Gustakh Dil 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sagar asking Lajjo why did she come so late. Lajjo thinks how the girls fooled her. She looks at them. The girls get tensed. She says my friend was in problem, so I had to help her. Sagar says why do you go to solve problems, now this interview won’t happen, this good opportunity went out of hand because of you.The girls say its good Lajjo saved us, else Sagar would have fired us. Sagar says we have to apologize to them, now you go and rehearse the dance. Lajjo looks at the girls and takes her purse. She says my purse was with me when I went with you and now its here. A girl apologizes to her. Nethra does not repent and tells a fake story.

Lajjo knows she is lying. Lajjo says sorry, do you know the meaning of sorry, tell it when you really regret from heart. She says I know you all don’t like me, fine I won’t come with you, don’t do such drama and don’t bring this dance academy between this. Lajjo takes their good class explaining them that they have risked SK’s name in this. Nethra does not care. She argues with Lajjo. The other girls say sorry. Jessica thanks Lajjo. Nethra gets annoyed. Lajjo leaves in anger. Nethra asks her why did you say sorry, she was giving a lecture to us, I will make her lose every opportunity, till she fails.

Nethra says girls we have to be more careful, she understood that we did this intentionally. Sagar and Kabir confront each other. Kabir smiles seeing him. Kabir says surprise SK, this time, your interview might have cancelled, sad, but why, let me guess, were you scared, no, you lost. Kabir says Ratri run away, then Trishna, why do they run. Sagar says only Ratri. He asks why are you happy with my failure, maybe as your name will be ruined in future because of me. Kabir says think the one who cheats someman can cheat other too. But you both are experts in cheating, its match made in heaven, Rab ne Bana di Jodi…… Sagar laughs taunting Kabir and leaves.

Ayesha cries thinking about Adhiraj. She could not stop herself from talking to him. She asks why are you calling me, I don’t want to talk to you. He says fine, come and take your scarf, saying its costly, will you come or should I come. She says I will take when I feel like. Adhiraj ends the call. She cries. Barkha meets Sagar and they have a talk. Sagar asks why did she leave that day seeing Trishna’s performance. Ratri is present there and hears them. Barkha says you always take my advice, but this time you have not found the right girl. She backbites about Lajjo. She asks him to give a chance to Ratri again. As Ratri is regretting to leave him.

Sagar smiles. Lajjo talks to Rancho and says all the girls made me stuck there, Sagar got so annoyed, why did they do this. Rancho says it was your mistake, you should have told the truth to Sagar. Lajjo says yes, I felt that, but seeing their sad faces, I melted. Rancho asks her to think about her loss. What is Sagar made you leave the academy. Lajjo says I feel I should forgive them, and they won’t do anything now. Rancho says you are so innocent, I m going to sleep, its very late. Lajjo prepares herself for the interview. Rancho sleeps.

Sagar praises Lajjo saying Trishna is simple, honest, hardworking and this is her exfactor. Barkha says compare her to Ratri. She says Ratri is better. Sagar says why did Ratri come in between. Barkha says she met me and she wants to join you. Sagar asks are you serious and laughs. He says now Kabir will understand this, I told him today that Ratri will cheat him, and this is happening, this is priceless.She says we are not talking about values. He says I want values, Ratri does not substance, Trishna is beautiful from heart, meet her once then I m sure you will change your decision. Barkha says I m sorry, I m not doing charity to give anyone a chance.

Sagar says yes, I can’t force you, but sponsors will be with me. Barkha says I m sorry Sagar, sponsors will favor you only till I m with you. Barkha insults Trishna and says I can’t support anyone blindly. Sara says absolutely no for Ratri, I can’t take her back as she has cheated me. Sagar says Trishna can become a star, I will make her a star, even if no one supports me. Barkha says try, you will come back to me. Sagar says its strange, I had to defend Trishna twice, its strange that I feel confident about her, she has something in her that Ratri wants to come back to me.

Lajjo sees Nikhil in the mall and is shocked. Nikhil sees her and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. what is happening here cant stand barkha at all and her artificial acting and her stupid wigs she wears and lajjo be smart now u r in another country get smthg exciting going on its same thing again and again

  2. thanx for gustakh dil drama written update

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