Ek Nayi Pehchan 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Suresh tells his reason to everyone for marrying Pallavi. I never cheated anyone but till when could I cheat myself? How could I spend my whole life with an illiterate woman who was no match for me? Sharda is hurt by his words and so is everyone else. This is my personal matter. I wont tolerate anyone’s interference in this. No one has a right to do so. Latika questions him now. He was expecting that she would understand him. If you cannot connect with your partner then how can you spend your whole like with him / her? Sharda is shocked by his question and so are all the other ladies. You too don’t bond well with Pratik. Have you never thought about having someone else in your life…someone who is much more ambitious than him and you could have connected well with him? what’s my fault if I could never connect with your illiterate mom? If I am able to connect with someone else and share my thoughts / feelings then where am I wrong? Karan yet again tells him that he has been wrong all along but Suresh doesn’t mind his words. You will tell me what’s right or wrong? Maybe you are forgetting that whatever you have is given by me. Your name, your identity, office and even your marriage. It happened because of my name. Karan flatly refuses to have his name. Suresh is about to challenge him for making his own identity when Dadi slaps him. I am ashamed of my upbringing today. Was I alive till date to see this only? She cries bitterly. Suresh walks out from there in a huff. Sharda feels dizzy. Karan and Sakshi hold her and all the others rush to her too.

Suresh comes to his other home. Pallavi was waiting for him. She asks him about his whereabouts, his phone and then his attire. He realises his error. He lies about his friend’s son’s ring ceremony. I had forgotten all about it. Got ready, left and then had that gastro attack so forgot about it. She goes to get water for him. He wants to send Pallavi back home anyhow. She talks about his work stress. Why don’t you rest for a while? He cannot help it as he only has to handle all the work. He again gives her tickets but she flatly refuses to leave his side in this state. He agrees. Who else will take care of me otherwise? I too should come with you to our home (Jamshedpur). I will get some rest if you will be with me. She hugs him out of happiness.

Sharda is staring in space. Sakshi brings juice for her. She cannot believe that Ma dint share it with her. I felt that something very wrong is happening with you. I tried to ask you but you dint tell me anything. You made me feel like a complete stranger. Did you also forget that we are not just MIL-DIL but mother-daughter too. Maybe I lack something which is why you dint feel like sharing it with me. sharda replies that it is she who lacks something. I am incomplete. You saw how my pheras remained incomplete today as well? How could they be completed as my wedding itself is incomplete! Sakshi hugs her while she cries badly. Everything is incomplete. Surely I would have done something bad which is why all this is happening to me. Sakshi denies. You cannot even think bad. You are not to be blamed for any of this but papa and Pallavi are wrong. Sharda thinks that even Pallavi has no idea about this. Sakshi replies that you are good which is why you think that everyone in this world is good. This family, this house and papa have been your world which is why you never had any connection with the outside world. You are too naive and innocent but the world isn’t so. The world is selfish. I don’t know about Pallavi. But I can surely tell that people can do anything for their own sake. You have met Pallavi, right? Do you think anyone can fool her? Sharda sees her point. She surely knows everything. Your papa and Pallavi have cheated me together.

Latika is still not able to believe. We had no idea about any of this till date. Karan recalls how he had snapped at him when he had asked about Mahesh Ajmera. Latika suggests that it might be a small affair but Karan reminds her that dad himself has accepted that he has married Pallavi. He has cheated our mom. Chirag doesn’t want to stay in the house tonight so Karan lets him go. He will calm down and come back home. Latika has understood and respected her dad’s point. Maybe he is right as he and mom are poles apart. They have nothing in common. Sakshi interrupts her. Feelings connect and not people. There are many couples in the world who aren’t perfect for each other. Does that mean that they should break their relations? Yours and jiju’s relations had turned sour too but you went back to him. Why? Because there are certain things which hold you together no matter what happens. When we make a relation then we have to have the guts to live it too. Latika agrees with her. Dad is wrong!

Next morning, Sharda is looking at the childhood pics of her kids. Their voices echo in her head. Sad title song plays. She looks at the set Suresh had gifted her on their anniversary. Next she picks up all the pics one by one sadly. Dadi comes to her room. What are you doing? Sharda has no clue what she is doing or what I had been doing till date or what should I do tomorrow. All these memories are a lie too as they are based on a lie. Dadi calls them true. I am not saying this because I am Suresh’s Ma but I am saying this as I am your Ma. He has not done as much for me as you. You have given your life to this house by being a wife, a mom and a MIL. He has done wrong to you and I will always support you. Sharda hugs her tearfully. Latika, Sakshi and Karan come there to support their mom too. We all are with you. She hugs her kids emotionally.

Suresh and Pallavi have to leave today. He cannot accompany her till the airport has he has some work to complete first. She leaves after telling him to lock the house nicely. He is relieved that Pallavi left. I will handle Sharda my way.

Pallavi notices the gift in her car. This was for Sharda ji. I still have time. She tells her driver to take her to Suresh Modi’s house.

Sharda is in the garden. She is holding her ghar joda. See I still dint get it but I don’t want it now that I know everything. She throws it away angrily. She cries bitterly. Life has cheated me in such a way that I have lost my faith in life. I am all broken and empty now. My identity has become a lie. People have rightly said that a woman is a woman’s biggest enemy. Pallavi is shown to be approaching her with the gift while Sharda continues talking to herself. Why did she do it to me? Pallavi wants to know who (woman) has hurt her. Sharda is shocked to hear her voice. She turns to look at her and is stunned.

Pallavi apologizes for not coming tomorrow. I had to go as my husband fell ill. Your gift is still with me. Sharda tells her that she has given her the biggest gift of her life. I will never be able to forget it. Pallavi is confused. Your gift is still with me. Sharda is taken aback. She recalls Suresh’s excuses for marrying Pallavi and the whole incident of yester night. She throws away the gift telling Pallavi not to touch her. You are compensating me for ruining my life? Pallavi is shocked. How dare you come before me after doing all this to me? Pallavi is clueless. Sharda asks her if ruining someone’s life is nothing for her or if she is really clueless about everything. You married Suresh Modi even after knowing fully well that he is married? Pallavi negates it. My husband’s name is Mahesh Ajmera. Sharda laughs at her. people don’t change by changing names. Suresh Modi and Mahesh Ajmera is one guy only and you know it very well. Pallavi is stunned by this revelation.

Precap: Sharda tells Sakshi how she always used to feel love in his (Suresh’s) anger. Now that I look back I realise his true intentions behind his making me feel small and everything. He used to hate me so much. Sakshi hugs her saying no one can hate you ever Ma.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Good eposide. .. I hope no 1 ever forgives him..Shard a should show Suresh what she is all about.

    1. Yeesss !!!! Nd lets hope even pallavi does nt forgive him

  2. I think sharda will marry her English instructer

  3. good if pallavi did not know abt her husbands identity atleast she knows it now. Sharda should move on , she is hurt but it will be much better than getting insulted every day

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