Balika Vadhu 14th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 14th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dadisaa discussing with Ganga and Jagya that she made a mistake and asked Niranjan to marry Gehna. Ganga says we will talk to him again. Dadisaa tells her that he refused to marry Gehna. Jagya says may be we didn’t give him time to think about it. Dadisaa says ok, but as far as I know him. He won’t agree. She prays to Devimaa for Gehna’s happiness.

Subhadra looks for Anoop and starts acting saying my family needs me. Anoop looks at her and comes inside. Subhadra pretends to talk to God and says Anandi did a mistake by accepting Palash’s offer. She says, what is my Anoop’s fault. He tried to rescue Anandi and got wounded. Daddu scolded him and cries badly. Anoop gets touched by her words and asks her not to cry. Subhadra tells him sorry.

Anoop asks her not to and says I know you asked Anandi not to become Palash’s model. Everyone was happy. Subhadra says, I kept quiet outside. Anoop says, everything seem to be gold from outside and talks about Anandi’s painting. Subhadra tells him that she is confused and tries to manipulate Anoop against Anandi. Anoop says, why did Palash make her painting. Subhadra says, it means Anandi agreed for the sensual painting and then back off. Anoop says, I don’t know. He asks her to sleep and goes. Subhadra smirks and thinks she will settle scores with Anandi with his help.

While Anandi and Shiv are sleeping in the night. Anandi gets Palash’s call. She picks it. Palash tells her that he knows that you will pick my call as you loves me more than I do, just you are unaware of my love. You will realize soon that you are not Shiv’s Anandi but my Venus. I will kill myself if this doesn’t happen. You won’t be able to forgive yourself. Anandi gets scared and cries.

Gehna takes out Basant’s clothes and gets sad. Nandu comes asking for breakfast. He asks, why did you take Bapusaa’s clothes outside. Gehna says, she is giving the clothes to poor. Nandu tells her that he wants to keep his Bapusaa’s watch. Gehna says, it is big and she will get another one for him. She keeps it in the drawer. Niranjan thinks about Gehna. He says I can’t marry her and can’t take Basant’s place. She might feel that I came in her life with some motive. I can’t even think of marrying her. I have to end this confusion.

Ada is with her friends. She tells her friends that Palash will be at loss choosing Anandi. She says she will make Palash run after her. Her friend Natasha informs her about Shiv and Palash’s fight. Ada hears it carefully. Natasha asks her to find out about it and take advantage of the situation.

Niranjan gets ready to leave from the outhouse. He reads the letter which he has written for Dadisaa. She locks the door and keeps the letter.

Palash’s assistant ask him how you will go. Palash says, how dare you questions me. You have to do what I says. His assistant says I will book two tickets first class for you and your painting Venus. Palash says, Venus time has ended. She will go to her home. Palash asks him to book two tickets. He leaves.

Nandu shows Basant’s watch to his friends. His friend asks him to give watch to him. Nandu refuses. Watch falls from his hand into the river. Nandu jumps in the river.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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