angry hearing that and says she will not leave Krish.

Precap: Roshni asks Krish to take back his complaint. Krish pushes her. She sees DD’s bouquet there and realizes DD is behind everything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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