Gulmohar Grand 12th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Gulmohar Grand 12th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Annie crying sitting with Jaitley. Saloni comes and asks what is she doing here. She says its her first day and she understood the staff loves Jaitley as family member. Annie says yes and leaves from there. Jaitley opens eyes and sees Saloni. Anirudh wants to know about Annie, and how did the personal CD of Jaitley came in the party. Annie talks to her dad about Jaitley’s heart attack and how the CD got exchanged, and cries. He asks her not to cry and how is Jaitley. Annie says I think he knew everything now, doctors said he is fine now.

He says Mayuri made two copies, and one copy is which I sent you, and one is with your Nana, just change it, and no one should know about that CD. She says fine dad, I will leave now. Neil does the security arrangements. Annie asks Anthony about Neil and asks him to call Neil in lobby urgently. She hides and goes to change the Cd. Anirudh asks Teeshay who gave him the CD. Teeshay says Jaitley gave me and I have sent it through Annie. Anirudh is shocked and asks him to go. He says why is Annie’s name coming again and again, I hope Jaitley is strong. Annie goes to replace the CD in Jaitley’s room and sees the door open.

Anirudh is on the way to Jaitley’s room. Annie looks for the Cd. She gets keys of the drawers and gets the CD. Anirudh finds the door open and Annie hides hearing the sound. Anirudh sees the chair moving and drawers. He checks for the CD and gets one there. He thinks maybe Jaitley gave his personal CD to Teeshay by mistake, but my heart says its related to Annie.

Its morning, a lady comes and takes a suite. Tina asks her to fill the form with full name. The lady asks can I talk to Anirudh, its really urgent. She sees Anirudh and rushes to him. Anirudh says sorry, I did not identity you. He then identifies her as Mrs. Karthik. Tina says she is Kadambari Karthik. Saloni’s hand burns by tea and Neil cares for her. Annie gets jealous seeing them. Saloni says I was thinking it was my first day and Jaitley has heart attack, if anything happened to him, I would have regarded myself unlucky.

Ronnie says yes, it maybe. Neil defends Saloni and argues with Ronnie. Ronnie taunts Neil and Saloni. Saloni gets impressed by Ronnie, as he has known her well. Anirudh talks to Kadambari. She says she has run away by Karthik’s tortures, her son Rahul is just 6 years old and she could not bear Rahul getting affected, Karthik is super rich and famous, it all an lie. Anirudh says I m sorry, tell me what can I do for you, do you have any plan. She says there is no plan, I did not think of anything, I just had to run away from his home. She cries. Anirudh says you are safe here, you take rest, I will come later and think what to do, I m here. She thanks him.

Teeshay talks to Tina while on a walk, and Tina gets shocked seeing a man. He says she does not take his call, whats the problem. He says he has come to take his money. She says she does not have money. He holds her angrily. Teeshay asks him to behave well. The man pushes Teeshay and gets into a fight. Tina asks Teeshay to stop it, its her personal matter, and leaves with that man.

Anirudh says we should tell the police. Kadambari says no one will listen to me, Karthik is influential, I will go far from here. He asks about Rahul. She says she will take him. He says Karthik sent me a message asking if you are here. She panics and asks what shall I do now. He says relax, its okay, you are safe here, I will send Tina, don’t come out of the room. She thanks him.

Anirudh gets glad seeing Jaitley come back. Jaitley says he is adamant. Anirudh asks why did he not go home. Jaitley says I have come to my home. Anirudh takes him. Jaitley says I can walk on my own. The staff claps. Jaitley says they don’t get paid to clap, Anirudh fire them, they all are still afraid of me. He apologizes to Teeshay. Neil jokes on Annie and says she is sorry shop. Annie comes and looks on. Neil gets stunned seeing her. Tina asks Teeshay not to follow her. She hears Kadambari’s screams and rushes to her room. She sees Kadambari talking in her sleep. She pushes Tina and Teeshay holds her. Kadambari asks who is he, my husband has sent him. Tina says he is Teeshay, he works here.

