Gupta Brothers 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Shiv breaks all ties with Amba

Gupta Brothers 25th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv confronting Amba for doing injustice with her sons. Amba accuses Ganga for poisoning Shiv’s mind. Shiv says she has not poisoned us, but you had, and Ganga is trying to make everything fine. He cries, and says we were orphans, but never felt alone due to you. He says I have brought up my brothers with much difficulty and used to leave them on your responsibility. He says I used to regard you as my mother. He says we used to bear your scolding and never argued with you. He says why did you do this with us? He says why did you nurture the plant, when you had to cut it. He asks what was wrong? He says you have given the same values to Jaya and I made her as my family. He says when Kaka was admitted to hospital, I used to run to hospital for him. He says I used all my efforts to build your home and you broke my home. He says I thought you as my family and you broke my family.

Kaka says Amba did a big mistake. Shiv asks did you know about this? Amba says no, he didn’t know anything and even Jaya doesn’t know. Ganga recalls Jaya telling that she will teach a lesson to the thief. Amba says only I am responsible for this. Shiv asks why? What you want to get and tells your mission will not succeed. He removes his shoes and goes to inhouse temple. He takes the pot kept there. He does her Shradh and ends their relation. He says now we don’t have relation even of a neighbor. He keeps the pot/kalash on the table and says you have proved me wrong, but I will never become Kaput, I will not let you fall in anyone’s eyes, and that’s why your truth…He takes mobile from Ganga’s hand and deletes the video. He says your truth will be inbetween four of us and returns mobile to Ganga. Shiv says you got me married to Ganga with bad motive, but it became blessings for me. He says I am lucky to have such a wife and I pray that Ganga becomes my wife in every birth. He says I will never forget what bad you have done with me, as you made Ganga mine though with a bad intention. I will never forget your favour. Kaka says this money might be of the theft at your shop. Shiv takes it. Kaka tries to talk to him. Shiv says relation is dead and what is dead can never return. He says our relation is limited till here. Amba cries and wipes her tears. Shiv and Ganga leave. Kaka gets upset with Amba and goes to his room. Amba burns with anger and picks the kalash pot in her hand. She throws the water on her head and says I will do your and your family’s shradh, that Ganga is responsible and I will not leave her. She says I will destroy her happiness and snatch her family from me.

Alok cries sitting in the house. Jaya comes there and keeps hand on her shoulder. He says Jaya….you. Jaya asks if he is fine? Alok says I have destroyed everything and says I am nothing. Jaya says you are so good. Alok says I have broken relation with my God like brother, drawn the line in the house and kept blaming him. He says the goodness in me was because of Bhaiyya and I am nothing without him. He says bhaiyya used to say right that we were close palm together, but…Jaya asks him to go and apologize to Shiv, says he loves you a lot and will forgive you immediately. Alok says I have done many mistakes, how to apologize to him? He says shop can be snatched from us at anytime and asks jaya to go, says he is inauspicious. Shukla calls him and asks him to come to shop. Alok goes there. jaya says you are my everything and if you don’t stay with me then it will be inauspicious thing with me. Alok comes to the shop and looks at the shutter. Shukla and other neighbor tell Alok that he can’t overpower this big problem and asks how will he pay the sellers? Shiv says I will pay right now and tells Alok that thief is caught, he had sold the stuff at lesser price. He gives 30 lakhs. Alok says what about 10 more lakhs? Shiv says I will talk to bansal and get some time to pay another 10 lakhs. Amba thinks Shiv or Ganga can tell Alok, then he will not marry Jaya.

Precap: Amba cuts the gas wire in Shiv’s house. Veeru lights the match stick. The cylinder explodes. Shiv comes home and is shocked to see house burning.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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