Gustakh Dil 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 13th December 2013 Written Update

At Nikhil place:
The show starts with Nikhil entering home calling and searching for Lajjo everywhere.

At Ishana place:
Kunal is filling Ishana ears as he overheard and saw Nikhil at the entrance saying Ishana Nikhil seems to be so tense for his wife. Ishana is in tears saying she does understand the importance of Lajjo in Nikhil life. she’s his wife and he has some responsibilities towards her. Kunal tells her to understand the truth and the facts she says she’s aware of it.

NN place:
Meera is praising Ayesha and Gunja for cooking good food. Meera says they will be proved as a very good wives. The girls are happy. NN says some other qualities are needed and she explains how to a wife needs to control her hubby. Barkha is in deep thought NN tells

her to let go of Meera words as she likes praising Lajo.
NN shows the picture of some guys to Ayesha asking not to comment. Gunja asks if she can say something. The latter tells NN that she knows all the three guys and tells how they all are not suitable for Ayesha.
Ayesha says now at least she has no decision to marry leaving Barkha surprise.

At Nikhil Place:
Nikhil seems disappointed but suddenly seems relief seeing Lajjo hiding under the stairs. He smiles and goes near her. He touches Lajjo hand and she screams Nikhil says not to be scared as he’s with her. Lajjo hugs him with the title song of GD playing in the BG. She says in such a big house she’s alone and there’s power outage. Lajjo come to her senses and leaves Nikhil.
Nikhil and Lajjo hear a noise.

At Ishana Place:
Kunal continues with telling Ishana that Nikhil priority is his wife Lajjo. He asks her what kind of love it is… that he left her alone.
Kunal says Nikhil is wrong and Ishana does not deserve it at all. Ishana tells Kunal not to interfere between her and Nikhil and Kunal feels bad.

At NN place:
The ladies are having a good time laughing and Barkha wants to leave. NN denied the idea of Barkha leaving in such a bad weather. the girls also agree with NN. Barkha says Lajjo is alone and she can’t leave her house on her responsibility. Gunja tries to make Barkha comfortable saying Lajjo will take care. Barkha says there’s a power cut and Lajjo must be alone. NN says hope Nikhil is having a candle dinner night with Ishana… Barkha agrees.
Meera tells Indur calls her saying that he’s coming to pick the three ladies. Barkha also trying to call Indur.. Ayesha tells Barkha that Ishana is not a child for whom she must be worried.

At Nikhil place:
Lajjo is hurts with the pieces of glasses which are scattered on the floor due to a broken flower vase. Nikhil removes the piece of glass from her foot and tells her to go to her room he will pick up the broken glasses.
In the meantime Indur and the ladiers enter and Barkha seeing Nikhil gets upset. She’s angry seeing him with the broom in the hand. Indur says at least for the first time he’s happy seeing Nikhil trying to do something. They all rely too much on the servants. Barkha is shocked seeing Nikhil picking the broken glasses.

At Ishana Place:
Ishana is still thinking at Kunal words and having flashback ofg Nikhil is crying. She recollects the words of Barkha and NN encouraging her to fight for Nikhil as he belongs to her.

At Nikhil Place:
Lajjo is jotting some few words to her parents. She writes how much she misses them and what happened during the lightning, how Nikhil helps her and all because she told Nikhil how she’s afraid of lightning. She says that when she sees Nikhil her heart keeps on beating faster and realises it is not good to write aso to her and she erases that part. The screen splits between Lajjo and Ishana thinking about Nikhil.

Barkha asks Ishana what is she thinking she says she should not let that girl comes in between her and Nikhil
Nikhil gifts Lajjo … for her birthday.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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