Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 13th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani blindfolding Nishi with her hand and takes her towards the outside door. Everyone look at them surprisingly. Shivani tells her that she has a surprise for her and asks her to clap. Nishi does and is very happy to see the piggy bank and toy doll house. She asks, is this for me. Shivani says, this is for you. Shivani says it is really yours. Nishi thanks her. Everyone smiles looking at Nishi’s happiness. Nishi hugs Shivani. Raghu recalls Shivani’s words and wonders why Malik saa named his property on his name. He says misunderstandings is increasing day by day. Panna tai calls Raghu and informs him that she heard Mahima and Jazz talking about withdrawing all the money from Shivani’s bank account.

Jazz comes to the bank to withdraw money. He is told by the clerk that he can’t withdraw money as his account is seized. He shouts for manager. Manager comes and asks him to come to his cabin. Jazz is shocked to see Raghu and Doctor uncle in Manager’s cabin. Raghu tells him that he came to stop him and shows off the will saying it is original. He says, because of this will, you manipulated Shivani against me and I seized your bank account with the help of this will. Jazz says, how can you do this? Raghu says, I am the owner of the half property and now you can’t withdraw the money. Manager confirms and says you can’t withdraw money without Raghu’s signatures. Jazz shouts at him and asks, how dare you. Raghu says he can’t insult him as he is related to Maliksaa. He says, you should be thankful to me that I didn’t send you to jail. He says, you will find me whenever you think to do something against babyji. He asks doctor uncle to come and leaves.

Raghu comes home and sees Shivani’s doll house and piggy bank. Nishi tells him that babyji gave it to her. Raghu says something is missing and gives the doll which he brought for her. He asks nishi to give a gift to Shivani. Jazz comes home and breaks the things at home. Mahima asks him to calm down. Jazz gets angry and says servant is ruling them. Aunty comes and says she has a plan. She asks him to reply Raghu with cool mind. Mahima asks for her opinion. Aunty says, we will play a trick which Raghu might have not dreamt even in his dreams. Nishi blindfolds Shivani and takes her to the room. She asks her to claps. Shivani opens her eyes to see the room decorated with stars. She gets happy and thanks Nishi. Bella calls Nishi for breakfast. She leaves. Shivani sees Raghu and gets angry on him.

Shivani asks him, whether he did this. Raghu says Nishi did this. Shivani asks him not to try to make her understand. She says she will not take out these stars for Nishi as she is unaware of her mama’s true intentions. Raghu is hurt again.

Baburaam is shocked to see the things which some persons are bringing. He says we don’t have money to pay. Aunty and mahima comes and says they gets it for Shivani. maya smiles seeing the television. Shivani comes and asks, what is this? Jazz comes with other things. aunty and mahima shows fake concern towards Shivani. Mahima says it is for your comfort. Jazz tells Shivani that he can’t withdraw money from his account. Shivani asks, why. Jazz says he don’t want to trouble her. Shivani insists. Jazz tells her that Raghu did seized his accounts. Shivani is shell shocked. She says you have right on your money. Jazz says according to the will, Raghu is the owner of the half property and I can’t take a single penny without his signature. Shivani asks him to get the money from her signatures as she is the half owner of the property. Mahima and Aunty smiles looking at Shivani’s foolishness. Shivani signs the cheques. Mahima and aunty smiles.


Auntyji asks Jazz and Mahima to sell the antics idols and says it is lakhs of rupees. Mahima and Jazz nods in a yes. Aunty smiles. Panna tai hears their conversation.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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