Annie brings food for Jaitley and Saloni does not let Jaitley eat it, as its oily. Jaitley says Annie knows whats good for me, but Anirudh agrees with Saloni. Annie gets angry. Annie argues with Saloni, asking her not to get into food department. Neil tastes the good and says its good and boring, and it means this is good for Jaitley. Saloni asks Annie not to go in Jaitley’s room. Anirudh hears this and says one more thing against you Annie.

Tina tells Teeshay about the Abby, the one who treats his GF like animals to get money. Ronnie comes and scolds Tina for the man taking her name being drunk. He asks her to stop him. Neil asks Anirudh is he asking him to spy on Annie, what did she do. Anirudh says its standard procedure about you, I know about you so I m trusting you, I just want to know about Annie’s background. Neil says she is angry on me. Tina asks Abby to go. He cries and asks for 10 lakhs, those men are after him. She says you will get money, don’t come here. Teeshay looks on.

Karthik gets a message that he can get Mrs. Karthik and asks for 50 lakhs to give address of her, and sends pics of her. He replies you will get money, just tell me where to get her. Kadambari asks Anirudh why did he call reporters. Anirudh says media has come, don’t miss this chance to get freedom. She cries and says she does not have courage. He asks her to think about her future and her son. He says this is her last chance and asks her to come. She opens the door and gets shocked seeing Karthik. He says I hope you did not wish to wait long.

Anirudh comes to Neil and asks anything today. Neil says I think we should have extra security. Anirudh sees Karthik taking Kadambari. He says how did he get this news. Teeshay thinks did Tina leaked this news for money, can she do this. Anirudh says we have to stop them and calls Annie. He asks her to stop the couple infront of her. Annie thinks what to do. Annie stops him and says she is his big fan, can he take a selfie with him. He agrees and poses with her. She thanks him. She says its blur, please one more. Kadambari goes and he gets shocked. He looks for her.

Kadambari comes in the media conference. Teeshay says she wants to give a statement. Karthik asks Anirudh where is his wife, I know you did this. Anirudh says I m MD here, but this credit goes to you, I know you now, the world will know. Kadambari shows the wounds on her face, hands and exposes Karthik’s real face. Anirudh tells Karthik that the conference started. Kadambari announces she is leaving Prashant Karthik, and is not afraid of him. He comes there and media catches him. Kadambari thanks Anirudh. He says you have done all this, its your decision. She recalls how she turned courageous for her son. Anirudh says you did great thing to change your life and inspired many women, you are really brave, all the best.

Neil looks at Annie and recalls Anirudh’s words. He tells Saloni that if our free time matches, we will definitely go. He goes to Annie. They argue a bit and she does not believe that he is not rude. He says try me, I mean we can be good friends. He says we will play a game to answer each other and we can know, its good way to become friend. He says we will play this game with coffee. She agrees.

Ronnie talks to Karthik and say thanks, I got money in my account. He puts phone on speaker, and Karthik asks him to do his work and ruin Anirudh and the hotel. Ronnie thanks Anirudh that he will start the new work because of Anirudh. Saloni hears this while Ronnie leaves. Saloni thinks Ronnie told Kadambari’s address and now dealing with drugs, he is greedy and can be of use when I need. Annie and Neil say their fav things, movie, likes, food…

She tells about her mum, she is no more. He asks her to ask him anything. She asks why did he not shoot the serial killer, why were his hands shaking. He refuses to talk. She says but I answered you. He says I don’t care. She says I want to know what was Ronnie saying that day, you were in police. He argues with her, and asks her to go. He asks her not to interfere in his life, and gets angry. She stops him and asks what is he hiding. He holds her and says a 21 year old girl got killed because of me, she died. Annie is shocked. He asks does she want to know anything else. She looks at him.

Neil and Annie are annoyed and she thinks he did not say sorry. He thinks if he says sorry, she will feel herself imp. They get in the lift.

Update Credit to: Amena

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