Guns and Roses #Riansh (Immj2) Episode 1

Guns and roses #riansh (immj2) episode 1

Everyoneb went to their respective rooms but vansh was still there and he was lost in his thoughts then ragini came to him and hugged him…..he was still stood like an statue.

Ragini- vansh ….I love you

But vansh did not replied to her…..

Ragini- what happened vansh???? Why are you not saying anything….

In room

Ridhima was crying and thinking about beautiful moments with vansh ….how they use to argue with eachother……how he use to make her laugh or can say blush … she use to make meethi bhaat for him ….. then suddenly she realise that even why she thinking about him . He loves Ragini and going to merry her. Today is her last day in VR mention as her deal is over.she decided to leave the VR mention because she don’t want to see vansh’s marriage……

In Aryan room

Aryan: I should try for ridhima as she is free now and no one can stop me to make her mine…..started smiling

Chnachal: ghr me shaadi h mujhe naye kapade milege or soone k jewar bhi….

In hall

Vansh was motionless …….ragini kissed him that made him to come in his senses..

This was witnessed by Ridhima who was going out of the room…..this make her more sad and her eyes become filled with tears…

Ragini : Ridhima where are you going?

Ridhima : I am leaving the house .

On hearing this vansh’s heart started even more faster….his throat was coked,…..eyes became watery but he held his emotions so perfectly that only smile was visible on his face.

Ragini: why are you leaving so early….. You can stay till our marriage ……please ridhima….

Ridhima : As my work is done so I supposed to leave the house.

Ragini : you helped vansh so much….at least give one chance to repay you.

Ridhima : there is nothing to repay….I helped vansh as I wanted ….so please

Ragini: (looking at vansh) vansh please ….make her stay with us till our marriage at least.

(Vansh I also want her to stay forever with me….at the same time he thought why I want her to stay forever with me)

( ridhima I also want to stay with you vansh forever but can’t ……..)

Ragini : what are you thinking vansh?? Why are you not convencing her??

( Ridhima because he don’t want to……he want to be with you …..with his first love……vansh your silence is hurting me to the core of my heart…..I thought that you take me as your best friend …..but I was wrong … there is no point to stay here with you ….you forgot me vansh….why would you remember me as you got your first love…..your Ragini… I am happy for you …..for my best friend …..vansh at least say to BYE to me…..I am going out of your life for forever )

Vansh: where are you going???? With whom are you going to live if you leave from here????

Ridhima: I am going to Bangalore to stay with my friend sejal.

(Vansh please ridhima mat jao na…..kaise rahuga tmhre bina…….please stay with me … don’t want to stay your best friend…with me… can you do this to me…..if you take me as your friend than don’t go for god sake…….if you only don’t want to stay with me so there is no point to say anything to you….if you wanted to stay with me then you may not be here with your laggege ……..if you want to go always from friend…….from me….than I’ll not stop you….as I want you to happy….and your happiness is in staying away from me…….but I am happy for my friend…..)

Vansh leaves from there ………

Ragini: again requested ridhima to stay there.

But Ridhima refused her request and moved toward the gate

In vansh’s room

he was looking at his and Ridhima’s marriage photo……..

Thanks you guys for your support …..and supporting me…..stay safe and stay happy…..

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