Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th September 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 19th September 2013 Written Update

We see Mahadev sitting as Aghori baba…waiting for mata she enters…sees him and makes herself huge!! Mahadev gets up and makes himself bigger…the then multiplies his forms and controls Mata Kaali!1
On the other side there are some black magic babas …two of them are twins I guess…and trying to get Mata under control

Mahadev succeeds in getting Mata back in Parvati form …she realizes who she is and where she is…she comes in her original form and has tears in her eyes MAhadev also comes in his original form…They come near and hug each other with tears in their eyes!!

The black magic babas are major upset that Mata has calmed down when she had needed to be in the Kaali avatar longer..she cannot do so…one of the twins start crying …the other controls him… (Whatever is happening)

On Kailasa everyone welcomes Mahadev and Parvati back!!! everyone is happy shappy now1!!!

The black magicians then brings some people who have rebelled against the ways of black magic and the sacrifice pracitse…after a lot of big time nautankis …apparently the two black magicians…kill the people who have rebelled!!!

Precap: Mahadev is worried that Parvati is still not completely back and a slight unbalance can take her away from her PArvati Avatar!! On the other side the black magic tantriks are trying to get Mata Kaali come at their behest!!!

Update Credit to: Srushti

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