Gustakh Dil 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sagar looking at Lajjo. She nods no. Sagar says he will talk to the manager now. The manager comes. Sagar talks to him. He asks about the two rooms booked on his name and the receptionist is saying its one room booking. The lady says check Sir, its just one room booked. The manager says sorry Sir, its just one room booked. Sagar says that’s impossible, how will two people stay in one room. The manager says there is big function in Agra, and you won’t get any room in any hotel at this time. Sagar says there will be some solution. The manager says about a room and hall together, and which can be used as two rooms. Sagar asks Lajjo. She agrees and they go to the room.

Jasmine gets the message from the lady that her work is done, one room is booked. She says now its my turn and smiles. She comes to meet Nikhil and gets into a casual talk, as he is studying. She says she will study together and do project too. He says fine, whats your idea. They have a talk. She says she had some notes and shows him. She smiles and starts acting. She says I don’t know any celebrity. Nikhil asks her to contact anyone. She says she does not want anyone. He says now what? She says I can talk to Lajjo. He smiles and says its not simple, she went to Agra or the event.

She shows she is much worried. He says idea, call and take the interview quote. She says no, its not the problem, I want pic also. She suggests him to take her to Lajjo, and he can also meet Lajjo, as he is missing her and she is sure Lajjo is also missing her. Nikhil agrees. Inder talks to Barkha and asks her is she going somewhere. She says she is going to mum’s place. He says you did not tell me. She says its not needed and packs her bag. He asks what happened to you. She says I m fine. He asks her to share, why is she avoiding him.

She says she is annoyed with him. He asks did I do anything. She says you don’t have time for me, you don’t want to share anything. She leaves. Sagar and Lajjo share the same room. Sagar apologizes to Lajjo and says this is ridiculous, I m calling organizers, how can they keep us in same room. She says its not your mistake. He says thanks for being so honest and says take rest, I will rest in hall. She asks him to rest and gives him pillow and bedsheet. He holds her hand and smiles. She is shocked. She says what are you doing, what happened.

Sagar says Lajjo, I have one thing which I m trying to tell you, I can’t stop saying it now. He says Lajjo, I love you. Lajjo is shocked. Sagar says I love you so much, the day you came in my life, I love you. I can’t live without you.

Sagar asks do you want to come in my life. Lajjo says Sagar…… and brings him out of his imagination. He says nothing, I was thinking about show, you take rest. He leaves. Ayesha comes home and is tired. Adhiraj gives her water and asks about the interview. She says I got the job. He says congrats. She says its not a good job, the salary is Rs 18000, how will we manage home. He says welcome to real world, many people manage in such salary. She says I know, I want to say we have to manage budget. He says what are you saying, is this serious. She smiles. He gives her paper and asks her to note down. He says food first, note down and says other things.

She says we have to manage, what to cut now. He says don’t adjust so much, I will also earn somewhat, I managed when you were not here, right. He says he gets Rs 8000-10000 per month, it will be enough for us. He says a Masala Chai and coffee now. They smile. Nikhil and Jasmine are on the way to Agra. He says I can’t wait to see Lajjo, she will cry being emotional, I think the event is over by now, I think its perfect timing. She smiles and says lets buy flowers for her. He says I will just go and come.

She calls the lady and asks her not to make anyone doubt, and put just one tablet, strong, I will guve you money. Nikhil gets the flowers. Jasmine says I m so excited to see Lajjo’s expressions. He says lets go. Its night, Sagar and Lajjo have a talk and laugh. A waiter comes there with drinks and mixes some drugs in the juice. Sagar and Lajjo get the juice. The man says manager has sent this complimentary drinks and gives them. Sagar says wow, its good. Lajjo drinks the juice. Nikhil and Jasmine reach the hotel and he asks about Trishna. The lady says yes, she is in our hotel.

Jasmine asks in which room is she staying. The lady says I m sorry, we can’t disclose that. Jasmine says he is Nikhil, Trishna’s husband, if you can help us to give her a surprise. Sagar says lets order food now so that you can sleep soon, I won’t get sleep till I talk to Mili. Lajjo says she is trying to call Nikhil. She says she wants to see Taj Mahal. He says you can see it tomorrow. She says no, I will see it with Nikhil. I want to see the whole world with Nikhil. Sagar gets upset. She talks about other places and they have a laugh.

The lady does as Jasmine told her. She gives the door card key to Nikhil. Nikhil thanks her and asks Jasmine to come. She says you go alone, she will feel odd if I come, you give her surprise, when your sweet talk ends, then call me, I will come. Nikhil smiles and says ok. He rushes to meet Lajjo. Sagar says it got late, lets go and sleep, we have to leave in morning. Lajjo ends the food. Lajjo says I can’t eeat more food now, else I will burst. Sagar laughs. Lajjo says I will sleep now. She gets up and falls by the drugs effect. Sagar holds her and lifts her. Nikhil comes in saying Lajjo surprise. He is shocked seeing Lajjo is Sagar’s arms and Sagar taking her to bed. Sagar is shocked seeing Nikhil and Lajjo gets unconscious.

Nikhil argues with Sagar and asks is this the Guru and student relation. Sagar shouts Nikhil. Lajjo cries and Jasmine fills Nikhil’s ears further.

Update Credit to: Amena

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