Gustakh Dil 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 12th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo coming to Rishi and asking him to choose one hand. He says now you will take me for seeing the market. I have to do shopping to buy few things. He says I can’t come with you, I hate going for shopping. She says yes, Gunjan told me. Lajjo says you have to take me. Rishi laughs and says you are very smart, lets go for the shopping. Lajjo is happy. Rishi says I have some conditions. She asks what. He says don’t waste much time. Lajjo says fine. She says I want to go to a mall. Rishi says you will not ask me to pay the bill. Lajjo shows him the money. He says so much money. She says yes, your brother gave me for shopping. He says lets go and they leave.

Ishaana’s mum asks Ishaana did you see the movie with your friends, I wanted to see this movie with you. Ishaana says I will watch it again with you. Ishaana’s friends come and they say we did not see the movie with Ishaana. Ishaana’s lie is caught. Her mum looks at her and says what do you mean. Ishaana stops Shreya from saying anything. She makes up for her lie. Lajjo comes back from the shopping and is happy to see the products Nikhil brought for her. She says I would have gone with you if I knew you are also going to the market. She rings her bangles. He says it means you went to the market.

She says I went with Rishi, I had to request him to take me with him. She says I brought many things, I did not see such a big mall till now. Nikhil asks how big. She says four times of our house. She describes what she has seen. He asks were you not afraid of the escalator. She says no, Rishi was with me. She says I brought many items for everyone. She says Rishi made me have panipuri and we made a bet. Nikhil understands and says what happened in the bet. She says I won. He says wow, great. He says I gave you money to buy a diwali gift and you bought things for everyone. This is not done.

Lajjo says I wanted to buy things for everyone. He asks did you buy anything for yourself. Lajjo shows him the bangles. He says now I understood you bought bangles from the mall. She asks how are they. He says nice, but they speak a lot as you do. She says no, I was making them ring. She says I bought theses earrings too. He says nice. She says I bought something for you. He asks what. She gifts him a shirt. Nikhil wears the shirt and she turns while he is changing. He asks her to see how it looks. She says its looking very good. He gifts her Shiv Chalisa as a gift which she happily accepts.

Ishaana talks to Shreya about Nikhil, saying Nikhil and I went to see Russiamn ballet. Shreya says be clear, you are saying Nikhil is your friend and you are meeting him lying to your mum, why. Ishaana says my mum will not understand this. She says after that incident of my suicide attempt. Ishaana says my mum wants me to be away from Nikhil but I can’t. She asks for Shreya’s help and says Nikhil will sort out everything and come out from that stupid marriage. Shreya talks about Lajjo and her family.

Barkha confronts Ayesha and asks with whom were you talking. Ayesha says Sangeeta. Barkha doubts on her. Ayesha thinks about Sid’s words and asks for her permssiong to go on the weekend. Barkha agrees and asks her to make her meet Sangeeta. Ayesha says don’t you trust me, I need a break. Barkha says ok let me talk to her mum. Ayesha gets angry and says I have grown up, I m not a kid, ok fine I won’t go. Barkha is angry on her. Ayesha says I will not go out of this room, I will call my friend and tell her that I don’t have my own life. Barkha says I did not mean this, come on. She says ok, you can go, I won’t stop you.

Lajjo sees Nikhil in that shirt and he says nice. Barkha comes and asks why did Ishaana not come till now. Ishaana comes and greets Barkha. Ishaana does not like the shirt Nikhil is wearing, she makes fun of it. She asks him to change it. Lajjo is hurt. Barkha laughs. Nikhil says its fine, we are not going to any special place. He says I m feeling lazy, it would be time waste. Ishaana insists and asks him to change the shirt. Lajjo leaves and Ishaana goes to Nikhil’s room to bring his shirt. Lajjo sees her and asks what are you searching, I will find it for you. Ishaana says its ok, I will find it.

Ishaana does not take her help and asks her not to touch Nikhil’s cupboard. Lajjo is sad. Ishaana leaves. Lajjo sees Nikhil and Ishaana’s photo and is hurt.

Lajjo hears Ayesha talking to Sid and is shocked. Ayesha is shocked too.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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