Gustakh Dil 23rd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 23rd August 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 23rd August 2013 Written Update

The show starts with dadaji and Nikhil conversation, dadaji tells him that the solution for whatever happened is that he needs to marry Lajjo. Nikhil is perpexled on hearing dadaji suggestion and he tells him that he did not do anything wrong. Dadaji says he knows it well that he did not commit anything wrong but the villagers will never going to accept it. They will not let Lajjo live peacefully and she’ll have to live with this burden of being a sort of characterless girl.Nikhil tells dadaji why isn’t he explaining the facts to the villagers? Dadaji says it is impossible to change these villagers thinking as they are alienated from the city people way of seeing and judging things. The only facts the villagers see Nikhil carrying Lajjo in his arm. Nikhil says she was hurt. dadaji asks

why he saved Lajjo w/o thinking about himself. Nikhil says he only saved her for humanity. dadaji gives nikhil 24 hours to decide, he tells Nikhil if he does not think about Lajjo in these 24 hours he can go to Delhi.

Nikhil is in a turmoil and has flashback of himself with Ishana and their sweet moments. Ishana offering him a gift a pot which she made. She lits it for him as written by Anju a surprise and turns the table the pot reflects light. Ishana wished nikhyil happy anniversary.They also danced. Ishana says she wants everything extra love, romance and 5 children. Nikhil says to think about the population increase. Ishana and Nikhil said they will live together and die together. Nikhil said his life is dull without Ishana. He thinks he only loves Ishana.
Suddenly Nikhil begins to think about Lajjo he just comes to reality and thinks to himself why is he thinking about Lajjo.

Saraswati brings food for a worried and sad Rambachan. The latter is going to mention about Lajjo but Saraswati does not want to talk about her. She’s very worried but rambachan says that dadaji promised to find out a solution and he’ll definitely do so. Saraswati says will Nikhil agree?
Saraswati says their level are not the same , wedding is celebrated between the same level of family…

Nikhil is thinking about dadaji words and the deadline he has given him.. he once again begins to think about Lajjo how she told her what happened after a girl wedding is broken. he thinks why should he care for Lajjo, Ishana is love and future.

Dadaji tells Anuradha he’ll be happy if ever Nikhil the proposal he put infront of him. Anuradha says not to force Nikhil into this relationship. Dadaji says he did not force him if he wants to leave he’s free to go.Anuradha says to dadaji he’s only emotionally blackmailing Nikhil. Dadaji says if Nikhil has feelings he’ll definitely agree to what he asked him to do otherwise he’s free to make his decision.

Nikhil thinks how can he take such a weird decision it is about his future of his family and Ishana both. He has flashback of him and his family with Ishana coming to his place and mixing with his family. He again thinks about Ishana words and suddenly about Lajjo.
Nikhil returns home and begins to pack his stuff. Anuradha says if they already packed everything? Nikhil says he’s going anuradha tells him to meet dadaji before leaving. He takes the blessings of dadaji and finally leaves with his friends.

At lajjo place the villagers are telling that Nikhil left in his jeep. The bua suggest an alliance for Lajjo with an elderly man who’s a relative from her in laws. .

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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