Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sophie confronts Shravan

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The Episode starts with Suman and Kanchan coming home. She asks Dumroo to serve the snacks. She sees the samosas less and says don’t know why Kanchan does this, she didn’t get samosas for Shravan. She says I had samosas already, serve it to Shravan. She recalls Shravan;s words and goes. Shravan comes and eats the samosas. Dumroo says I m making tea for Suman. Shravan recalls her words. He makes the tea for Dumroo. He says she will like it, don’t tell her that I had added the tea powder. Dumroo says I will tell her, I will not get scolded. He gets the tea to Suman. She says its just as I like, its really good. He smiles and says thanks. He goes. Sophie talks to her friend. The girl says once I get married, you can go out with Shravan.

Sophie says I m also leaving from here. The girl asks why so soon. Sophie says Shravan is in love with someone else. The girl asks who is she. Dumroo sees everyone playing the game. He also joins. Suman goes to catch Veer. Shravan comes there. Suman catches him. Sophie looks on. Suman says sorry. He says its okay. Veer says Shravan, Suman caught you, its your turn now. They see Sophie coming. Sophie says sorry, but I had to talk to you, its urgent. Shravan says yes, come. He goes with Sophie. They go to the room. Shravan says you look serious today. She asks will you answer me the truth today, its a little serious. He says I will never lie. She asks is that girl Suman, who you love, just tell me.

He says the truth is that I just loved one girl in my life, that’s Suman, age changed, place changed, time changed, but I always love Suman, Vikram is in her life, I can’t hurt Suman and Vikram by coming between them, my fate is to leave from her life, its fine, I will explain myself that I will keep my love by staying away. She says I can understand this well, you are a good person, if there is such a situation in life that you love someone who loves someone else, what should you do. He says Sophie… She says its okay. She cries and leaves. He goes out to Veer. He says I didn’t stop the game, I went inside. Veer says you went and then Suman left, mum and Kanchan also left. Shravan says I will play with you. He plays with Veer.

Suman sees him and smiles. She says this is his special way, he always plays with kids and keeps them cheerful. Ek duje….plays…. Vikram comes home. He sees Shravan playing with Veer. Suman goes to Vikram. He says I wanted to give this news and see your reaction, its our case’s first hearing next month. Suman sees Shravan. Vikram says we got the date, you wanted it. Suman says no, its not like that. Shravan goes. Suman says you should have told me in private. He says I know, I was excited to tell you, sorry, I didn’t know Shravan was there. She says no, Beena was here, that’s I told this, she isn’t in favor for this case, leave it. He says sorry, you have to come with me and sign the papers. She goes to change. Shravan gets worried thinking of Suman. Suman gets ready and comes. She sees Shravan sitting sad. Vikram calls her. She goes and thinks Shravan was so happy and now he is so worried, sorry to become a reason for the worry, I will make sure I end your worry.

Shravan talks of Suman and their love. Suman says I still love Shravan. Kanchan asks her to confirm Shravan’s feelings. Suman goes to talk to Shravan.

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