Qubool Hai 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 12th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Ayan and humaira go on to enact out how they used to search for reasons to fight with each other, much to asad and zoya, and dilshad’s pleasure. They enact out the getting up on sofa scene, where zoya accuses him as being emotionally challenged. Much like old times, asad and zoya get on again to fighting. They enact out how zoya wanted him to confess his love, while asad was super shy about it. Nuzrat keps it alive with her commentary in between. She says that they always keep fighting, but they do smile at each other and look in love, without fighting, just like after the eating of the Bhaang episode. Ayan and humaira enact it out, sending asad and zoya into spilts of laughter. Asad and zoya remember their actual conversation. Dilshad too is amused to hear of this that she hadnt known before. Ayan explains how asad had mistakenly confessed his love, even in that hilarious conversation. Both asad and zoya get nostalgic. Nuzrat intervenes by explaining how love evn onquered even the most difficult of couples, Asad and Zoya. Asad and zoya gaze at each other romantically. (MITWA)

Just then, dilshad’s phone rings and she is nostalgic about rashid. She goes aside to receive the phone. Both the couples, one in real and the other in play, passionately eyegaze. Meanwhile, dilshad picks the phone, and he says that he knows that she doesnt like him calling like that, but wants to know what she thinks of his descision. She asks if its really possible. He says that nothing is impossible. She says that it looks like a sin, and it isnt easy too, as times have changed over the years, and doesnt want to haste as she doesnt even know if she wants this. He asks her to take her time, as its enough for him that atleast she’s giving it a thought. She confesses that she actually is thinking about it, getting rashid very happy. He says that before he dies, he wants to live once with his entire family, and this shall fulfill or not, its in her hands only. He cancels the phone, while dilshad is emotional.

Before she is excitedly about to cut the cake, ayan stops her and makes her wear a birthday hat. Asad compliments that she’s looking very beautiful. She gets them to click a picture of herself, and liking it, she goes on to click others’ photos, while asad is tensed at her excitement. Then she goes on to cut the cake, but is again stopped by ayan, who gets into poetry…..

Birthday girl ki dress toh khubsurat hai hi, par asli rang to sandal se aaya hai….
Mashallah itne saare birthday mana chuki hain, ki cake se jyada candle ka bill aaya hai….!!!

Zoya retaliates by saying….
Hum unme se nahi, jo mausam ki tarah badal jaate hai…
Pichle saal 22van birthday manaya hai, is bar bhi 22van hi birthday manate hai…..

All compliment, especially asad. Zoya searches around for dilshad and she comes and asks her to wish for something and cut the cake. She says that every year on this day, she wanted something from god, and the list was unending. But this time, when she thought it was going to be the worst birthday, but this is indeed the best, as she has nothing to wish for. She says thta she always wanted a happy family, to celebrate her birthday with, as only she can understand the importance of a family for her. and today exactly thats happening. she gets emotional, and others too. Zoya thanks all of them profusely saying that today she feels to tell god that nothing is wrong like anything, and everything is fine. Asad smiles and all are happy. Dilshad comes and hugs her, while ayan and humaira look happily. Finally, zoya cuts the cake, while they sing her the birthday song. Ayan gets asad close and next to zoya, and she cuts the cake along with him, happily.

Scene 2:
Location: London Resort, panchmarhi and Asad’s residence
Nazma advises nikhat not to save haseena, as she’s making a fool of her and emotionally blackmailing her in the name of farhan. She is taking dowry, and despite everything, this is wrong. nazma asks her if she actually believes it, and if this was a loan, then farhan would have known. She asks nikhat to be more shrewd. She tells nikhat that she’s just using her, and it has to be stopped, or else it would go on. Nikhat asks to let be, as she wont let that happen again. Nazma asks what about this time. Nikhat asks what can she do. Nazma gets an idea and says that they can do much.

Haseena tells asad that she’s very nicely taking care of his sister, nazma and he shouldnt be bothered. Asad says that he isnt talking about nazma, but about his other sister, Nikhat. Asad says that he can send her to jail for the crime of taking dowry. Haseena is scared and shocked as to how asad got to know.

Meanwhile, Humaira asks zoya if her performance was alright. Zoya says that it so cute, that if any stranger had seen it, they would have thought, that she is her shadow and both of them are real sisters. They hug and are oblivious of the fact that the witness to this, is the dollpiece, that is a connection of both the girls to their father, Mamujaan. The screen freezes on the dollpiece.

Precap: Haseena stealthily manages to push nikhat into the pool, and starts screaming for some help to save her. Imran and farhan and nazma rush, but before any help arrives, imran dives in and saves nikhat, by getting her to the shore. haseena smiles evilly at this, while nikhat clings to imran, out of fear. Nazma is tensed to see this. Meanwhile, Asad tells zoya that from this time onwards, he would never ever forget any borthday or any anniversary of hers. Zoya romantically says that then she would have to remember this also, as every second and every moment spent with him is really special.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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