Nadaan Parindey 11th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 11th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher talking to Sameer. She says she likes this Sameer and asks him not to change. Bebe gets a bad dream and comes to see Sameer. She hugs him and cries. He asks what happened Bebe. She kisses his forehead and says this bad dream was troubling me since six months. She says my heartbeat stopped but now you are here, I came to see you and now I got my breath back. He says I m here, don’t worry, go and sleep. She says you sleep, I will make you sleep, come in my lap. Sameer rests in her lap. He thinks of the torture he has bear as a child from someone and calling his mum. She asks what happened. He says nothing.

She says forget everything, don’t be scared, you are with your mum, I won’t let anything happen to you. Sameer sleeps. Bebe looks at him and smiles. She closes the lights and leaves. Sameer thinks about his bad childhood and opens his eyes. He thinks about his mission and his aim to complete it. He says Ameen. Its morning, Sameer comes to Bebe. She says I m getting late, I have to go to Dhaba. He says I will go to Dhaba from today, you take rest. She asks are you fine, do you have fever. He says now its my turn to worry, let me work now, its my responsibility.

She says you did not come on Dhaba for a day, how will you manage. He says I will call you if I need your help. She says its not easy, you take rest. He says no, you should rest, I will go. Meher comes and is shocked hearing this. She says am I dreaming, walk slowly, don’t give us current. I have an idea, you both sit here at home and I will go to the Dhaba. He asks why. She says did you forget I do all the work. He says take Bebe inside. Meher says let him manage the Dhaba, I will teach him everything.

He asks why, I don’t need you, be with Bebe, I will change. He leaves. Bebe says he is a big army man and will serve food to other army men. Meher says fine, let him go, he will meet army men and pass time. Bebe says tell me you will be happy. Meher says he does not talk to me well, I miss the old Sameer, he is also fine. She laughs. Sameer comes. Meher says what will he do alone. He takes the bike. She asks can you ride. He says go and do your work. He leaves on the bike.

She says how will you go, the tyre is punctured. He stops and she sits behind him. She says don’t give me a look, lets go. Bebe says take her, she won’t listen to you. They leave. Bebe is happy seeing them. They come to the Dhaba. Sameer comes at the Dhaba and looks around. She asks did you come for the first time, no, you are going to work today. Angrez welcomes them. Meher says Bebe got retired. Sameer will be managing the Dhaba. Angrez laughs and says Bebe will come. Sameer says she won’t come, lets do work.

Meher says he became responsible. Angrez says he will leave the Dhaba seeing any film. He says I will not let you leave the Dhaba. Sameer holds his hand and gets angry. Sameer says this is army man’s hand. Angrez says I was waiting for this day. Sameer goes with him. Meher says Sameer has gone ahead, we can’t lag behind.

Purab gets a letter and reads the neighbor country has sent someone to free Sartaj. Purab says why is this a mystery, there is something we don’t know. Sameer asks Angrez for the suppliers list. Meher asks him why is he doing this and taunts him. Sameer says I have to see. Meher says hungry people come here and we have to feed them. Sameer asks Angrez to do what he said. Meher says what happened to you, do what I say. Sameer says I will decide.

They argue. He asks her to go home. She says don’t go on me, it won’t be good, I will challenge you, you will lose. Sameer thinks she is joking. She says you always used to lose. He looks at her angrily and walks towards her. He says I m an army man, don’t make me angry, I forget everything when I get angry, listen to me, your life will be easy, go from here now. Angrez asks Meher to leave and laughs. Meher says are you not ashamed to scare me, I will complain to Bebe. She runs.

She comes to Bebe and complains about Sameer. Bebe says no, he is responsible now, we should be happy that we can rest now, he will learn everything soon. Meher says he will run in two days. Bebe says no, he has changed now, don’t be angry, did he scold you. Meher says not so bad and smiles. Bebe says I don’t understand you. Meher thinks his anger looks good to me, whats happening to me.

Sameer sees Malik’s man and stops him. He says come here, you can see whats there, you should donate some money. The man puts some money and tells him about Malik. Sameer thinks of Malik’s code work which the man said. He replies the code. The man smiles. He gives him a phone and asks him to be careful. Sameer talks to Malik and Malik asks him to win the mission calling him Iqbal.

Sameer tells Meher that he can’t marry her as he does not wish to. Meher is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. oh my god!!what happened to sameer???he’s iqbal…oh no…

  2. oh my god!!what happened to sameer???he’s iqbal…oh no… ..

  3. Whr s sameer…..????? 🙁 wt hpnd to him

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