Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 13th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

KT removes GS’s fake moustache, Charu and GS resists but KT and Rachna gets hold of them. Charu somehow gets rid of her and sprays body cologne into Rachna’s eyes getting KT’s attention. They drive away, as there is inflammation in Rachna’s eyes. Rachna asks KT to leave behind them, he watches two boys quarrelling nearby and flew in their bike.
The inspector comes to take Mayank to court. Lawyer and Bauji arrives and says that an hour is still left. Bauji calls Gunjan and she says that GS is alive and Mayank hasn’t done anything. She says what is important is catching them right now. Rachna says that KT has gone to find them.
GS and Charu were worried.
The lawyer asks Gunjan what Charu would have done. Rachna says they can leave the city. Gunjan says that they can only leave through road or train. She finds Charu’s cell phone.
GS suggests they should leave for Delhi via road while Charu insists they will go through train. They stops the car as KT had crossed their way.
Gunjan makes the inspector listen to a recorded call where Charu’s mother was asking when she was coming. Gunjan says that this shows Charu is planning to go out of the city while the investigation is in process. She asks the police to employ their men at the train stations.
GS and KT moves towards each other. KT moves through side while the car hits a tree. They were both hurt, but Charu tell them to run. KT looks into the car, there was no one.
KT tells Rachna on phone that they run away. Gunjan asks KT where are you. Gunjan says that railway station is nearby. KT listens to the plan and promises to meet at the station. Gunjan was worried that they have 30 minutes left. The lawyer informs them that they run away. Mayank tells them to go there too, he is alright. Bauji agrees. He says we don’t want to leave you alone, Shayl calls saying he isn’t alone.
Shayl tells them to go and get those sinners. Bauji and Prabhu leave. Shayl and Seema come near Mayank and ask how are you. She tells him we went to temple and our prayers won’t go unanswered.
Gunjan and Rachna arrive at the station. KT says he checked the whole platform. Gunjan says they will come here in a changed get up.
The inspector allows Seema and Shayl to come along Mayank. Seema assures nothing will happen to Mayank. Rachna and Gunjan look together while KT looks the otherway. The police ask the people around showing pictures of Charu and GS.
An inspector even asks GS who get alert. Charu comes to him in Rajisthani get up and tells him to go first, she will come later. KT passes GS, who looks away watching him. KT follows and keeps hand on his shoulder. Gunjan asks Rachna did she do anything wrong coming here. The man runs away as soon as KT gets alert towards the announcement.
Gunjan notices a lady and recognize the bruise on Charu’s hand. KT also enters the train and gets hold of a Sikh appearing man. Charu removes the veil and says that Gunjan! You must keep looking, I am going Delhi. Gunjan removes her veil and says Delhi is far too away. They take them both out of the train where police gets hold of them taking them to police station.
Mayank comes to the court. Charu and GS also arrive there. Mayank looks at them, as Gunjan and the family arrive there. KT says that Mayank is innocent. Mayank asks Charu wasn’t it enough. Charu says that I loved you so much, and you threw away from your life. I planned all this but this Gunjan destroyed it all. Mayank asks what about GS? Charu says GS is nothing to me; I met him when his business was in loss. I gave him the idea about the insurance company and played myself to get you into jail. She heads to hit Gunjan, but inspector takes them inside. Mayank turns to Gunjan, they both hug.

PRECAP: Prabhu tells Bauji that Rachna loves KT. Gunjan also says that KT also care about the family not only Rachna. KT and Rachna shake hands to be friends forever.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. wht the hell?? 😮 KT n rachna will only be friends forever wht abt their Love?? 😮 O MAN…. its bad n sad 🙁 btw 2days epi ws awsme charu got arrested n mayank gunjun reunite again happy fr them 🙂

  2. Waiting for rabir next truck.i hope bauji agrees their realationship.rabir rocks

  3. I am very happy charu got caught but also thing about kt n rachana only friends

  4. I don’t like this friend thing between Kt and rachna , we were waiting for a wedding between those two and now just friends ? Than why watch this show ?


    1. Agreed we didnt even get to see Chariya wedding

  6. chru is a big crock

  7. age is nothing but a number kt and rachna needs to hit the wedding arena bauji should allow them to be happy,we dont need them as mere friends please

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