Anuama FF – The new member of Shah Parivar! Ep: 14

Days passby..

Anupama goes to a school to give her interview.She gets selected as the dancer teacher of that school. Leela first objects.

Leela: You are having a baby in your stomach and you still want to dance?

Anupama: No baa….Its just the basic steps. Movement will be less.

Leela: No way..You can’t do this job right now! After your delivery you can do whatever you want. But now you will not.

Vanraj: Even I agree with you maa.. Anu you can take up this job after your delivery.

Anu: I will lose this job and I won’t get another opportunity like this..

Vanraj: No I will secure this job for you and make sure that no one applies for this post.Okay?

Anu: Ok!

Leela: Anu! We will not restrict you for anything here. You will be allowed to do anything you wish.

Anu hugs baa..for now she decides not to go for this job and join again later after her delivery.

2 months later she is admitted in the hospital for her delivery. Toshu says baby baby…Vanraj asks what baby he wishes for. Toshu says boy.

Vanraj: I want a girl.

Nurse(Shouting): Mr Vanraj Shah,its a baby boy.

Vanraj was not happy but still as a father he was excited. Anupama was fine and the baby too was fine. Dadi takes the baby in her hands and gives it to Leela and other family members. Toshu admires the baby and laughs. They name him Samar. Anupama leaves the hospital and enters the house.They had arranged a party in the house. They welcome the baby and the mother with aarathi. They perform the rituals and Anu takes rest. Everyone plays with the baby. Toshu runs inside to his mother and sits beside her.She talks with him for sometime and he sleeps next to her. Dadi comes and takes him with her. Anu didn’t want to leave him but she had no other choice. She listened to Dadi the most and didn’t want to disobey her. Anu falls asleep.Both Vanraj and Anu couldn’t sleep because Samar was crying the whole night

Next morning she wakes up and starts nagging Vanraj about the job. Vanraj tells her that she can start going for the job after 4 months. She nods and agrees.Leela comes and give Anu medicines and tea. Toshu visits his mother and brother every now and then.Seeing Toshu run around like a ball everyone was laughing out their heart.

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