Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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    Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

    Soniya enjoys rain and starts dancing. Raghav gets mesmerized with her beauty. He then holds her and they both get reomantic. She gains her consciousness and says she gets ill in rain and used to think who will take care of them if she gets ill, but today with him she forgot everything. She asks what he wants to say. He just holds her hand and they both walk looking at each other.

    Soniya and Raghav both get cold and fever. Rati and other sisters start serving them with hot water and kadha/herbal tea. Raghav drinks kadha with great difficulty and says he will check Soniya once. Sisters ask him not to go near her as infection will spread to him. Fruity says she will keep an eye on him, but runs seeing something. Raghav goes and applies vicks on Soniya’s forehead and she applies vicks on his forehead. Sisters get happy seeing each other’s concern and think their love will cure their cold and fever. Fruity apologizes them for keeping them separated.

    Ratna calls jeweller and selects ring for Raghav’s engagement. She asks him to show something which people should be amazed to look at. She gets Samaira’s mom’s call and tells her that she is selecting ring for engagement and people will be surprised seeing lavish engagement.

    Soniya and Raghav make a team separately and start sneezing competition. They both start fighting that they won. Chintu comes with tea and asks them to have tea first and says Soniya that they have to deliver dresses to client. Raghav says he will accompany her as he has work on the way. He starts walking with her. Soniya asks why did he lie when he did not have work. He says he did not want to leave her alone. She starts laughing and asks him not to lie again. Abhiman sees them both romancing. Ek ristha….. music plays in the background.

    Abhiman reaches Ratna’s house to show her important papers, sees Raghav’s engagement rings. Ratna says she is very excited about Raghav and Samaira’s engagement and shows him Samaira’s pic. He asks if she does not feel she should ask Raghav once before taking any decision. She says she knows Raghav’s likes and dislikes. He says her that he saw Raghav with a girl today. She says Raghav gets friendly with everyone and he will marry a girl she wants, says Samaira is very rich and classy and nobody would reject her proposal. Abhiman gives her papers to sign.

    Raghav tries to call daada, but it is out of reach. He thinks if daada does not come before 14th, he will be engaged and he cannot live without Soniya either. He thinks how to introduce soniya to ratna and thinks to get a fake mom instead. He calls a small time actress and seeks her help to become his fake mom. He then apologizes god for lying to keep soniya and her sisters happy and promises to tell truth once daada comes back.

    Soniya sees Chintu talking to his friend about girlfriend and suggesting him to gift mobile to his girlfriend, etc. She thinks what she should gift Bobby ji. she goes home to take sister’s help and sees them busy talking about her and getting happy about her love with Raghavv.

    Precap: Soniya buys gift for Raghav. Raghav meets her outside shop and she hides her gift.

    Update Credit to: MA

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