Gustakh Dil 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ratri asking barkha why is she after Trishna. Barkha says you don’t need to know. Nani comes to meet Ratri and says she is the one who was with Sagar and then Kabir. Barkha says that’s my mum and this is her style, so don’t worry. Nani asks Barkha why did you invite her, you know her? Barkha says yes, she is an upcoming star, everyone knows her. Nani says so she called the media, but this is a private party. Barkha says media follows Ratri and our party got glamour as she came, I m thankful to her. Nani thinks Barkha is hiding something, what is she with this girl who ditched Sagar, Barkha is doing something wrong, I know my daughter.

Lajjo talks to Rancho and tells her about Sagar scolding the girl when she said she can do anything. Rancho says don’t you understand anything, you are so innocent. Lajjo says Sagar said the same, what does it mean. Rancho says do you know casting couch. Lajjo says no. Rancho says there are many girls who can do anything to get work, like using themselves. Lajjo does not understand. Rancho holds her head. She tells it in her ears and Lajjo is shocked.

She says OMG, I did not know this, I also said many people that I m ready to do anything, what will they think about me. Rancho says Sagar is a good man, people backbite behind his back. Lajjo says I know Sagar is a true man, and does not listen anything wrong, the rumors about his wife were wrong, he loved her a lot, else he would have married again. Rancho says I don’t know love. Lajjo says you will understand everything when you fall in love.

Lajjo tells about the power of Nikhil’s love which make him come till now. Nikhil talks to Ayesha and asks will Lajjo keep her promise and come back. She says yes, hope so, I think we don’t have love in our fate. He asks do you love someone. She says no, I just randomly said. She asks who was that girl. Nikhil says she was mum’s friend. Ayesha says mum did not tell me about her. She asks then who is she. Its morning, Rishi makes a sandwich. Inder looks at him. He asks Gunjan to see Rishi and pass on the butter. Gunjan gives him and says Barkha will scold you seeing you have butter.

He says she won’t come, she is sleeping, please give some. Gunjan says yes, some. He eats a lot and smiles. Gunjan says the party was so good. Nikhil comes and says I m going to office. Inder says I did not know this is your work, I thought you are just a salesman. Nikhil says I got promoted. Inder smiles and hugs him happily. He says congrats, now I understand why were you lost in party, did you tell your mum. Nikhil says she never cared and never will. Gunjan says Nikhil’s salary is two lakhs. Inder says what? Nikhil smiles.

Rishi says wow, congrats brother. Nikhil says thanks, but mum and Ravi Mama thinks I m useless. Inder says there is nothing like that. He says we will talk later, congrats, take care. He leaves. Lajjo calls Gunjan and Nikhil stops hearing her name. Gunjan says Nikhil gave me this number, happy birthday. Gunjan says thanks. Nikhil hears the talk. Lajjo says I will come home very soon, how is Nikhil and everyone. Gunjan says everyone fine. Nikhil takes the phone to talk to Lajjo.

Lajjo cries hearing his voice and closes her eyes. He says Lajjo, don’t cry. He says wipe your tears and she does. He says that’s like my good girl. He says Lajjo, I promise you we will be together soon. Jabse tere sapno se mere naino ko chua hai……………plays…………….Anjali comes to Lajjo and sees her crying. She says Trishna, what happened, why are you crying. Lajjo says nothing. Lajjo asks about her family. Anjali says I m a divorcee. She says my dance was my passion and I sacrificed everything for it. Lajjo says how can you sacrifice relations. Anjali says life is not that simple.

Lajjo says nothing is important than family. Anjali says people are not alike, for some people, their career is their life. Anjali justifies herself. Anjali says its mu daughter’s birthday but I don’t know her likes and dislikes. Lajjo says but it does not matter, you should meet her. Anjali says no, I can’t go there, I will call and wish her. Lajjo says no, you gave her birth, kids wants blessings from a mum, you should go and meet her, she will be very happy and have a true smile.

Anjali thinks about it. The girls see Ratri and Nikhil’s pic in the paper. Lajjo waljs towards them. Lajjo is about to take the paper.

Lajjo is shocked to see Nikhil and Ratri’s pic in the paper.

Update Credit to: Amena

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