Gustakh Dil 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil being shocked seeing Lajjo in Sagar’s arms. Sagar looks on shocked too as Nikhil was not expected to be here. Lajjo opens her eyes and sees Nikhil. Nikhil thinks about Jasmine’s words. He asks Sagar did I do any mistake coming here, is this the Guru and student relation, is this the Agra event. Jasmine looks on and smiles. Nikhil asks Lajjo was this her plan. Sagar says Nikhil, let me explain and makes Lajjo sit on the bed. He says what happened to you, let me explain. Nikhil says what do you mean, I should ask you how should a husband react seeing his wife with a strange man, as you have personal experience. Sagar says enough Nikhil, don’t cross your line, you are misunderstanding us.

Nikhil argues and says I came here to give surprise to my wife and I got surprised, but well done, good Sagar Khurana, this is your relation, good mentoring. Lajjo holds her head. Nikhil asks what do you do more, apart from bedding my wife. Sagar says Nikhil shut up, enough. Lajjo looks on shocked by Nikhil’s cheap disgusting words for her. She gets up and comes in between Nikhil and Sagar. She slaps Nikhil shocking him and Sagar.

Its morning, Inder talks to Nani about Barkha. Nani says Barkha will talk to you when her mood changes. Inder asks Samrat did Barkha tell you anything. Samrat says no, but what happened between you both, any fight or problem. Inder says no. Samrat asks Inder to end the misunderstandings. Inder thinks about Barkha’s words. He gets a call from that girl and says I think Barkha has come to know about you, I think its time to tell her the truth. He says I don’t know how to tell her.

Lajjo asks Nikhil is he in his senses, what is he saying, how can he say this. Sagar holds her and says relax, I will explain him. He says look Nikhil, there is nothing like this, its misunderstanding. Nikhil says yes, I agree, what are you doing in my wife’s room, I m not a fool to see all this and not understand. Jasmine says the receptionist told me that only one room was booked for them. Lajjo looks at her. Sagar says we booked two rooms and we got one by some misunderstanding, the hotel rooms are occupied. Nikhil claps and says well done Sagar Khurana, we both are mistaken, and taunts Sagar and Lajjo.

Sagar says try to understand. Nikhil says what, you spent the night with my wife here. Lajjo says enough, don’t you trust me. Nikhil scolds her and says you spoke great words about relations, family, husband and wife, you ruined its meaning today. He says you know I trusted you so much, and you did this. Jasmine smiles. Nikhil cries. Sagar says enough Nikhil, don’t tell anything that you will regret later thinking. Nikhil says stop, I m talking to my wife, you don’t come in between. Lajjo says go from here. You are not in position to understand anything now. Nikhil asks shall I go from here?

Jasmine says Nikhil, lets go from here. Sagar holds Lajjo. Jasmine says why are you interfering Nikhil, when Lajjo does not want you to stay here. Jasmine takes Nikhil. Lajjo cries breaking down. She says I m feeling suffocated, I don’t want to be here, I will go to Rancho’s house. Nikhil comes home and thinks about Lajjo and Sagar. He cries thinking they have an affair. He sees her pic and cries. He breaks the pic glass by his hands.

Jasmine comes home and tells Harry about the big drama. She says Nikhil saw Lajjo in Sagar’s arms, you missed the drama. She laughs and says poor Nikhil, I have created rift between them and can’t come closer now. Harry says wow, congrats, I m really proud of you, you are ahead of your father. He says he does not want Nikhil and Lajjo to be happy, as they have insulted him a lot being at his home, now we too will celebrate. Shalini hears all this. They are shocked seeing Shalini.

Shalini scolds Jasmine and asks her to hear the truth, that she does not love Nikhil. She says you don’t know real meaning of love, you have to think about the person’s happiness, its not to get, but to lose yourself, love means sacrifice. Jasmine makes bored face. Shalini says if you really loved Nikhil, you would have got happy in his happiness, you don’t love him, all this is lie, if Nikhil is hurt and you make him away from his real love, you will be happy, I pity you. You just love yourself. Lajjo’s love is true, and remember Lajjo will win, her true love will win atlast. She leaves. Jasmine says no, Lajjo can’t win over me. I will not let Lajjo win.

Barkha tells Nani about Inder’s affair. Nani confronts Inder with the pics. She asks who is this girl. Inder is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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