Gustakh Dil 19th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 19th September 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 19th September 2013 Written Update

The show starts in Lajjo room Nikhil asking her to stay out of Ayesha wedding matter. Before leaving her room Nikhil asks her to give a look at herself in the mirror before stepping out of the room, she right away goes to see what’s wrong and finds stains of soil on her forehead.
Ishana is thinking about Nikhil and their good time spent together, she lights on the candle and extinguishes the candles with her bare hand thinking about Nikhil not being able to find her in pain…
She incidentally makes an earthen candle holder falls down and the rug catches fire along with her duppata (veil) which she does not notice.. Nikhil comes(is he superman??) and extinguishes the fire. He asks her what wrong with her. Ishana says it is better to die at once instead of dying slowly everyday.

asks Nikhil to leave and closes the door. Nikhil and Ishana both cry.

Nikhil rushes to shreya place and asks her to make Ishana understand. shreya tells him what will she going to say to Ishana… Instead Shreya tells him to make a choice between the two ladies. He gets angry and throws the book in his hand containing the letter of Lajjo. Shreya picks it up and handles it to him asking what is it? He says a letter of Lajjo for her mom. He asks her some glue to stick it and notices some few words which Lajjo has written. He begins to read the letter and Shreya arrives,she says really not done reading the letter of someone else then both Nikhil and Lajjo read the letter together she asks Nikhil if really his parents treat and keep Lajjo so well and happy.

Lajjo is in her room thinking about her mom teaching her how to make rangoli she laughs and nikhil enters asking her the reason she’s laughing.. She asks her if she’s not allowed to laugh and he says sure but as she’s alone the people will think she’s mad. Lajjo says mad you are… and says sorry to him as her parents asked her not to talk rudely with Nikhil.
the latter says he’s leaving Lajjo thinks and tells him to stop she goes near him and tells him to bend and whispers into his ear…(Lajjo good going girl)

Meera informs Barkha that someone is downstairs waiting for her. She goes to meet the person and sees Lajjo. she asks Meera what is Lajjo doing here? Lajjo says she comes to take her but Barkha is still adamant on her decision. Lajjo says it is all her fault not either Nikhil.. Ayesha wedding is coming up and all her family needs her. It is her home, she promises not to show her her face and she’ll stay in her room. She will in fact accept all her conditions and Barkha looking at Meera says she wants her back at Sonbarsa.
Lajjo folds her hands and says sorry as this is the only condition which she can’t accept because of her parents and the conditions in her village after marriage if a girl is back to her parents place the villagers render the life of the girl parents difficult. Barkha goes upstairs and asks Meera to tell her to leave. Lajjo keeps on looking at Barkha.
Meera comes near Lajjo and takes her hands and put it down asking if she comes alone she says Nikhil is waiting outside.

On their way back Nikhil tells Lajjo he told her that it is not that easy to bring Barkha home. Lajjo is thinking about Barkha asking her to go back to Sonbarsa. Nikhil sees her quiet and asks her what is the matter if she’s well? Lajjo nods yes and Nikhil tells her that usually she’s never quiet.
Nikhil says it is as easy for his parents to nullify their wedding and difficult for Lajjo parents to accept it.
At a certain point of the road Nikhil stops his jeep and asks Lajjo to follow him she asks where? he asks her to come… He brings her to an ice cream seller and Lajjo finds it lots difficult to chose the flavour she in facts wants to eat.
finally she makes her decision after Nikhil paid for it they go in the jeep and while eating Nikhil tells Lajjo that there’s ice cream on her nose she’s unable to clean it, he says wait and removes his handkerchief while going to clean Lajjo nose he has flashback of him and Ishana eating and teasing each other. He turns sad and handles the handkerchief to Lajjo who cleans the ice cream on her nose… he continues to have flashback of himself and Ishana with Gusthak dil score in the background.
The scene freezes on both Nikhil and Lajjo.

Precap: Lajjo with all the others are on the breakfast table and Nikhil says he’s going. Lajjo tells him not to say he’s going but he will be back.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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