Jamai Raja 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 13th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts Roshni and Resham reaching Sid’s house where Resham’s spiritual leader/baba is performing pooja. Resham gets mesmerized looking at the lavish house. Roshni unconsciuosly enters house without her knowledge. They both do not notice Simran performing pooja. Rehsam shakes her and she gets conscious. She then registers her name on the log book. Pooja starts with Raj and Simran performing pooja and Roshni and Resham join them with other people without noticing them. Simran prays god to let her be with her son and bahu as she cannot live without them. Roshni thanks god for giving her Sid as life partner and prays to set him free from DD’s debt.

DD asks Naani about Resham and Roshni. Naani says they have gone for a pooja and says at least Roshni is more religious than her. She taunts her that Sid will set her right now.

Simran shows aarti to all guests, but before Roshni could notice her she gives aarti to her servant and turns back, they both don’t notice each other.

DD asks Kesar to send him detail about her client Wadhwani. He hears water instead of Wadhwani. He says he saw their new servant prerna at a shop. DD jokes that even she saw Akshay kumar and shows him a magazine. She then asks him to get back to work.

Roshni sees Raj there and is about to call him, but servant drops kumkum on Resham and she they both stop clearing it. Roshni takes her to wash room and looks at house carefully. Simran and Raj see her and get worried that Roshni is heading towards their family photo. Resham comes out of washroom and they both leave. Simran says Raj that god sent Roshni on first day of navratri. Raj says it is good she did not see us, else Sid’s hardwork would have gone in vain.

Simran informs Sid about Roshni reaching their home but not seeing them. He thanks god. Roshni sees him coming home early and asks about it. He says just like that. Naani comes there and tells them about garba festival. She taunts Sid that he will take Roshni and not her. Sid praises Naani that she is very beautiful and will go with her. Naani then says he should go with Roshni. Roshni says she will not go and gets sad. Naani asks her to forget about past. Roshni says how can she. Sid asks what are they talking about. Roshni asks naani not to tell Sid anything and walks out. Naani tells Sid that Roshni wanted to participate in garba competition with DD and enrolled their names also, but DD did not reach the venue, leaving Roshni sad. Sid says he will change Roshni’s mood and convince her to take part in garba participation.

Sid and roshni are busy checking recipes on net. Raj and Simran reach DD’s home. Roshni gets happy seeing them. Simran says she wants a favor from her, says she may not oblige to her demand so she will take naani and Mona’s help. Roshni asks what help she needs. Simran says she needs to learn garba from her. Roshni sadly stands still. Simran says she knew Roshni will not help her, says she tought she will also learn garba as her bahu is gujrati but is disheartened now and asks Raj to take her back home. Roshni stops her and says she will teach her graba and also participate. Simran says she does not want to force her. Roshni says she left garba for one mother and will start it back again for another mother. Simran thanks her and shows thumbs up to Sid. Naani sees them and thumbs up.

Precap: Naani forces Simran to learn garba at DD’s house. Simran breaks precious and gets worried seeing DD.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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