Gustakh Dil 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nikhil talking to the CBI. DK says we want a man to go inside Ranawat’s house and get proofs. Nikhil clarifies he is innocent and he does not know what to get from his home. Lajjo says she has an idea. Barkha and Inder are worried thinking about Ayesha. She pacifies Inder and asks when will this end, one scandal ends and another starts, I don’t know why is my fate so bad. Inder says everything does not end on you, I m worried for Ayesha. She says even I m worried for her, I want to know what wrong I did in her upbringing. He says try to understand my point. She asks Chaya for coffee.

Inder calms down and says we are talking about same thing, that why did Ayesha do this for Adhiraj. She says I m also thinking that, but the difference is….. Lajjo came here from poor house and we were rich, and she got adjusted here, I m thinking if Ayesha goes from here to a poor house then…… She asks what, Ayesha and this fellow Adhiraj. He says Ayesha needs this lifestyle, I don’t know how can she adjust there. He says poor can get adjusted in rich, but rich can’t manage in poverty, I don’t think Ayesha can manage. She says I know she loves Adhiraj. He says the sad part is you could not stop Nikhil, trust me, you can’t stop Ayesha.

Lajjo says she wants to save Nikhil and she will get the proof against Ranawat. She says leave everything in me, I can sit in tiger’s mouth and counts its teeth. Nikhil says they are damn dangerous, this is not a joke. DK says you can die too. Lajjo says she will take the risk for Nikhil. Miss Roy says Nikhil is lucky as his wife loves him a lot. Nikhil says I know I m lucky to have Lajjo as my wife, but I can’t allow her to atake this risk. DK says sorry Nikhil, but its no use, what will she do. Lajjo says she will tell her plan. She says she can go instead a cook in Ranawat’s house.

Nikhil says be practical Lajjo. Lajjo says I know I m not smart, but I can use my simplicity. She says she will collect details against Ranawat. DK says you don’t know him. Lajjo says she will bring all proofs. Miss Roy says this is too risky, and we can’t put you there, as you are a civilian. DK asks Miss Roy to give a chance to Lajjo and shows the mic and camera to Ranawat’s study table. Nikhil says wait, will anyone ask me, she is my wife and I will not allow her, this ends here. Lajjo convinces Nikhil and says give me one night time.

Nikhil says everyone knows you, and you will be caught, you came home after so many days and I won’t let you go far from here. A parcel comes for Trishna and the servant gives it to Barkha. Barkha checks it and sees invitation cards for press meet for Nikhil and Lajjo. Nani says times have changed, Nikhil is proud of his wife. Barkha says now she is a star, but its for Lajjo only, Nikhil is her husband so they invited her. Nani asks is she not happy seeing them happy. Barkha says why are you asking me this mum. I have accepted Lajjo as you all wanted this, ain’t you satisfied still.

Nikhil is tensed and comes home. Lajjo asks him to agree. He says no. She asks him to trust her. He says I can’t put you in risk, thats final. He says its my mistake, that I got involved in smuggling racket, but you stay out of this. Khanna calls Nikhil and asks him to come office for the delivery. Nikhil says I m resigning. Khanna laughs and says there is no way out. Nikhil says no, you can’t blackmail me, I m sorry I can’t work. Nikhil says it means you don’t worry about your family member’s life, Katiyal will not leave you, if we bear a loss, then see what happens.

Nikhil cries. Lajjo asks till when will this continue, do you want to stay with fear. Gunjan comes to them and says a man followed me all day. Nikhil is shocked and asks did he tease you. She says no, he was after me like a shadow, I was very scared, I will go to police and complain tomorrow. She leaves. Lajjo tells Nikhil that doe she still feel we have any option, they will kill everyone if he does not allow her. Nikhil says fine, I agree with you.

Lajjo tells her plan. Nikhil says I know everything, so I m afraid for you, its very dangerous. Ranawat’s wife Shalini is unable to manage home, as there is no cook. Ranawat asks her to call agency and get a cook. Lajjo tells Nikhil that she knows Ranwat has two children who does not stay with them, and a brother Harman whom everyone call Harry. Shalini cooks and Haarry does not like it. He asks her to get a cook soon. Ranawat has some guests at home.

Lajjo shouts save me and runs inside their house, breaking things around as a dog is running after her. Shalini asks who is she. Lajjo says sorry, I have broke everything, sorry, you called agency for cook, I m the cook. She gets the job.

Harry sees Lajjo and stops her to see her face. He says I have seen you somewhere.

Update Credit to: Amena

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