Gustakh Dil 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Barkha helping Ayesha. She asks her is she happy. Ayesha says yes, a lot, why are you asking. Barkha sees her and smiles. Barkha says your dad is right. Its not easy to live with Adhiraj, you and Adhiraj are different. She says I agree he is from rich family, but he did not take his family’s support, I appreciate that, what about you. She says she managed life in dad’s budget for 15 days. Barkha says yes, but 15 years, love makes everything feel good in beginning, its not college camp to experiment for one month, its about whole life, emotions does not fill stomach, love is not everything, but a lot. Money solves many problems I hope you understand. Ayesha says she will always remember, but I really love him, I can do this for him. Barkha asks her to get ready as Ashiraj is waiting.

She says this lipstick is of Rs 3500, think again Ayesha. She leaves. Adhiraj and Ayesha dance in the party. Everyone dance with them. Lajjo looks for Nikhil and thinks about Jasmine. Nikhil and Jasmine are together. He cleans the cake. Jasmeet says so this is your room, wow, I will click pics. She says it looks someone decorated it with love. He says yes, Lajjo. She says she likes it. He says we should go now. She takes his watch and smiles. Lajjo waits for them. The detective calls Barkha and she says she is busy, she can’t talk now.

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He says he got to know something. She asks what. He says I can’t tell on phone, come and meet me in office. She says fine. Nani hears her and Barkha does not realize this. Nani thinks Barkha was changed, but why do I feel old Barkha is back, is she doing something. Nikhil thanks Jasmine for her help. Jasmine says come on, its fine. Everyone have a laugh in the party. Inder jokes on Barkha. Nani says we all are happy after a long time, Lajjo takes Adhiraj to talk to him. Adhiraj says he wants to tell about Jasmine.

He says he has observed Jasmine, she loves Nikhil. Lajjo worries. He says Nikhil is your husband, Jasmine does not know difference between love and obsession, she is not mentally stable and I don’t want any problem to come because of her, keep Nikhil away from Jasmine. They see Nikhil and Jasmine coming holding hands. The party gets over. Lajjo changes clothes and is thinking. Nikhil sees pics and says they are nice. He sees her upset and asks what happened. She thinks about Adhiraj’s words.

She says she was thinking about party. He says lie, tell me whats the truth. She says she was thinking about Jasmine. He says why. She says she is attracted to you. He says leave her. She says try to understand. Adhiraj told me that she does not know love and obsession difference, she is unstable, she can do anything. He says I know she is crazy. She hugs him and asks him to be away from her, I don’t want her to get misunderstanding. He says yes, I told her I m happily married. He says she knows she does not have any place in my life. She says then why is she after you. He asks her not to worry. He says he promises he will always be with her, trust me. She holds his hand and smiles.

Its morning, Adhiraj gets ready and Nikhil says look at you man, you look dashing in sherwani. He says lets go. Adhiraj is tensed. Nikhil asks you ok. Adhiraj says Ayesha proved to her dad that she can live with me my way, but I also have to do something for her. Will I fulfill her dreams? I don’t know. Nikhil smiles and says you love her. Adhiraj says yes. Nikhil says trust me, you will be happy, I m saying by my personal experience, I m with you, take a deep breath. Adhiraj says lets go. Nikhil asks where are your friends. Adhiraj says they will be uncomfortable there. Nikhil says fine, make Ayesha cook for them as a treat. Adhiraj asks does she cook, are you joking. They laugh.

Adhiraj hugs Nikhil. Ayesha is getting ready. Lajjo and Meera help her. Barkha and Nani come and see Ayesha wearing the simple saree, not any designer clothes. Ayesha says see its beautiful saree, everyone teaches me to adjust in Adhiraj’s budget and lifestyle. Barkha says do that going thee, get ready well here. Ayesha and Adhiraj sit together and murmur. Rishi teases them. Everyone laughs. The registrar says he will start his work. Shalini comes there. Adhiraj says mum. Lajjo introduces everyone. Nijhil says this was Lajjo’s idea to call your mum. Lajjo says we invited your sister too. Nikhil and Adhiraj are shocked. Adhiraj looks at Shalini. Lajjo asks where is Jasmine. Shalini says she was busy……….. Jasmine says I m here and smiles.

Jasmine comes to Nikhil and shows him Lajjo talking to Sagar and laughing. Nikhil is stunned.

Update Credit to: Amena

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